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Tim is, once again, returning to Largo at the Coronet this autumn! He’ll be returning for his sixth show there on the 5th October.

Tickets to see your favourite piano-playing, panda-eyed dweeb are already on sale now from the box office, and judging by past shows, you’ll need to be quick to ensure you get your ticket!

If you’re elsewhere in America, don’t forget that Tim has other US shows scheduled this autumn – details can be found on the gigs page.

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Helena on 25th of September 2011

Sold out in LA!
Way to go!
I’m happy I’ll be there, flying from SF
Next time ,please add a SF show…it will sell out to…

Helena on 14th of September 2011

OK! I’m going to LA go t my tixs! Will there be DVD’s for sale at the show?
I’m so excited to see you performing live…

Helena on 13th of September 2011

insisting… any chances of coming to San Francisco in October? If not I will go to LA….or I can see you in SF & LA…!!!

Kim on 8th of September 2011

So glad you posted this here because its not listed on the Gigs & Events page. I’ve only recently discovered the wonders of Tim Minchin and have been watching North American dates & locations closely. Worried that more may be missing!?

Sadly the Largo is saying this is his first trip there! http://largo.laughstub.com/show.cfm?id=99068&cart

Leigh on 8th of September 2011

Curious if this will be the same set from the Timmy Tuesdays at Largo in June, or something different? Just curious….. Thanks for coming back!

PDXcat on 8th of September 2011

Portland, babe, Portland!

Can you be bought for a brick of cheese?? Cheddar? Pepper-Jack?

Rebecca on 8th of September 2011

I have to work Wed. nights. If you add a Tues or Thurs. show I’ll will be there! It was a wonderful show in June!

Helena Guerrero on 8th of September 2011

Tim, I saw you for the first time a couple of weeks while in Spain, on the BBC prom special and I was just amazed by your talent. I went to Youtube and since then I have probably seen all your videos several times, you are amazing, such talent as a musician, poet, comedian, actor etc…
I live in San Francisco, California, and I do hope you can come to this area…soon!.
I’m telling everyone about you…
Thanks for sharing your talent with us, for making us laugh, cry, feel good….

kc on 8th of September 2011

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! Love you so much Tim~ October: HURRY! xox

Edgar Urbalejo on 8th of September 2011

Got my tickets! It just so happens that it’s the day of my wife’s birthday so we will make a night of it! I missed his show last time he was here and played on Conan; that’s the first time I had heard of him and immediately started seeing his stuff on YouTube. This is going to be awesome!

ShantiClaire Savarese on 8th of September 2011

My meetup group is coming to your Mesa AZ show. Man, are we hungry for your humor.

Helen Grieve on 7th of September 2011

Then you could come back and see all your fans who’ve just discovered you via the Comedy Prom…. preferably in Wakefield, UK. Although we’ll travel to Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, if we have to. Actually, you’re probably the only comedian we’d travel to see, rather than avoid….

TT on 7th of September 2011

YEEEEEEEEHAWWWW!! Thanks for coming back to the Southland!

Jennifer on 7th of September 2011

I want Tim to come to TAHOE (Or better yet, Reno). It’s just a quick little jaunt over the mountains… It would totally make my life :)

Keith Melton on 7th of September 2011

Any chance of another Seattle/Portland visit this year?

Suzanne on 7th of September 2011

Welcome back to the west coast! Hope you can stay a while :)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.