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Tomorrow evening Tim and Alexei Sayle join Dave Gorman on Genius to discuss and try out various inventions and schemes pitched by members of the studio audience.

To whet your appetites, here’s the preview clip: Alexei Sayle dances, whilst Tim jams with ‘John’ who is demonstrating ‘harmonica dentures’…what else?

Apologies to those outside the UK who may not be able to view this clip because it is via the BBC.

So that’s:
Genius with Dave Gorman
Monday 25 October
10:00pm – 10:30pm
Do check for regional differences and the programme will be available on BBC iPlayer, here, shortly after it airs.

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Michael Kirby on 4th of November 2010

Tim IS a genius so its only right that he appeared on the show of the same name! for anyone who isnt that familiar with him id suggest you get on youtube and see his full repertoire of songs! in an age of talentless musicians its so refreshing that someone like Minchin is emerging to the forefront of celebrity!

jojo on 1st of November 2010

LOVED IT XXXXX cant wait to see you on buzzcocks again still acnt afford to see you live so tv will have to do lmao xxx

lid on 31st of October 2010

you are amazingly funny, it was a great show

Lolly on 29th of October 2010

… genuis!!! hehe

Piskey on 28th of October 2010

Tim is also on tv on November 11th
As guest presenter on never mind the buzzcocks!!!

Can’t wait

michelle on 25th of October 2010

phucking hilarious… (sigh and wipe the tear away)

Kathy on 25th of October 2010

What a truely wonderful surprise tonight. Didn’t know you were on one of my favourite programmes until I saw you there!
I was dragged to your show in Norwich by my eighteen year old daughter, feeling slightly out of place. But I was bowled over by your gig and I’m rather embarrased to admit that I am now a bit of a fan (never been one before in all my years-not even a Donny Osmond or David Cassidy in my youth).

Claire on 24th of October 2010

Isn’t that The Professor? ROFL! I hope he has kept the dentures for future use.

michelle on 24th of October 2010

excellent. am on edge of seat in anticipation……

catt on 24th of October 2010

how freakkkkkyy!

Ellen paaal on 24th of October 2010

Lol’d. and yes, i am really cool.

Kat on 24th of October 2010

:-) well happy!!x

Patrick Spelman on 24th of October 2010

this is just beautiful look at john go

Gemma on 24th of October 2010


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