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In October 2008 Tim worked with Animator Martin White to create this video for “If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)” for the forthcoming series of ITV’s ‘Comedy Cuts’.
Director: Fergus March
Director of Photography: Tim Jordan
Producer: Rohan Acharya

Heroically, in the interests of art Tim sat naked* in a space craft and sang about proof, rationalism and his wife, giving rise to the alternate title for the piece: “I will give you my piano, one of my legs and [most of] my clothes”

The song was first recorded in 2006 for the album ‘So Rock’.

* Please note Tim was not actually naked in this video.

…he was wearing an underbust corset and the mystery is: What colour was it?…

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Suzy on 23rd of January 2014

I picture white with black detail whenever I think about Tim in a corset. Hmmm.

John Ledbury on 5th of September 2010

Well I did! When my dog got lost I cast a (horary) horoscope and predicted he would return by 7pm, which he did!

btw saw your show on Channel 4 (in England) last week – you’re the best thing since Tom Lehrer!

Bart on 14th of August 2010

Oh, I’ve just conducted a scientific experiment which was supposed to make hydrogen gas from water without the help of electrolysis, but it proved the existence of God instead. I know, I’m just as surprised as God was when he ended up in my test tube. Any who, want to come over, just to verify, I mean I don’t know how long I can keep God in the tube, because I’m claiming the leg only, keep your piano and wife.

Manda on 22nd of July 2010


John Lehmann on 21st of July 2010

I honestly miss the whacky smile and arm thrust at the end when Tim says “and my wife!” I loved how it emphasized how facetious and corny the bit is, especially in contrast to how well constructed the build up of the whole joke is. Still… I like the idea of Tim’s head being in the clouds in such a perceivable way… I just saw Tim Minchin for the first time last night, and as soon as possible I am buying all of it. Tim, if you ever read this, you are as brilliant as Pratchett in musical form. I wish I wrote comedy half as good as you.

ren on 20th of July 2010

sparkly of course o_O

alina on 18th of July 2010

i love ur songs

Faryn Black on 17th of July 2010

Brit was close. The thong and corset were not simply salmon coloured, but made of actual salmon. ‘Inside sources’ say Tim found the wriggling “curiously pleasant”.

Caeryn on 17th of July 2010

Got to say great vid, and for colour would vote for black :)

Matt on 17th of July 2010

Salmon Pink with Mint frilly bits

yvonne on 17th of July 2010

pure brilliance!

jolene on 17th of July 2010

Tim keeps his piano, legs and wife, thats the point !!
his is always right to the point… right right right
stir up every Storm Tim, I love you for it!!

Orphia Nay on 17th of July 2010

Well, I don’t like that he ends up without his piano and his leg.
But I wouldn’t have minded if we’d seen him without all of his clothes!

April on 17th of July 2010

LOL! brilliant!

Helen Sumner on 17th of July 2010

Very interesting start !! Very quirky..I love it..

Raehub on 17th of July 2010


Robin Eccles on 17th of July 2010

Did you have lace between your buns?

jane mulvey on 17th of July 2010

brilliant lyrics, ‘arty’ video – so tim minchin

Andrea on 16th of July 2010

It was black and on the front it was written in red : Storm with small italic lettters below: Sagittarius.

Tracey/rm on 16th of July 2010

I reckon the hypothetical underbust corset is white with ruffles, just like that shirt.

Put some clothes on you slut.

Aimee B on 16th of July 2010

Love the video.
I vote red with black trim.

Brit on 16th of July 2010

No corsets. It was definitely a thong. And if there was a corset it would be salmon colored like the thong…it was also salmon.

Jessica Henry on 16th of July 2010

i reckon the corset is teal ^_^

moonie mave on 16th of July 2010

Deep purple, fuschia pink lace trim and ribbon ties, detachable stocking attachments, gingerbread men embroidery details. Lush!
lovin’ the vid xx

Megs on 16th of July 2010

I say rainbow!! As in, lots of colours. :)

Di on 16th of July 2010

There was no underbust corset involved. Tim was naked, at very least from the waist up …

Diane on 16th of July 2010

White, like Jesus would wear.

Shelbyevil on 16th of July 2010

i say Red :)

Livi Pearce on 16th of July 2010

Haha, I have always loved this song :) Oh Tim; you genius, you.
I am also enjoying the illusion of nakedness in a spaceship.
P.s. I reckon yellow

Caroline Hines on 16th of July 2010

Definitely topless. Cool Video, Thanks

Olana on 16th of July 2010

Everyone knows that to fly in space you have to be naked, it’s like rowers who row across the Atlantic, or people with hypothermia who need to get warm real quick. It’s science, ask Prof Brain Cox he’ll tell you it’s true.
Either Tim was naked, or this video is a total fabrication and he wasn’t really in space.. we’ll let the viewers decide if the Emperor has no clothes or not?
p.s I vote green

Ali on 16th of July 2010

Naked Tim……mmmmm….nice!

Cherry on 16th of July 2010

C’mon guys, he’s naked :)

Roz on 16th of July 2010

It’s all a lie……he’s NAKED! Swoooooooooooooooon

Me on 16th of July 2010

Sky blue pink :)

Emily on 16th of July 2010


carrie W on 16th of July 2010

Given that he’s a ginger like me, I would say some pasty pale pinkish color.

Will on 16th of July 2010

Pearly White.

AngelM16 on 16th of July 2010

Silver. What other colour would a singing spaceman wear?!

Morgan on 16th of July 2010

Some shade of green, I think.

Amanda on 16th of July 2010

Goldenrod. Its kinda pink only it sounds ruder…

burnsywurnsy on 16th of July 2010

Ginger ?

DC on 16th of July 2010

Aquamarine would bring out his eyes beautifully… *gazes into the middle distance*

Soph on 16th of July 2010

See, I’d say more of a very bright purple. A bit like the site, incidentally! And possibly fluffy edging stuff.

Tilly (TC) on 16th of July 2010

Pink. With sparkles.

Rosemary Dexter on 16th of July 2010

Thanks Tim, enjoyed that.great little song, love it. and the colour of your corset, let me think…………flesh colour I would say. x

Liza (wickedlibrarian) on 16th of July 2010


Joseph Gordon Levitt on 16th of July 2010


Ange107 on 16th of July 2010

I LOVE this!

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