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This new video trailer for Matilda A Musical features some of the instrumental score written by Tim and is the first opportunity to hear it. Excitingness indeed!

It can also be viewed on the Matilda A Musical website or the RSC YouTube Channel.

Now that the rehearsals have started, the RSC also have announced the cast details: Three schoolgirls are to play Matilda, the special little girl with extraordinary powers, with three teams of children sharing the other child roles. The adult team of actors includes Lauren Ward as the lovely Miss Honey, and Bertie Carvel as the formidable head mistress Miss Trunchbull. Paul Kaye takes the role of Matilda’s father, Mr Wormwood with Josie Walker playing his wife and Matilda’s mother, Mrs Wormwood. Peter Howe plays Michael, Matilda’s brother. Comedy fans will remember Paul Kaye, the award-winning comedian and actor,  who has had TV roles in Skins, and Pulling. He is also known for his celebrity interviewer character, Dennis Pennis and for voicing characters in Mongrels, BBC Three’s “first urban, multi-species, adult, puppet comedy.”

The full casting information can be found here on the RSC website.

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Darren Woodward on 11th of November 2010

Saw the first public dress rehearsal on Monday, ok, so it’s possibly a bit long at the moment for a kid friendly show. Witty lyrics to catchy and well pitched (emotionally) songs, it seemed to blend perfectly with the acted sections, and really did help build Dahl’s world.

Ok, I’m biased as my brother in law plays Matilda’s brother, but I loved it.

Chrissie on 13th of September 2010

They should’ve let Tim write the script too! That would be amazing.. :)

Helen Sumner on 12th of September 2010

That gave me shivers !!!

Gem on 11th of September 2010


Yeah, I could get in on that.

Katrina on 11th of September 2010

Will it ever be televised? I won’t be able to see it live, I’m a huge fan of Tim’s work and I’d love to see it! x

Tristan on 11th of September 2010

So when is it coming to Australia? :) PLEASE!

amy on 11th of September 2010

Ridiculously excited! Please bring it to Melbourne, please?

Mouse on 11th of September 2010

Oh, wonderful! I so want to see this – it looks absolutely wonderful! Now whose children can I bully into going to see it with me? :)

Erica Fryberg on 10th of September 2010

bring this to Qld Australia please!

ren on 10th of September 2010

very exiting! the little theme there is very sort of haunting and sweet :]

Sarah (White Wine fan) on 10th of September 2010

Reading ‘Matilda’ at the moment with 5 yr old son. He’s excited about seeing the show, especially that the music is by Tim Minchin of ‘we don’t eat pigs’ fame. :)

Amber on 10th of September 2010

SO excited to see this. I practically collapsed when I found out I was going. It was a tad embarrassing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.