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Run Timmy! RUN!

by Tim 13th Sep 2010 | 22 comments

As many of you know, I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London on October 10th to raise money for the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. (The Prince in question is Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the English throne, not the tiny, funky artist formerly known as the artist formerly know as Prince. And luckily Charlie doesn’t have too much to do with the run, else he might suggest a homeopathic training schedule involving the maintenance of near to absolute stasis.)

If you can afford a couple of minutes to go here and sponsor me, the kids and I would be most grateful. Seriously, even one or two quid would be hugely appreciated. And remember to leave a comment mocking my pain in advance.

I initially pledged that I would try to run the bloody thing in under two hours, but unfortunately my dear friend and nemesis, Mark Watson, ran his recent half marathon in 1:50, so I’ve had to up my game and have now set my sights on 1hr 45mins. If I beat the sickeningly weedy novelist’s time, he will donate £150 to Children and the Arts… and if I fail, I’ll donate the same to his mob. If you too have gambler’s bones, feel free to use the “comments” box to pledge an extra donation if I hit my target. Nothing like a bit of jeopardy.

There’s more information on the run and the charity on the donations page.

Thanks so much for your support. xx

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Jim Duff on 2nd of November 2017

Hi Tim, my name is a rhyming one with yours, and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

“This is a relative story about me and my wife Catherine McCormack, when we went to Dundee in 2010, and happened to see you with the following relative story.

The major reasons for going to Dundee were to scatter the ashes of Cathy’s parents, Bill and Cath, in their home town, and to catch up with her relatives there.

We left Australia for this trip on what would have been the 100th birthday of Cathy’s father, Bill McCormack. We arrived in Dundee on the 21st anniversary of his death.

In the evening after we had scattered the ashes of Bill and Cath on Law Hill, in their home town of Dundee, we walked down the main street and came across one of The Proms being played at the Caird Hall.

One of the main people in the orchestra was Tim Minchin, a very talented pianist and comedian, who has spent time in Australia. He was currently living in London with his Australian born wife and their two children.

The orchestra played a magnificent version of a popular Dire Straits song, “GOING HOME”. It was most appropriate, seeing we had just scattered the ashes of Bill and Cath McCormack in their HOME town.

To hear this beautiful appropriate song being played was both emotional and hair raising.”

Geoff on 2nd of October 2010

Still time to enter Great Eastern run on 17th Oct Tim if you want to double up.

Marie on 24th of September 2010

Any chances of you perfmorming in London on that day?

Running for charity « Growing Up Optional's Blog on 22nd of September 2010

[…] idea of this friendly rivalry tickled my parody bone and after a long break from parody writing I was prodded into action by a […]

dawn on 21st of September 2010

I hope you running in a tasteful and artfiul manner !!
May nothing drop off in your valliant efforts to raise money for a worthy cause !!

Much love x

Shell on 15th of September 2010

Tim has now commented on Watson’s blog which upped the ante slightly by bringing a bit of friendly sabotage into the mix!

Fighting talk but it does make one want to point the way to hair bobbles if the drag effect is such a problem…

Tibbs on 15th of September 2010

Have already matched the donation I made to Watson, but as added incentive to your run / his psychological undermining of your run I will pledge a further £10 to the charity of whoever ends up with the fastest time. Good luck!

Lou on 14th of September 2010

Already sponored you my dear, but if you beat Watson, I shall happily add some more cash to this wonderful cause. And don’t forget – we need photographic evidence! Best of luck.

'E.L.P. on 14th of September 2010

..What are your legs? Springs. Steel springs. ..How fast are you going to run? As fast as a leopard!!
Gooooo you good thing! 1:49:59.
PS could this be the ideal occasion to break out, say, a purple lycra top?

Helen Sumner on 14th of September 2010

Wish I could see those skinny white legs running !!!!!
I’m expecting you to do it in 1 and a half hours.. Goodluck xx

Brendan Chapman on 14th of September 2010

Would you wear shoes whilst running?

Colin Lloyd on 13th of September 2010

I’m a Welshie myself so I’m kind of biased on this one (unless you’re from NSW Tim)

Not Eddie Izzard on 13th of September 2010

A *half* marathon? Just a *half* one? What kind of half ass charity gesture is that?!? Pft. You should chat to that fella Izzard. He’s a man’s man in make-up and high-heels if ever there was one. You big Ozzie softie, you…..

Mel on 13th of September 2010

Aren’t these run thingies supposed to be done in costume? I’ll match Mark’s £150 if you do the run dressed as Jan Moir.

Holly warner on 13th of September 2010


Misha on 13th of September 2010

I’m all for saying you should both do that regardless of time acheived.

Catherine Minchin-Sharples on 13th of September 2010

If you don’t do it in 1:45 I will… Change my surname on Facebook from ‘Minchin-Sharples’ back to just ‘Sharples.’ I shall be very disappointed in you. But I’ll probably keep it the same as I love you.

Sorcha on 13th of September 2010

Don’t burn them. Give them too me. I’d love to see Matilda!

Go Tim! Do your best and win win win :)

Or just do a song about him :P

Sarah Whtehurst on 13th of September 2010

i couldn’t possibly threaten my chance of seeing tasty Tim to spur him on so if he fails dont burn tix…send them to me and I’ll give him a telling off in person for you as his punnishment…hows that?

I’ll even do the finger wagging thing too…oh the horror!

Melissa Contreras on 13th of September 2010

Well done Tim (I know you’ve not run yet but I’m sure you will do great!), hope you beat Mark :) All the best on the day, have fun :D x

Henry Potter on 13th of September 2010


Jimbob on 13th of September 2010

If you fail to do 1:45, I will burn my tickets to Matilda, the 02 in December, and cancel my annual flight to Oz and not see you there either.
Hows that for inspiration/motivation/inclination and perhaps a spot of provocation?

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