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This being another of my spasmodic blogs. I’m going to start calling them Spasmogs. I’m going to one of the internet’s most unprolific Smasmoggers.

So you may notice I have put up some dates. Not much of a tour – they’re mostly just there to make up for the gigs I missed due to illness earlier in the year. Looking forward to it.

Apart from the ones posted…

Scotland is ALMOST locked in. When I say Scotland, I admit it’s not going to be particularly comprehensive coverage. It’s likely to be one gig in Edinburgh (at the Queens Hall – wikid) and one gig is Glasgow (dunno where yet). We’re looking at the 1st or 2nd weekend of November for those shows… I’ll let you know as soon as they’re on sale. (Helen.)

For you Londoners, I’m not going to be doing any full shows in London in the near future (just cos I’ve not got a new show), but the Beck Theatre in Hayes is a sexy space and not at all far from the city. So go there I reckon.

And Ireland is still in negotiation. (Last year, I did a support set for Deidre O’Kane at the Bulmers Fest in Dublin, and this year they asked me to do a support again, cos they’re concerned my profile over there isn’t strong enough to sell my own show. Soft fuckers … so we’ll see.)

Ahm, what else.

Last Friday, I filmed a ridiculous video of “So Fucking Rock” for the ITV show Comedy Cuts. It involves the compulsory air-guitar and air-drums etc, but also features air-banjo, air-flute, air-trombone, air-decks, air-tennis, air-cows, air-squeeky-toys, and an air-stage-dive. The new season of Comedy Cuts starts in January, I think, so no hurry there.

On Tuesday, I was a guest on BBC Radio 2’s Jammin’. It’s a sort of funny music show thing. The other guest was Hughie from the “Fun Lovin’ Criminals”. Fuckin hilarious dude. We got a bit drunk and the recording took almost 2 hours for a show which will be edited down to 28 minutes. Hmm. Not sure when it goes to air… I’ll try to let you know.

Apart from those wee bits, I’m working on a script for a bit of an idea which may end up being a radio series or a television series or a hollywood movie or a stack of A4 paper torn into strips sitting by the phone for notes and shopping lists.

I’m also working on a script for a film that is being shot in Australia in December. In it, I will be playing a musician (amazing), despite the fact that it’s a boxing flick. I might be writing the soundtrack for it too.

Oh, which reminds me. The Brisbane shows that I started a rumour about a month ago are still a maybe. Just trying to fit them in.

So. That’s the boringest fucking spasmog i’ve ever written. Although others would run a close second.

To everyone, hello.

To all my excellent myspace friends, thanks for sticking around.

To everyone who visits my website – I PROMISE that it’s going to get a major overhaul some time in the next month.


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Katherine on 29th of October 2007

Hmm…I think I posted that there comment on the wrong page. (See, Im dangerous!)

Ill assume you know what I’m talking about and leave you to your life, then. Unless I’m wrong, of course. Then you can just ignore my comment and leave me to my misery. (Which would be a lot kinder, granted.)

I seem to have eaten too much honey-flavoured ice cream, I’m harping on about nothing.

Tootles, Timmy!

Katherine on 29th of October 2007

OMG yay you’re coming to Adelaide *squee*! I’ll be there…as soon as I can find a friend who can put up with my psychotically psychotic and endlessly enless banter on the subject of the great many of your works. Keep Spasmogging the net, ’cause we need more of your kind (keeping in mind that I speak for myself, Timmy.)

Cheers, Katherine x

Russell on 4th of October 2007

Just got in from Maidstone, third time I have seen the show. Great show brought six first timers along who all loved it


Odyss on 30th of September 2007

brisbane… but not melbourne tim? theres no excuse:P

also, my friend told me that u have a dvd coming out novemberish, fantastic, since i havnt seen u live and your disreguarding melbourne:P


Blake on 13th of September 2007

heyas archeron,
tim is going to be performing at the brisbane powerhouse (i think) in december this year.

check that out if you are interested :D

Archeron on 13th of September 2007

Plz come back to Aus Tim I saw you on Sideshow and id love to see one of your Gigs
Rock On

Eleanor H on 8th of September 2007

Hey, prolly too late but if you came to Ireland I could personally guarantee twenty die hard fans and word of mouth spreads fast! Those guys who said nae ARE soft fuckers! Well anywhos love your albums mate make more so I can buy them…see you next time you’re in the vicinity of Dublin…Cheers LNR

Christopher on 7th of September 2007

BRISBANE!! BRISBANE IS ON!!!!! I love your spasmogs all over my face..
So i am just a wee bit excited. Thank you Tim!..I will be there! Hopefully more than once..

M. on 5th of September 2007

Missed ya in Edinburgh.

Luna on 2nd of September 2007

Ello, late-comer to the Minchin train but none the less hooked, no chance of a gig in Belfast or somewhere near, I want a canvas bag =(

Emily Warburton on 1st of September 2007

Tim-grommet, Have you heard the greatest hits of the stranglers? Golden brown is my fav. It’s not about poo. What are you giving your god-father for father’s day? How’s Violet?

Em Warb

M. on 20th of August 2007

Hi from the Edinburgh Fest. Saw Geraldine Quinn’s show last night at the Gilded Balloon and loved it. She has… a voice.
Would have preferred watcing Tim and her performing Hallelujah again of course, but I suppose one can’t always get everything one wants.
Will go see some other Tim-loving Aussies at the Balloon too and tell you about them.

glamlovinkitty on 2nd of August 2007

Ha ha, sorry Mooch. At least youll get to see both shows – I’ll only get to see one, so you still win!

moochini on 1st of August 2007

… bugger. Well there goes my glory. Back to finding that cure for cancer I suppose…

glamlovinkitty on 31st of July 2007

Moochini, I believe the credit is mine and I even get a mention in the Spasmog, so….fffttt.

Sarah on 29th of July 2007

Jono, I agree, I like hearing about Tim’s bustiness.

Tim…. I miss you, darling.

ellen on 28th of July 2007

please dont be ill again in october, for the leicester gig, please……
hope all is well

Jono the Homicidal Maniac on 27th of July 2007

Sweet, sounds like your keeping very bust. I’m looking foward to seeing you work! Excited! Yay.
From your ol’ fan,
“ol,” as in, been fan for a long time, no ol’ as in aged. :P

moochini on 26th of July 2007

Yay! Back to Scotland! I am personally taking credit that you will be visiting Glasgow because I think I once suggested it… (my life has so few glories so I cling to what I can). I am a resident of both Glasgow and Edinburgh so I will be seeing both shows and offering free advice on how to survive Glasgow – the world’s knife crime capital (basically if you see Burberry – RUN!)

Nettie on 25th of July 2007

oh :( when will you be coming back to Aus? we all miss you so much. videos on you tube just don’t have the same effect as the real thing.
Tim Minchin forever! *dances*

Blake on 24th of July 2007

you have this great ability to talk down your own acheivements tim…. it has to be one of your worst talents…. i had a point, buuuuuut i lost it.

great spasmog!

Nicola on 23rd of July 2007

I had checked this page every day since your last blog in April, and you finally post whilst I’m in Harry Potter Spoiler Lockdown, which involves zero internet usage. Thanks.

But the projects you’re working on sound enormously intriguing and I’m very much looking forward to your boom into the public eye via different mediums.

Sounds super rad.

Kate on 23rd of July 2007

Ahh Tim, not cheating on your blogs now are you, posting them in two different places? Pretty soon you’ll have someone else writing them for you!

Ahh I’ll forgive you. As long as you keep writing brilliant songs.
Kate. xx

English Caroline on 22nd of July 2007

Hello Timothy, good to here some bits of news from you.

Hughie is indeed a funny guy, I’ve randomly seen The FLC a couple of times- my friend was their runner once and there is a lost photo somewhere of us with the FLC’s suits at the dry cleaners…

An air-stage-dive? Cool, sounds good stuff.

You’ve also got scripts in progress- jolly good show. Will look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours in that department.

Anyway- I’m off to clean the bathroom, will see you on the mini-tour no doubt.


Alex on 21st of July 2007


i love new blogs!!! im all excited now!!! first harry potter, and now Tim blogs… next thing you know and we’ll be free from terrorism!..lol

*Sarah* on 20th of July 2007

One two, testing, one two…

smoky on 20th of July 2007

Yay, a new blog!!!
And a longish one two :)

*Sarah* on 20th of July 2007

You filthy copying cheat, posting the same blog in 2 places! Ah what the hell, I’ll let you off…this time.

As I said before, you seem busy, I’m glad you’ve got loads of cool stuff planned :)

Hope you and your family are ok, if you ever want to visit Kent then let me know and I shall tell you which parts to avoid!

Sarah x

glamlovinkitty on 20th of July 2007

As long as it’s not the 9th of Nov, I’m there!!!
Now it will be the 9th, won’t it…?

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