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Shop FAQ

I’ve got a problem with a delivery – who can I speak to?

There is customer service in the US, Australia and the UK. Go to the contact page and you’ll find the correct details there. They will be happy to help.

Why no DVDs in the US store?

We haven’t released any DVDs in the US yet – so there’s none available in NTSC format. You can however buy them from one of the other stores – they will ship them internationally to you, happily. And you should be able to watch them on a computer using VLC media player. If you do that, place a separate order (ie don’t try to combine products from the different shops into one order – you will confuse the computer).

I live in New Guinea, or Ecuador – I’m panicking. Where’s my shop?

It’s fine, pick the nearest continent and use that one’s shop (ie New Guinea uses Australasia, Ecuador uses North America). They’ll get it to you.

I am very much liking to buy a Tim Minchin wrist protector – can you make me one?

You are a Tim Minchin Wrist Protector.

No really, can we suggest products?

Sure, definitely. Use the contact form, or chat about it on the Angry Feet forum. If it’s a good idea, suitably ethical, and liked by many, it may well make its way into the shop.