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A quick wrap-up of Aspen, for those who fell victim to cancellations forced upon them by said festival.

I flew there in an aeroplane. I caught a bus to my hotel.

Waiting for me in my hotel room was a welcome pack containing a Nike Ski Jacket, Tom Baker Sunglasses, a couple of shirts, and a whole lot of other crap including discount vouchers for Botox treatments and Private Jet hire. You getting the vibe?

I was involved in two shows – 20 minute sets at the end an “alternative comedy” night called “The Fat City Lounge”. I opened my set with “So Fucking Rock” and by the end I was panting so hard that I had to ask for tinned oxygen. It was spearmint flavoured. And very amusing. The reasons for the panting were (a) my on-going poor health born of that flu I got a few weeks back, and – more significantly – (b) the high altitude.

On Saturday I went Skiing. Skiing is a sport involving standing on slippery things and going down a hill. It is enormously enjoyable and as a result I have done it twice.

While I was skiing I got a text encouraging me to go to an Awards presentation that I hadn’t realized existed. (I had found no evidence of it, and am not inclined towards faith). However, when I turned up, it did indeed exist. To explain just how much it existed: William Baldwin was in attendance. And the mum from “Who’s the Boss?”. I won the award for best Alternative Comedy performance. I was presented my award by that really cool girl who plays that cool IT chick, Chloe, in the television series, 24. Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Aspen is fun. If you have thousands and thousands of monetry units sitting around somewhere, I’d spend it on a trip to Aspen. There’s loads of shops selling the furs of dead animals crafted into apparel. And many of the local people have teeth that didn’t originally belong to them.

And you can buy oxygen in a can.

If you want to read an article regarding Aspen which is flattering towards me, clicking to this little puppy should fully sate your desire.

So. Four more shows in the UK. Looking forward to seeing loads of my online chums this week. Let’s just pretend I don’t have tonsillitis.

With feelings of great fondness I remain forever yours,
Timothy D Minchin.

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Tom on 29th of November 2011

Love the blog and all the work. I’ve never been skiing in Aspen, but next time I need to spend a shed load of cash doing it, I’ll definitely go!

See you on the next time you’re touring the UK!

Laura on 8th of October 2008

Hmm… the choice of semi-colon after “Colorado” is an interesting one, Mr Minchin…

ChrisTina on 4th of January 2008

What did ya do with the Botox coupon?!

millie from sydn'ay on 21st of December 2007

all the canvas bags are gone, i am empty handed, im going to cry myself to sleep while stuffing my face with chocolate and mild sedatives

i honestly love your work, ido i do i do!
please come to australia again (sydney) so i can meet you
that is the reason i believe i was born

if minchinism was a religion, it would definately be my faith!
restock those old canvas bags, the plastic is everywhere!!!

Kirsty Blake on 23rd of August 2007

WTF! y is there so many other Kirsty’s. I am the best Kirsty the only Kirsty…Kirsty Blake lol. :p

Kirsty Blake on 23rd of August 2007

U ROCK!! u r sooo hot u look like a blonde Johnny Dept. lol :)

Jared Crowley on 27th of June 2007

I live in Colorado, USA and would love to see you live. Unfortunately I just discovered your comedy and was bummed to find out you were so close without a chance to see ya. You could tour with Lewis Black here in the states–I’m sure your two comedy styles would go together well. Keep writing brilliant shit. Cheers!

Alex on 2nd of May 2007

Congrats on the award!!!!!!!!!!

so is “Taking your canvas bags to the supermarket” a new version of just the regular “Canvas Bags” song… lol

xo Alex

Australian Caroline on 6th of April 2007

I met Sarah and Blake, I met Sarah and Blake, Hi Tim, I met Sarah and Blake!

Nah Nah Na Nah!

Woo Hoo 13 Days!

Josh on 28th of March 2007

Curtain, it seem you have made a new friend in Kirsty because you used a big word.

I hope you know what your getting your self into.

Rajey on 28th of March 2007

Hope you’re feeling better from the flu thing..you know, that thing. Another excellent journal entry that made my heart all a-quiver!

Curtain on floor aka Wendy on 28th of March 2007


And only 18 days for me! XD

Poor, poor Tim…

*Sarah* on 27th of March 2007

Many many more than 35 days for me :(

*Sobs heart out to the backdrop of a sad violin melody*

Blake on 27th of March 2007

btw, 35 ! :D

Blake on 27th of March 2007

*dances, and sings i a high voice*
“i can be craaaaazyyyy tooooO!”

Kirsty on 27th of March 2007

There, there. You can BOTH be crazy.

And Curtain, you win a shiny medal for use of an intelligent word.

Sarah on 27th of March 2007

I must say, M. That was a very impressive and creative post. I like it. The delivery of my Timpire stories are nowhere near as good as yours. Can you teach me?

*looks up pulchritudinous in the dictionary*… Ahhh.

Hey Blake, you’re the one who has boyfriended the crazy person. So I ask you: Am I the one who is crazy or is it you?!

Blake on 27th of March 2007

my girlfriend is most applicable to the criteria i placed forward in my previous post…. and i do think she takes the cake for tim stalking… if you need advice, she has done it.

*hint: get divorce papers ready for tim and sarah minchin*

Curtain on floor aka Wendy on 27th of March 2007


So intense, yet stunningly pulchritudinous.

I am in awe.

(And have i just typed the most intelligent word in the world or what?) Huh? Kirsty?

Kirsty on 26th of March 2007

Are you talking about your girlfriend, Blake?!

M. on 26th of March 2007

Thanks Blake! Beware, I’m dangerous ;-)

Blake on 26th of March 2007

i sense similarities between M. and another person i know… except on a smaller scale.

kirsty took me aside and quietly told me said person was just plain crazy :D

*Sarah* on 26th of March 2007

That was ever so slightly scary, but heartfelt, so I commend you.

I’m not sure what choice you’re giving me exactly, but I shall appreciate it!

M. on 26th of March 2007

Me too, Kirsty ;-)
For the same reason, I guess…

Kirsty on 26th of March 2007

I love you, M.

You make me look less creepy.

M. on 25th of March 2007

Hi, my name is M. and I’m a scary Tim stalker.

Some of us are also known as Timpires, or Tim vampires.

So you want me to tell you the story of my life… You’d have to have a lot of tape for my story…

My addiction began during that unrepeatable summer of my first Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I had just arrived from France in search of a better life. I believe I am one of the oldest Timpires in Europe, 2005 was the year it happened. I was twenty-six -younger than you are now. Yet now I feel even younger. The world changes, we do not; therein lies the irony that finally kills us.
I suppose you are a potential Timpire from the moment you are born (my family is so old that our lineage can be traced back to that of Antonio Banderas’ ancestors.), but it is only when you meet him that you start experiencing the Thirst. You feel it, don’t you? You feel it like no other creature because you are a Timpire.

It is ethereal, virtual, internetty.

In spite of this, I have not had physical contact with Tim since 2005. It was short but charged. And sharp. I will never forget the one lesson he taught me: never drink from the dead.

At first, I thought he was just funny and sweet. I didn’t find him all that attractive, and I wasn’t all that sure about Inflatable You, because I didn’t know he was married (you see, rumour has it that back in the old times either he wasn’t yet married or he took off the ring for the show).

But then he started singing the Peace Athem for Palestine. My last sunrise.
His songs coursed through my veins sweeter than life itself. And as it did, Tim’s words made sense to me. I turned my mp3 on, when I heard his heart in that terrible rhythm, I knew again what peace could be, for a whole year.

Then he came back to the Old City of Edinburgh. It was the year 2006. But times were different then. I had a boyfriend. Tim became my platonic muse. I wrote him poems and took different people to his show so I could see it again and again. He actually talked to me during one show, provoking in my inner immaterial essence an intense or paroxysmal excitement that fell short of a vaginal contraction.
And whenever I feel lonely or I seem to lose that Thirst, I know what to do. All I ever need to find you, Tim, is to follow the corpses of rats.

And my story ends there. But in fact it ended a long time ago, in that theatre. I go on, night after night. I feed on those who cross my path. I am a spirit with perternatural flesh.

*Sarah*, my dear, don’t be afraid. I’m going to give you the choice I never had…

Kirsty on 25th of March 2007

Aneesa, actually, that was mostly poor spelling rather than grammar, really. I find it hard to purposely use bad grammar.

Is you to be understand of me now? I could of made it worse if that would be making you to laugh at.

Aneesa on 25th of March 2007

KIRSTY JOKED WITH BAD GRAMMAR… YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that a first?!?!

*Sarah* on 24th of March 2007

Sarah, a month without commenting?! That was surely a harsh challenge though?!

I think I’ve gone about 2 days so far, I can’t remember…just when I think I’m doing well, he appears online and I end up writing some nonsense and posting it quickly in the hope I’ll get a reply…

…I never do.

Don’t blame him really though haha.

Blake on 24th of March 2007

our “sircle” is uber cool. after all, its full of tim’s fans. how much cooler could it be? i suppose if we all cared enough about punctuation, grammar, and SPELLING, then kirsty would seem like the ostentatious leader of the group. and perhaps my FANtasmagorical girlfriend. buuuuut shes not. which would be WRONG. capitals a Fun.

Kirsty on 24th of March 2007

I’m going to let it slide, Josh, because I’m happy that the rift between us fans has been healed.

Well come two the sircle!

Aneesa on 24th of March 2007

Nothing wrong with the grammar, Josh. However I think Kirsty may want a few words with you…

P.S – Good Luck.

Sarah on 24th of March 2007

“M.”, I am confused… I don’t know about you… but I have been stalking Timmy longer than Kirsty…. So I’m not sure you were ever the only two stalking him… But I’m glad that you have come to the realisation that I am also a stalker of the fair Tim.

Next time Tim goes to Spain I shall follow him so we can see him and discuss strategies. In the meanwhile you, and I guess anyone now, can email me at [email protected]. Even MSN is good. I would like to get to know you and try to understand why it took you so long to realise my stalkering ways.

*Sarah*, I used to have that problem with severity. I tried the ‘not commenting/email for a few days’ once I even tried a month… it was over within a few hours though :-(…

But, I’m not sure that anyone could scare him if he wasn’t scared by me… Although, I think he was scared by me for some time… Now that we’ve met I think he’s fine with the whole stalking thing.

Tim, you’re magnificent. Hope you’re having a ball in Adelaide and aren’t getting sick or too overworked!!!

Shall see you in 37 days m’dear!!!

Love Sarah

Josh on 24th of March 2007

I would love to become part of the circle. I am sorry for starting this silly war of words, and I would love some tea and biscuits.

P.S Aneesa i hav no thing to said two ya

How do you like that grammar?

Hannah on 24th of March 2007

Oh come on, surely we’re not that scary….are we?

*Sarah* on 23rd of March 2007

We could pool our resources and find a way for us all to stalk him, but in a nice, friendly and non-threatening way. I think scaring him off may be detrimental to the cause.

M. on 23rd of March 2007

Don’t worry *Sarah*, we all need help. This is our online support group of sorts. We might be able to overcome our addiction together, OR we could get organised and stalk him efficiently. What do you think?

Kirsty on 23rd of March 2007

Incidentally, when I first typed that comment I typed “bacon” instead of “become”. Hilarious.

Kirsty on 23rd of March 2007

Grammar saves the day! Tea and biscuits for all!

You made the right choice… our side has PG Tips and chocolate hobnobs. Rumour has it Josh buys generic teabags and plain rich tea biscuits.

(well… I’m just starting that rumour now, really)

Josh? Want to stop this silly and pointless rebellion and become an integral part of the Circle?

Aneesa on 22nd of March 2007

Oh, what have you done to me?! I’m split! I can’t pick between the original rebellion with Josh and you, my Genius… (thats Kirsty by the way, just in case the more self obsessed Minchin fans among us think i’m talking about them… I promise i’m not. Honestly.)

I’m going to have to go with ‘The Circle’ and kick Josh out… sorry. Reason being, someone who can make SO MANY – and I mean SO MANY – spelling and grammar mistakes in one comment is not a person I wish to work with… not impressive. Just… not.

*Sarah* on 22nd of March 2007

Are there 3 Sarah’s here?! I’m getting soooo so lost by all this! Damn me for having a common name!

Yes I do have a page, hopefully if you click on my name it should take you to it, but if not it’s http://www.myspace.com/lucky1375

I need help, I keep getting over excited and leaving Tim comments on my space, then regretting it cos I look a bit stalkerish and appear to have no self control whatsoever! I have vowed not to comment again for a few days unless he comments me first in reply…I wonder how long that’ll last!

M. on 22nd of March 2007

Sarah The Second, I like you. I have browsed your webpage and it makes me feel awesome; Kirsty and I are not the only stalkers anymore. You’re great. Hope we meet sometime at a Minchin show and talk about new ideas to stalk him together.
*Sarah*, do you have a webpage?
And Sarah The First and Only and Most Envied, I miss your comments and teasing. Where are you?

Sarah on 22nd of March 2007

Josh, why, oh why are you trying to create hostility in this place of peace… maybe we need a peace anthem for the triangles.

Josh on 22nd of March 2007

Keep trying kirsty, you can try to push me, but i’m a big person, that is not pushed easely. Aneesa is not in your “circle”, who are you trying to kid, your triangel or now re-named Circle is finished. And just because i dont no your secret circle hand shake doesn’t mean i cant get a job, its more the fact that I’m a really lazy person.

P.S Aneesa we need membership cards, quickly!!!!

Kirsty on 21st of March 2007

Triangle? Oh no, this goes SO much deeper than that. It’s a circle, and everyone in the world is involved except for you, Josh. Even Aneesa. In fact, she’s the boss. She was made boss just the other day, because of her funny joking.

Since you don’t have a membership card or know the secret handshake, good luck getting a job anywhere, ever.

Have you ever noticed that people don’t hold doors open for you as much as for other people? Or that your shoelaces seem to come untied slightly more often than the average person’s?
Just something to think about.

(just wondering how far I can push this paranoia of yours)

Josh on 21st of March 2007

I am 100% with Aneesa on this one. We will not have Harry Potter rubish in our triangle, and the name will be “the super duper fans”

And Kirsty its no use telling everyone theirs no triangle, we all know there is, and we will bring it down!!!!!

Aneesa on 20th of March 2007

WOW. Only posted yesterday… look whats happened!

Thanks Sarah! I like to think i’m quite humourous (sorry jerzy… English spelling), and may i just say you’ve blown my mind with the amount of times ‘funny’ can be used in one simple comment!!

Nicola?? No. Why would we want the name of a geeky wizard representing us? I shant have it. And neither will Josh. We shall be named, if you wish to join our rebellion, ‘The Super Duper Fans’… thats right. ORIGINALITY.

Do i sense the beginnings of a dictatorship?! mwhahaha…! :P

Right. Thats all. My night is your day Aussies… so post away. I’m going to bed. Night! x

*Sarah* on 20th of March 2007

When has his wife ever posted here? :S

I hope we get a new blog soon, I like reading what he’s getting up to, and they’re always enjoyable to read!

Jerzy on 20th of March 2007

Uhmm.. there’s an official membership card? *tries desperately to hide her mafia type forged Tim Minchin fan ID used to make her Yank self attempt to fit in with the Aussies and Brits*

*hangs her head* I’m just an American who adores Tim’s talent!

Harry Potter codenames eh? Hmm… that sounds doable.. do uh bull… dooooby dooby…

Crud I got nothin’

M. on 20th of March 2007

Sarah Minchin DOES post here.
Wisely, too ;-)

Nicola on 20th of March 2007

I realise I just called you Kristy.
I apologise. That must pain you greatly. Like when people call me Nicole.

Here ends my comment-a-thon.

Nicola on 20th of March 2007

Kristy, perhaps there is nothing to be gained by banding together and fighting for supreme Timfanship, but then again there’s nothing quite like petty warfare to pass the time between Tim’s lovely newsy updates.

Nicola on 20th of March 2007

I move to join the rival trio with Josh and Aneesa. Although I’m not that new, but I do like being in a trio. Can we have Harry Potter related codenames? If no, I move to start yet another trio in which all involved have Harry Potter related codenames.

Kirsty on 20th of March 2007

I didn’t realise we were so intimidating! We’re fluffy kittens really, honest!
We don’t have a special “club” where you’re either in or out. If you’re trying to “get into the ‘super fans’ triangle” you’ll end up frustrated just because there really is nothing to get into. We just all love Tim. If you love Tim, then… well, you’re in already. That’s all there is to it. What do you want? A membership card?
Please don’t try to take us down. You’ll make us cry.

And none of the Sarahs who post here are married to Tim. Sarah Minchin wisely doesn’t comment here.

Josh on 20th of March 2007

I am also new Aneesa, and I also found that if you try and get into the “super fans” triangle of Sarah, Blake and Kirsty you will be crushed. So I propose that you and I start our own two person triangle, look for another member, then take down the “super fans”

And by the way Kirsty, it didn’t really help. I’m still confusted with which sarah is married to Tim.

Sarah on 20th of March 2007

Ahahha… Hey Kirsty… you used the wrong your. Is that the worst you can do?

Don’t worry Aneesa, your joking was funny… at least I found it funny. Though not nearly as funny as other funny things but funny nonetheless.

Kirsty on 19th of March 2007

Oh, I’ve been caught out plenty before. I’m not perfect, especially when it comes to spelling.

Just so you can stop trying, I’ll make some mistakes here.

Tim, i think you’re music is inspireing.

Ow. That hurt me to do.

Aneesa on 19th of March 2007

Blake is new. I am newer. I tried to joke around with Blake and Sarah’s relationship but failed miserably as their love is too strong.

I am also very determined to catch Kirsty out with her spelling and grammar. I am also trying very hard not to make a mistake now…

*Sarah* on 19th of March 2007

Oh and in addition to that, I am Sarah but I’m not Tim’s wife or Blake’s girlfriend, and I have been a fan of Tim for a while, but only turned into a superfan recently lol maybe one day I shall be accepted into Kirsty, Blake and Sarah’s Tim group! haha

Kirsty on 19th of March 2007

My name is Kirsty. I don’t know who Kristy is.
Blake and Sarah are an item.
I am just their online friend.
I am not actually an English teacher. I’m just a grammar nerd. I also like good spelling. Today I impulse-bought a dictionary because it was on sale.

We are all old fans of Tim. Except for Blake. He’s new.

Does that explain everything?

Josh on 19th of March 2007

Also Sarah, what is the deal with you, Blake and Kristy? I am completly lost. All I understand is that Kristy lives to correct you and Blake ( like a good English teacher should)

Josh on 19th of March 2007

I also descoverd tim on “the world stands up.” He did a killer show that day, not to say his others aren’t as good.

Jerzy on 18th of March 2007

*sobs* Tim in the US and I missed it! Curse me for not being remotely financially secure enough to travel there. BUT if I had heaps of cash lying about I’d go.
” If he doesn’t have an HBO special within weeks, there is no justice. A comedian for the Jury Award-winning Best Sketch Troupe, Summer of Tears, says of Minchin’s show: “He makes me want to go home and never do comedy again, because there is no way you can compete with that.”

That’s an awesome review! And I agree if HBO doesn’t give you a comedy special soon… I’ll have to stop watching their programming.

My entire family became instant fans when we first saw Tim in “World Stands Up”… now we’re anxiously awaiting a tour in our area… okay who are we kidding? We’d drive hours and hours to see him!

You’re fabulous!

Sarah on 18th of March 2007


Josh on 18th of March 2007

who says english teachers dont care? infact i do, mine could not give a rats

*Sarah* on 17th of March 2007

Unless I’ve missed something very crucial along the way, Kirsty is definitely not with Blake, that accolade goes to Sarah (not me!)

I can’t tell if you’re joking about Kirsty and Blake, or if you’ve missed something crucial too :S haha

Aneesa on 17th of March 2007

So you admit it! you care and have affection for grammar and not your beloved blake. shocking.

Kirsty on 17th of March 2007

Right now I could probably boff Sarah and she wouldn’t even notice.

And Josh, mostly I correct people as a sign of affection. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t care.

Sarah on 17th of March 2007


PS…. ONLY 2 hours an 26minutes TIL TIM!!!!

Josh on 17th of March 2007

What the hell are you Kirsty, a English teacher or something, or is it an English teacher? Oh well I’m sure you’ll try to correct me.

Aneesa on 16th of March 2007

Well, you tell me… are you?! I feel sorry for Blake if you are! How could you do such a horrible thing?!

Ha ha! It’s weird. I’m being extra careful of my spelling and grammar now…

Kirsty on 16th of March 2007

I correct Sarah’s grammar all the time, too. Does that mean I’m boffing her as well?!

Aneesa on 16th of March 2007

Awwww… they’re even arguing about spelling and grammar! Just you wait, when punctuation kicks in we’ll know they’re actually at it like rabbits behind close doors!!

*Sarah* on 14th of March 2007

Ok, how about henceforth I call myself *Sarah* (i did this on another forum once and they called me sparkly Sarah after that because the asterisks reminded them of shiny earrings haha).

Or I could really confuse issues by being called “Sarah: Not Tim’s wife, not Blake’s girlfriend”.

Actually I prefer that second name more. I may try it out for a bit.

*Edit* I tried trying it out, but I think the name may be too long, as none of my comments with that name appeared, so I shall have to set my heart on another name *sobs*

I really am sorry I’m clogging up the comments with this waffle.

Kirsty on 14th of March 2007



Blake on 14th of March 2007

ooooh boy do i know how to stir me and sarah’s friends. i am uncomprihensibly good at it.

yes, everyone except my (ownership placed upon *noun*) sarah should change the way they write sarah, and keep it constant…. just incase i appear to be coming onto the wrong sarah… o.0

Kirsty on 14th of March 2007

Me? Blake? Item? That’s so, so wrong.

I would never be involved with someone who uses the phrase “me and sarah…” when he means “Sarah and I…” TWICE in one comment.

Blake, you go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

Sarah (not your wife) on 14th of March 2007

Although now that’s confusing, because I’m “Sarah (not your wife)”, but I’m most certainly not Sarah, your girlfriend! There are way too many Sarah’s in the world, curse my parents for this ridiculous name!

Maybe I should sign in as *Sarah* to avoid more confusion?

Blake on 14th of March 2007

hahahahaha, oh dear. i think me and sarah will have to kill you :P

me and sarah (not tim’s wife) are an item. a very good item if you ask me :D

Aneesa on 13th of March 2007

Sorry Sarah! I’m new to this whole ‘lets get together and talk a load of crap in the name of minchin’ stuff so i didnt realise you were a mad regular aswell! Kirsty and Blake were the first item i came across. i assume they’re an item, they always seem to comment together… mwhahaha!

Sarah (not your wife) on 12th of March 2007

I didn’t realise until today that this news page thingy existed! I’ve really been missing out! Reading your humorous little descriptions almost makes up for the fact I want to see your show again but can’t!

Well done for the award, you really deserve it :)

Enjoy your tour of oz, but make sure you come back to the UK soon cos I wanna see you again!

Sarah on 12th of March 2007

PS. I may have heard along the grapevine that Tim may be making another appearance on spicks and specks in the near future…

Sarah on 12th of March 2007

It hurts me so to think that anyone is classified as a regular before me. Oh the paaaaaiiiin. Obviously I’m going to have to become more regular again.

Troy Hawkey on 12th of March 2007

*resisting overwhelming urge to post a comment*

*fails spectacularly*

Great work with the award Tim, Australia awaits your triumphant return….all except the powerhouse in brisbane…..

don’t worry though, they’ll get theres……yes, yes indeed.

I hope your aust tour is sucessful as possible, and you should come on spicks and specks again, you really made quite an impression with the adam hill song

with an undying love….


Josh on 11th of March 2007

Well done Tim. Keep winning awards, you deserve them. Just like to say I really enjoyed listening to all of your songs, and think you are a comical legend!!!

Abbey on 10th of March 2007

Congratulations on your award, Tim! I’m really, really excited for you. Although at the same time, a little bit concerned – because if you become really huge (like, globally), it would be amazing, but you might not come back to perform near here! (I know you might not come back to Reading, because the audience were pants, frankly, but somewhere near..)

Also, I’m intrigued by your middle initial. Jess and I think it might stand for ‘Darwin’, which may explain your enthusiasm for the Theory of Evolution.

Anyway, all the best for Wollongong and Adelaide and all the other places!


Aneesa on 10th of March 2007

Ah, good good. Already done. The former that is… the latter is just too easy.

I hope Danger didnt go cross country skiing whilst he was there…. SO POINTLESS. Skiing without hills…

Kirsty on 10th of March 2007

Aneesa: You have to make him clothes, or have clothes made for him. You have to buy him LOTS of chocolate. When he’s even the slightest bit sick, you have to send him eccinacea and orange juice. You have to travel half the length of the country on four different trains while suffering from a very high fever and chest pains just so you can get to his final tour date. THEN you’re a fan.
Or… you could just go to his shows and buy his merchandise. That works too.

Also… Tim? Buying oxygen? Haha, suckers. I was attached to an oxygen tank for two hours yesterday, and it didn’t cost me a penny. Gawd bless the NHS.

Aneesa on 9th of March 2007

Yes yes yes, well done for winning the award… it was pretty obvious you would anyway…

I want to know EXACTLY how to be a minchy fan. damn it, when are you regulars (kirsty, blake…) going to put me out of this dreadful misery…!

Richard on 8th of March 2007

Tim I feel all this exposure will make you forget about the little people!
(And possibly large people since they also appear to also attend your gigs… and due to being larger and no doubt obstructing more of your view might infact be more memorable, but this is a minor detail.)

And since you aren’t gigging anywhere near my humble abode would you be so kind to make the people at the Post Office send your CDs faster?
They are taking DAYS you see, and this is simply too long.

Well done with this Aspen shadazzle too though. I for one am very jealous of these discount vouchers you preach of.
I’m also very grateful you decided to battle the flu for Colchester. It was very brave. I think you deserve a medal. :)

Caroline Lewis on 7th of March 2007

3- Isn’t it rather dangerous to be reading texts whilst skiing?

Caroline Lewis on 7th of March 2007

1- I didn’t know Dr Who made sunglasses!
2- I like that articles elongated version of the title ‘Canvas Bags’, it sounds like it a bad translation of something into English…

Metalkitten on 7th of March 2007

I hope you took a few minutes out of your ass-kicking comedy schedule to punch a few of the ‘fur-drenched Aspenites’.
Vile, vile humans.

Sarah on 7th of March 2007

Well Done Tim!
I wish I’d known about the tinned oxygen sooner. I would’ve asked you to get me some… I’m running a little low.

Muahahah… I feel special as I know what that d stands for… *braaaag*…

Tim, you should also feel special, cause, I assume that you know what the d stands for…

Love Saaarah

Nicola on 7th of March 2007

What a grand grand ol’ time you had.
Also, in response to your comment in your emailspam of ‘I trust you are all enjoying Lent’, I express to you how enormously difficult it is to sacrifice all beverages but plain water and milk on a 42 degree day, when participating in outdoor ‘team building’ activities and the organiser thanks you all with two cans each of ice cold soft drink. And all you have is half a bottle of lukewarm water. I doubt Jesus participated in team building activities during his 40 days in the desert. Well perhaps.

Kirsty on 7th of March 2007

I bet the D is for Danger.

Blake on 7th of March 2007

woooo! tim got another award! grats mate :)

on to bad news about humanity…. i played 2 friends at uni today Inflatable You…. and they didnt understand, nor find it funny. i spend the second half of the song laughing at them. it is unfortunatley true in most cases: engineers are social rejects.

Curtain on floor on 7th of March 2007

Again, CONGRATS! That review is seriously awesome! Now i might have to like the Yanks…

Hmm, Daniel? Darren? David? … Dick? (heh heh…)

Kirsty on 7th of March 2007

So you DO have a middle name!
This intrigues me. I shall find out more tonight.

Also, congrats and all that.

Little miffed that five people commented before me. I have a good enough excuse, though. Hannah and Cookie and I were off last night watching another of our comedy heros break down and almost burst into tears on stage. It was fun.

Caroline Lewis on 6th of March 2007

TIMOTHY!! I’ve probably said this before, but I’m saying it again (taking after Linzy with the whole repetition vibe)… you must drink/eat lots and lots of fresh pineapple, it does wonders for ones throat. Also camomile tea and anything with lemongrass in it. I’m being serious, it’s what got me through horrible fever of those damn glands! Look after yourself pleeeease!

Anyway, great to read your account of Aspen, shame I didn’t get to give you mine/Paws’s cards *before* but ne’er mind, you did SUPER and I’m very pleased for you. Wish I could get to the Birmingham gig, so near and yet so far, I can’t get a train back afterwards *curses trains*

But hopefully you will be rescheduling the Leeds show…..*crosses fingers*

Linzy on 6th of March 2007

I’ve said it before (twice I think it was) but I’ll say it again (third time lucky right?) congratulations!

Oh, and get well soon. I refuse to let you cancel any more gigs ever!

Lou on 6th of March 2007

You stole the entire festival?! Amazing!! That article/review doodah makes me very, very pleased for you :) I’m so proud! So glad it all went well! And congrats on your award!!! Huzzah. Say hi to Melbourne (especially Trisi!) for me when you’re back there xx

Aston on 6th of March 2007

Congrats on the award, tim! Steaming ahead!

M. on 6th of March 2007

Plus, I don’t imagine you saying

en toda la historia del universo bajo condiciones experimentales razonables

all that quickly, and people understanding you, even less.

Now I’ll read your long comment. I had to make sure I did this stupid thing of being the first, first. Thanks for a little written Tim now and again, for the poor and hungry.


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