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A Conversation with Tim

by Shell 2nd Sep 2010 | 9 comments

Tim is doing a one-off show at the RSC next January. It is called: Tim Minchin (Conversation With) and is on Sunday 16th January 2011 at 7:30 pm at the The Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.

You’ve probably heard that the RSC are putting on Matilda A Musical and that Tim has written the music and lyrics. Well there is a matinee that afternoon too, if anyone fancies combining the two for a Matilda/Tim day. More information about Matilda A Musical can be found at the official RSC site here.

The RSC will release tickets, for Tim Minchin (Conversation With), to members on the 15th September, with public booking opening on 11th October. However, the wise amongst you might make sure you are on Tim’s mailing list and check back with this blog from time to time…*wink*

In other news: the rehearsals for Matilda A Musical start on Monday- exciting! The RSC will be be posting a few updates on their Twitter feed throughout the day here: @TheRSC

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Josh Birchall on 14th of October 2010

Bought tickets to see this. First time I’m going to see Tim in a live event or concert! :D
As I’m only 15, this will also be the first time I’m actually old enough to see Tim live (stupid age restrictions)!

Sarah (White Wine fan) on 6th of September 2010

That sounds like the perfect show.

Ann Clarke on 5th of September 2010

already have tickets to see matilda twice (better be good…), look forward to getting in conversation tickets. I know it will all be good……

alistair fothergill on 4th of September 2010

Fuck me you can play the piano! Your an inspiration mate.
I used to play but stopped when I was a young teen.
I’m 25 now and I’m thinking about starting again.
I have a little play sometimes when I go back home
to my old mans house. You’ve inspired me to play again!

warwickshire shithouse on 3rd of September 2010

I love few things (other than my family); Shakespeare first above all, then RSC, and Tim Minchin is in the top five… I get geekishly proud when Tim (mis)quotes Shakespeare, was very excited when Tim and the RSC joined up forces and got tickets for Matilda, but what I *really* wanted was Tim in the Courtyard without Roald Dahl. I was so over the moon reading my RSC members mail ten minutes ago I danced around the room and almost peed myself.

Lynne on 3rd of September 2010

thinks your assault on carrier bags was taken on by a much wider public than the bears not enjoying to dance – (can you be 100% sure they dont like dancing)? Dont give up though – it is a worthy cause and Rome wasnt built in a day (well done with the bags – all power to you)! I wonder whether you could bring some attention to the plight of ‘our tramp’ who wanders up and down the A10 near Downham Market – Cheers!

Katie Locker on 3rd of September 2010

I want a ticket to that. Badly.

Ethan Dean-Richards on 2nd of September 2010

Very cool, I’m hoping to go see Matilda when it comes out.

lee yellow boy holt on 2nd of September 2010

tim your my idol you rock socks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.