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New UK tour merch added!

by Linzy 11th Dec 2010 | 6 comments

A new tour means new merch! If you’re in the UK, you can now order the new merchandise online. If you missed out at the show, you’ve got no excuse now!

Products include a large selection of new t-shirts, a hoodie, badges, yes, a canvas bag, a mug and, the perfect stocking filler for your aunt, a tea towel.

To get a look at what’s on offer, click through to the shop page and take a gander to see what tempts you!

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Robyn on 20th of December 2010

I have the “I am so f**king rock” t-shirt and “Rock ‘n’ roll Nerd” hoodie!! Bought from the gig on Friday in Manchester!! They’re great – the hoodie is really fluffy and warm!! I shall wear it every day :D

Pip Spicer on 19th of December 2010

I went to the show and it stated on a poster that the CD could be bought online – but I cannot see it for sale anywhere! I have the DVD but want the CD as well!

Matt on 17th of December 2010

Digital download, where?, when? The show was excellent on Tuesday but my wife was too sick to join us and really wants to hear the show.

Amy L on 15th of December 2010

Getting a T-shirt with your face on it for Christmas :)
Be afraid, very afraid

James on 14th of December 2010

I can finally dry my bowls with Tim.

Yvette on 11th of December 2010

This is good in theory as there was no merch available at the show I went to (Birmingham) but unfortunately the Firebrand site isn’t letting me complete payment through PayPal (after several attempts) so I still won’t be buying any. Shame, someone needs to sort it out.

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