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Another year and another set of Chortle Award nominations, only this time Tim’s up for three, which is more than any of the other nominees!

He’s up for ‘Best Tour‘ with his orchestra show, ‘Best DVD‘ with ‘Ready For This?’ and, once again, ‘Best Musical/Variety Act

Last year, Tim had a 100% success rate, being nominated for, and subsequently winning, the ‘Best Musical/Variety Act Award’. Can he do it again this year? Well that’s all up to you, the lovely public! Voting is open now until 5pm on Sunday 16th January.

You’re still here? Oh, you want a link? Well then click here to vote!

(don’t forget, you don’t have to vote for Tim, just if you’re that way inclined)

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Ian on 21st of January 2011

Hey. I think your fantastic. your a laugh. i read comments on youtube. some people say your music tries to change peoples views on thing and swing in on your opinion. Is that your aim? like is what you sing or say, is what you want other people to believe?
people are taking everything you say to heart.

Kelvin on 8th of January 2011

You have my vote! Only saw Tim for the first time earlier this year (I know, where have I been!) and he his fantastic!

So Brilliant and inspirational, Ive even got my old keyboard out and blew the dust off it!

Bill Felton on 8th of January 2011

I would love to see a remake of some Tom Lehrer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f72CTDe4-0&feature=related

Claire Hughes on 7th of January 2011

Placed my votes :-) can’t wait to see you win xxx

carol on 7th of January 2011

yippeeeeee!!!! all voted x

Ella Griffiths on 7th of January 2011

Voted in all categories! You deserve all 3! xxx

Tina on 7th of January 2011

Just done my 3 Tim votes :)

Cathy on 7th of January 2011

just voted … in the words of Darkside, “yippeeeeee!!!”

Sarah Edwards on 7th of January 2011

Voted for you in all 3 categories, despite tough competition of Bill Bailey and Dara O’Briain. Hope you win. x

Joanne on 7th of January 2011

Voted done! :o) good luck x

jake on 7th of January 2011

just voted for you in all 3 Tim, good luck!

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