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So, it turns out that Tim’s going to be on Australian television this weekend as well as UK TV.

On Sunday, at 8pm, Tim will be appearing on the panel show ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation on Ten, alongside Chrissie Amphlett and Brooke Satchwell.

After his recent appearance on Good News Week, you’ll know that you won’t want to be missing this!

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Jackie on 27th of March 2010

Well just got my mum into Tim, she asked me just last week does he appear on comedy TV shows. I say no, i don’t think he is into that kind of thing. Well bugger me here he is Sunday night telly. Can’t wait!

Sarah on 25th of March 2010

Yay!! That’ll be fun to watch!

Nyx on 24th of March 2010

ok ignore that message i just read it on the forum, sorry!

Nyx on 24th of March 2010

When’s he on in the uk? my friends are asking me and i can’t enlighten them….

Ren on 24th of March 2010

can’t wait!! global domination Tim! F**kya! ;]

Jessics on 24th of March 2010

TAYG is an awesome show, and I’m totally excited for Tim to be on it. *__*

Elkin on 24th of March 2010

On what channel will it be broadcast?

Tracey/rm on 24th of March 2010

To the you tube mobile, well in a few days.

Alison on 24th of March 2010

I can’t wait to watch it!

Hannah on 24th of March 2010

Excellent news!

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