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Ding[o]! Ding[o]!
Seconds out! The shoes are off… again. Once more our nerdy minstrel will be teasing his hair to improbable heights, shimmying into his tightest attire, limbering up his fingers for yet more piano gymnastics and practicing those iconic dance moves for his feet and brows – all in order to perform again with symphony orchestras across Australia.

Following the amazing success of his sell out tour in March and his acclaimed arena tour of the UK, Tim is returning to Australia early next year, for a second round with their best symphony orchestras and this time the brilliant Australian composer-conductor Iain Grandage will be wielding the baton whilst Pete Clements and Ben Van Der Wal will be back on the beat with bass and drums respectively.

Tickets go on general sale to the public Friday 2 September, 9am.

The pre-sale starts Wednesday 31st August. Those signed up to Tim’s mailing list will have the pre-sale details sent to their Inbox.

Tim Minchin Versus the QSO
Saturday 28th of January 2012
Venue: Brisbane Convention & Entertainment Centre
Tickets or 132 849

Tim Minchin Versus the SSO
Friday 3rd of February 2012
Venue: State Theatre
Tickets or 136 100

Tim Minchin Versus the MSO
Wednesday 8th of February 2012
Venue: The Palais
Tickets or 136 100

Tim Minchin Versus the WASO
Friday 10th of February 2012
Venue: Challenge Stadium
Tickets or 136 100

Tim Minchin Versus the ASO
Wednesday 15th of February 2012
Venue: Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Tickets or 132 849

Tim’s orchestra show was described by the Daily Telegraph in London as “a thing of jaw-dropping wonder” and here are some of the things the Australian press said of the last tour:

“If there’s an artist more naturally disposed to a hybrid of pop and orchestration, I do not know his name”. (The Age, Melbourne)

“Minchin gave full rein to his musical genius, launching satirical songs like hand grenades into the crowd’s sensibilities” (The Sunday Mail, Adelaide)

“Don’t be conned by the use of “vs” in the advertising. Minchin and his orchestras work magnificently together for 2.5 hours” (The Australian)

Who’s grabbing the chance to see this spectacular show for the first time and who’s appropriately hungry for more orchestral goodness and going again?

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Karina on 20th of December 2011

I agree please come to Hobart and do a show. Tried to get tickets to the melbourne show but all sold out. My oartner and i are very sad :(

Zac on 17th of December 2011

is your concert 18+???

Sarah on 17th of December 2011

Please come to Hobart, Tasmania & do a show…you have so many fans down here!!!!

michelle kirwan on 13th of September 2011

Brilliant every time i watch bit of a funny bugger myself and another valid excuse for me to not wear shoes love the orchrestras the intelligence of the comedy,totally relatatable to my sense o humor with a reason and a message to all who listen and watch..!….thankyou!

Luke on 8th of September 2011

I don’t know what a lot of you are complaining about??? You must not be real Minchin Fans if you didn’t get his email with the details. I got premium centre seats at his Brisbane and Sydney shows! Social experiment??? whatever

Linda on 2nd of September 2011

OK so something is up with the Ticketek website for Brisbane tickets.

Apparently they are no longer on sale.

I can understand pre sale tickets selling out, but surely some would be left for the GA sale?!?!?!?!

Help please!

Kristine on 1st of September 2011

Well you can sign up to a newsletter but that doesn’t get you presale details? Come on Tim…….are you just looking for some new writing fodder, do we just blame the system or are we all part of one of your social experiments?

Helen Sumner on 1st of September 2011

Presale is not working… :( How do we get tickets? Have codeword, but no go on ticketmaster :/

Cant wait BTW :) x

Chezza on 1st of September 2011

Happiness………. its becoming an annual jaunt! Shantam, my teenagers 13 and 17 are both coming with me too.

Julie on 1st of September 2011

Wow, Anna, that seems a bit harsh! This concert was always advertised as being the same as the last and I see that this was re-confirmed in a recent tweet. I should imagine those songs would take a huge amount of effort and time to write. Even the advertised title “Round 2” tells us that it is the same concert as the one earlier this year. We are glad just to have the chance to go again and feel the joy, so to speak (and we have the album too). I don’t think there would ever be any question that it would be possible for T.M. to become the parody of “the Cage”. The tickets just evaporated the moment they went on sale – there must be lots of people in Melbourne who would love to have them if you don’t want to see the concert again.

Anna on 1st of September 2011

We have been to Tim’s last 2 shows in Mlb. My kids can sing Cheese , Darkside & Rock n Roll Nerd word for word. Have bought tickets for next Feb but am feeling really let down that it is the same show as last year. I already have the album. I know it word for word. Please Tim can there be new songs – especially for the price – otherwise The Cage coming to reality!

Elleran on 1st of September 2011

Thanks for the tip Julie – I tried again today and scored the front row in the dress circle which is exactly what I wanted.

Julie on 1st of September 2011

To those of you who missed out at the State Theatre in Sydney, there seems to be some new good seats just released by Ticketmaster. Good luck!

Cam on 31st of August 2011

For Brisbane, it seems to be just giving me the option of ‘Fan Club Presale Junior,’ with ‘availability’ A Reserve – $89, or B Reserve – $69. Can anyone tell me the significance of these options? Are there options for, e.g., adults vs. concession? Thanks.

Karen Sorensen on 31st of August 2011

I might have had fantastic seats for your 1st show at the Sydney Opera House this time I wont be able to see the whites of your eyes but I will see your ego from the back.

Elleran on 31st of August 2011

According to the Sydney State Theatre’s website, they have a Sydney show listed on Saturday 4 February. I couldn’t get any good tickets to the Friday show as the Ticketmaster website seemed overloaded and the tickets sold unbelievingly fast. I was in the second row at the Opera House for his last show so having been spoiled, I didn’t fancy sitting right at the back at the State Theatre. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a 2nd Sydney show.

Janet on 31st of August 2011

I’m on the mailing list, but no pre-sale email has yet arrived. Please please please?

Julie on 31st of August 2011

In response to “peanutz” – I’m pretty certain it’s the same concert again. I’m sure I read that somewhere. But that is fine with us – this time we’re bringing our nephews and their girlfriends, and my husband will have the joy of hearing all about “Sam’s Mum’s cataracts” again (his favourite from all the favourites last time).

peanutz on 31st of August 2011

is it going to be different from the 1st round?

Julie on 31st of August 2011

Well, my heart is pounding. I managed to get tickets but the whole Ticketek system must have gone into meltdown just before 12.00. The tickets were disappearing F-A-S-T! After 20 minutes I went back in to get more for a friend and there was practically nothing left. I have to feel pleased that there are so many enthusiastic fans out there. I feel like I’ve just run a marathon – phew!

kerry patford on 31st of August 2011

i have been on the mailing list in the past, but i am yet to recieve the pre sale info…please

kerry patford on 31st of August 2011

I have registered for the mailing list but i still havent received an email re the presale info…..feeling a little unloved. Hope i dont miss out!

Sean on 31st of August 2011

Well how could I let this chance pass by? See you in January, Tim!

Emily on 30th of August 2011

How cheeky, sending out the email half an hour before the presale starts!

Emily on 30th of August 2011

I’m in the same boat Helena!
I’ve been on the mailing list for ages but the last thing I’ve received was last year so I’m worried I’ve somehow disappeared off the list :( [email protected] ;)

Helena powell on 30th of August 2011

Please can you help me. I am sooooo keen to get tickets for my mum and myself on presale. I have signed up to the website and haven’t received any info !! Please help. I am starting to twitch. Oh for the Sydney show.
Kind regards

Kristy on 30th of August 2011

Super excited!! But also worried as I don’t have any pre-sale info emailed to me yet? Should I have received it by now? I have rustled up friends and family and have 12 platinum tickets to buy…. I want to makesure they are good ones!!!

Nathan Hevenstone on 30th of August 2011

There best be another recording, because this US fan is still depraved of his Mighty Minchinness…


Malcolm on 30th of August 2011

No Tasmania :( Good thing I saw the show earlier this year.
I’m hopeful for another TV broadcast, I really do want to see it in some form.

Rob on 30th of August 2011

Thanks Tim! We are currently in the process of emigrating to Australia and now my wife wants to rearrange our schedule and potentially where we fly into so she can catch your show as we missed it in the UK!

SammySatine on 30th of August 2011


I’m soo happy about this!!!!

Thanks Tim for making me soo happy.

Can’t wait til February when you come to Perth.



Georgina on 30th of August 2011

Oooh, does this mean that he will be doing his Orchestra tour again in the UK next year, as I missed it this year?

Karen Sorensen on 30th of August 2011

So pleased to hear Tim is coming back I hope he has had some time off to rest, eat cheese and play and hopefully write a few new wonderful songs. I bet the SSO are also pleased.

Sandra on 30th of August 2011

Come to New Zealand, PLEASE!!!! (Would you rather go back to the miserable UK weather??? NZ under the February sun is pretty hard to beat..!)

clare smith on 30th of August 2011

Reasons Tim Minchin is better than Jesus number 134: Christains have been waiting nearly 2000 years for their idol’s second coming. Tim minchin fans only had to wait 1.

Deb on 30th of August 2011

Hi… am here waiting for the details to be emailed through as i missed him last time her was here….. will NOT do it a second time…. am super excitied!

Shantam on 30th of August 2011

Hope I can bring my Boys, their not 18 yet

Linzy on 30th of August 2011

To those who asked, as far as I’m aware, it’s going to be the same show as last time.

Andy Forsyth on 30th of August 2011

I’ll be coming to Australia towards the end of December/beginning of January from the UK for four months so this is awesome news! Will be in Perth so gotta get myself a ticket for that gig!

Horse-Han on 30th of August 2011

Spot on with the “I’ll be back once a year”-ness. Miss the Minch presence at the comfest though… regardless, I’ll be there. It’s okay to spend my startup scholarship money on culture-y (*cough*) things like orchestra tours, right? Arts student. Why not.

PS. Dingos, Linz/Shell? Reeeeally?

SJ on 30th of August 2011

I’m dancing in my seat at work. This pleases me greatly.

Gib on 30th of August 2011

Is it the same show – or will there be changes?

Kay on 30th of August 2011

Or instead of Auckland; Wellington!

Emski on 30th of August 2011

You seem to have forgotten Hobart Tim………??

ross Phillips on 30th of August 2011

please look at heading to chch in the future it would be awesome to see you there

Di King on 30th of August 2011

Oh.. and PS we are a lot less ” remote” than Perth!

Di King on 30th of August 2011

Tim!! What about Tassie?? we gave you the best audience yet considering the size of our population and the TSO is one of the best!

Hunter on 30th of August 2011

wait, is this the same concert, like an encore or is it a new show, either way im going

Annmarie on 30th of August 2011

Why oh why am I an American? :(

Mick on 30th of August 2011

No Tassie? Thats disappointing… but not surprising. Left out in the dark again.

Sarah on 30th of August 2011

Can’t wait! I missed out earlier in the year when Tim was in Perth. I promised myself that whenever he comes back that I’m going. I need to go!
Are the tickets going to be 18+ again or not? I guess it will say in the pre-sale.

So excited.

Jodi on 30th of August 2011

Saw him in Melbourne on the last leg and it was fantastic! Definitely recommend it to anyone that missed out!

Sharon on 29th of August 2011

Woo hoo! Round 2! Can’t wait!

Natalie on 29th of August 2011

WOOHOOOOO!!! I have been waiting so long for Tim to announce more Melbourne shows!!! Will be buying at the presale tomorrow for sure!!! This will be the first time we have seen him live. I cant wait!!!!!

Emily on 29th of August 2011

Melbourne on my birthday! *So* there for round 2, hopefully with some of my friends this time.

aaron on 29th of August 2011

launceston or hobart tasmania pleaseeee !!

Scott on 29th of August 2011

Any chance of some New Zealand dates?

Dave on 29th of August 2011

Any chance of hopping over the ditch to Auckland again?

Julie on 29th of August 2011

Well, it’s my birthday today and I couldn’t have had a nicer present! We will be there again with bells on. Now I will just have to get up early tomorrow to jump in for the tickets. We’re hoping to take along the younger members of our family, whom we know will just love Tim. I’m excited already!

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