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Tim’s moving, secular Christmas song offers an alternative to the hype-driven singles we’ve come to expect at this time of year. It hit iTunes as a single for the first time on the 14th December and to mark the occasion, 50% of the proceeds from the December sales of the song are going to Autism research.

This is a disability Tim feels is poorly funded with its causes and treatment still not well understood.

The song is a beautiful and intelligent exploration of why Christmas might still be meaningful to those of us who hold no religious beliefs.

You can download it here.

Update: The charity Tim is delighted to be supporting is The National Autistic Society.

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Ruth on 2nd of December 2010

Thanks so much Tim. It means a lot

shazza on 23rd of October 2010

Tim , this song has always bought a tear to my eye. Four days ago my 2 year old little boy was diagnoised ASD, probably Aspergers, so it now mean more to me. Thanks so much for your support. Hope to see you in Perth at the end of the year.

Ben Townsend on 24th of January 2010

I work for the National Autistic Society Croydon (London) I think the tune is brilliant. Your a brilliantly talented man and this is just the icing on the cake. Top Man!

Lisa on 12th of January 2010

would just like to say that anything that highlights Autism & gets more people supporting The Autism Society is absolutely brilliant – a much misunderstood condition – THANKS for all your support Tim…keep up the good work – have always enjoyed your performances but you have now gained a fan for life through your support of Autism research xxx

jenna on 11th of January 2010

great idea of giving 50% to NAS i look after a 22 year old with severe autism and most people wont go near her becuase shes different. x

Adrienne Gill on 2nd of January 2010

I love this song Tim! What a surprise to hear that it was supporting autism research – especially as one of the reasons our family didn’t travel to drink “red wine by the fire” with my parents and sisters this year was that our 2 year old was diagnosed with autism earlier this year and we needed to take things easy at home! Will keep following your work!

Vicki on 24th of December 2009

We need more caring people like you in this world!The words to this song means so much on so many different levels and supporting NAS just adds to it! Rock on!

kelly on 19th of December 2009

i just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant xmas song, we havent exactly had the best year and your comedy has helped bring a little bit of fun back for us,
white wine in the sun is a truely lovely song that brought a tear to my eye, (unless i missed the point of it totally)
thank you,

Shell on 18th of December 2009

Hi Omega, As I said in the previous blog: You can get it elsewhere if you are not into iTunes but the best way to ensure that your download counts towards the singles chart etc is to buy from iTunes. So take a look on your usual music download site if you prefer.It’s a lovely song wherever you download it. x

Omega on 18th of December 2009

Is it going to be made available anywhere other than iTunes for us iPod-less losers? :(

Tracey/rm on 18th of December 2009

YAY TIM!!! Thank you!

Stephen Parkes on 18th of December 2009

Now the charity in question as been confirmed as the National Autisic Society I fully endorce and support this product and/or service :)

Just waiting for Apple to fix my login to the iTunes store.

Hester on 18th of December 2009

Love and got your song Tim, it´s brilliant and sentimental.

and indeed, when will you hit the dutch-grounds?


Laura C on 17th of December 2009

As a mother of four children, three of which are diagnosed with autism, we face a daily battle of little understanding in this world of the issues we face everyday. The mere fact that Tim’s kind donation to autism research raises the profile of their ‘condition’ really helps us. On behalf of Harrison, Scarlet, Finn, Oliver, myself and Kate – thank you Minchin my dear, you know what you mean to the kids and how much they adore you. x

Simon Hodge on 17th of December 2009

Amazing song, just what the world needs. I think you put the sentiments of the majority in the uk beautifully but most are i feel are almost scared to say it. Its about time humanity reclaimed christmas! I think its ridiculous just how many “subconscious” christians there are who for one week a year believe in, without question the myths they where brainwashed with as children. I know its not meant as an attack religion but hey every little helps. Especialy when things like this are doing the rounds and they see absolutely nothing wrong with it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NStpjQ477HA

A little shame its been released (and maybe overshadowed) at the same time as the RATM single. But the reason people are buying the rage song is all good, i dont think its being purchased for the lyrics but purely as a protest againt the turkey twizzler or music; Simon Cowell.

Ben on 17th of December 2009

As an autistic Atheist myself, this means a lot to me. Good on you Tim, keep spreading the word.

Grendel on 17th of December 2009

Great idea – please be sure it goes to good science-based research (as I am sure you will).

madelon on 17th of December 2009

I’ve got autism myself so thank you for doing this, means a lot xx

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.