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UPRIGHT Season Two

by Shell 14th Nov 2022 | 23 comments

Lucky (Tim) and Meg (Milly Alcock) will hit the open road – and river – once again when the misfit duo are unexpectedly reunited four years after their epic adventure crossing the Nullarbor Plain with a cherished piano. This time they trade the desert for the steamy tropics of Far North Queensland on a mission to find Meg’s mum.

Tim: “We worked so hard on this second season, having to overcome many hurdles on the way. The making of art imitating art, I guess. Things are different in Meg and Lucky’s world, and shit gets even weirder than in season 1, but hopefully it will connect with people in the same way. Ep 8 is another tear-jerker, if jerking tears is your thing. (It is mine!)”

Both Seasons are already available in:

Australia: FOXTEL and BINGE (from Tuesday November 15th, 2022),
UK: Sky Comedy and NOW TV (from Tuesday November 22nd, 2022)
Now available on DVD in the UK too.
Canada: Super Channel Fuse (from Sunday December 18th, 2022) and now on CBC GEM too.
Streaming on Amazon Prime Video channels and Apple TV+.
Flanders, Belgium: Streamz (from Wednesday 18th January, 2023)
USA:  Sundance Now (from Thursday 26th January,2023)
New Zealand:  TVNZ  (from Tuesday February 28th, 2023)
Spain: Filmin
Netherlands: Ziggo

This list is not exhaustive. It’s worth searching for UPRIGHT on streaming services in your country.

UPRIGHT Season One details here.

UPRIGHT is available on DVD in the UK:

UPRIGHT Season 1 – from Amazon, HMV and more.
UPRIGHT Season 2 – from Amazon, HMV and more.
Upright Seasons 1&2 Box Set – from Amazon, HMV and more.

Season Two is directed by Mirrah Foulkes.
Tim: “We were so lucky to have the brilliant Mirrah Foulkes steering the metaphorical tinny up the allegorical creek.”

Tim, the Executive Producer, Lead Writer, and star of UPRIGHT has again written some music for the series, alongside another beautiful score by Jackson Milas and Antony Partos. Tim wrote The Aeroplane which was released earlier this month and Spider Girl which he’s been playing at Australian festivals this year for the series.

The official trailer for the new eight-episode season is not yet available globally but you should be able to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Lucky and Meg here if you’re in Australia and if you’re in the UK and ROW here.

Along with Tim (The Secret RiverCalifornication) and Milly Alcock (House of the Dragon), UPRIGHT features a stellar returning cast including Heather Mitchell (Love Me, Palm Beach), Ella Scott Lynch (Amazing Grace, The Code), Daniel Lapaine (Catastrophe, Five Bedrooms), Daniel Frederiksen (The Dry, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and Asmara Feik (The True History of the Kelly Gang, The Listies Work for Peanuts). Joining the cast for season two are Australian icon Noni Hazlehurst (June Again, A Place To Call Home), Jessica McNamee (Mortal Kombat, Packed to the Rafters), Hayley McElhinney (Mystery Road: Origin, Doctor Doctor), Darren Gilshenan (How To Stay Married, Stateless), Tom Budge (Gallipoli, Judy & Punch), Anita Hegh (Total Control, Janet King), Travis Cotton (New Gold Mountain, Neighbours) and Nicholas Brown (The Unlisted).

More about UPRIGHT Season One here.

UPRIGHT is a Lingo Pictures production for FOXTEL and Sky UK

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Christian Valentiner on 31st of January 2024

How can I watch Upright in Norway? I can’t find a streaming service or where to purchase.

Paul Victor on 9th of March 2023

Mr. Minchin,

I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of Upright! The last episode of season 2 was funny and touching and i was very much hoping everything worked out for Lucky! It is a brilliant series that made me laugh and cry and make want to be a good person like Lucky. The whole cast was brilliant and brought your story to life perfectly! Thank you so much for doing what you do!

A fan for life,

Paul Victor
King, NC, USA

Lynn on 13th of February 2023

US fans – Upright (both seasons) are on Sundance Now. (You can do the ‘seven days free’ thing, but I promise you will want to watch this more than once, so you may as well subscribe.)

Rmental on 12th of January 2023

I really hope this will be available soon in Germany. Loved Season 1. Already watched it twice. Sadly, even Season 1 is not available anymore on any streaming sites. I can only order it as DVD from Amazon UK.

Heather on 6th of January 2023

Any update for Upright Season 2 in the U.S.? I’m having to limit my consumption of Tim Minchin social media to avoid spoilers and that makes me sad.

Gerhard on 18th of December 2022

I signed up for Binge streaming service specifically to watch Upright.
I have seen season 1 on some long haul flight and re-watched it over 2 days here in Australia.
Season 2 doesn’t disappoint either. It’s fabulous
And THAT song at the very end!!! OMG!

Shell on 25th of November 2022

Hi Mike,
It’s called The Aeroplane and Tim released it a few weeks ago. Details here:https://www.timminchin.com/2022/11/04/the-aeroplane-is-out-now/
Shell x

Mike Goodmsn on 24th of November 2022

Another fantastic series, binged the whole thing on a cold rainy day in Brighton (UK). Lovely ending. Where can you get that song you sang at the end, I will fly to you?

Matthew Croyle on 22nd of November 2022

Bravo, Tim. The writing is absolutely fantastic. Meg and Lucky are my favorite on-screen duo ever. Milly is a treasure. You should be extremely proud. Props to the entire cast and crew.

Rich Seidner on 18th of November 2022

I loved series 2 of Upright, and had a good cry at the end.

I’m a 76-year old softie, living in California.

Thanks to Tim & Milly and the gang …

Jackie Salas on 16th of November 2022

Watching Season 1 for at least the 4th time right now, on Sundance Now. Hope to see Season 2 on there as well. Love your work! Also, I saw the trailer for a movie you were in. Something about the dark side of Australian history with aboriginal people, I believe? Can’t find it anywhere (in the US). Help, please! It looked great!

Elizabeth Hazell on 16th of November 2022

I am looking forward to the second season. I hope that Sundance Now picks it up, to air in the USA. I recently re-watched Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video. Please let us know where it will air, in the USA. I loved Upright, Season One.

Dion on 15th of November 2022

I hope Upright will make its way to more European countries soon!! I’ve had to import the first season on DVD… I really want to see the sequel!

carmela on 15th of November 2022

here’s to hoping s2 comes to canada!

Laura Sheehan on 15th of November 2022

Impatiently waiting for it in the US. :)

Clint Lovell on 15th of November 2022

Binged it in one night. Excellent. We loved the whole story and the ending was just wonderful.
Thank you Tim

Benny on 15th of November 2022

So good 😊

Kim on 15th of November 2022

Where can we watch it NZ? Or if we have a VPN can we watch it too?

Gem on 15th of November 2022

Where can we see the new season in NZ? (Season 1 currently available)

Bridget Jo Brown on 15th of November 2022

Please let us know when it airs in the usa. I’m in Washington state and a huge fan of Tim. 💚

Lori O’Shaughnessy on 15th of November 2022

Hoping for Season 2 Upright will show on, at least, Sundance. Please, Please, Please!!!!

Amy on 14th of November 2022

Yes, can’t wait to hear about US air dates!

Cathey on 14th of November 2022

There are many fans of your work in the USA. Or if there is a chance for us to see it please let us know! We love to first season.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.