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The Royal Shakespeare Company have confirmed that their world premiere production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, A Musical, is to transfer to London’s West End in autumn 2011, for an open-ended run.

Tickets will go on sale in May when further exciting details of the venue, performance dates and casting will also be announced.

In case any of you have yet to notice the pretty tab at the top of the page we’d like to point you to the sparkly new Matilda page on this very website. It will give you the the story so far as well as videos and handy links, including to the dedicated Matilda, A Musical website where you can sign up for future news directly from the RSC and to the Matilda sub-forum on Tim’s official fansite if you’re keen and a little bit naughty…

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Georgia on 25th of October 2011

This musical changed my life!! I’m totally obsessed – have seen it 2 times in Stratford and London!! love it!! I also know all 17 songs! I have the cd and met u the other night!! You are a great guy!! This musical will stay forever!!

Georgia on 25th of October 2011

Saw it first night in stratford and last night at dress rehersal

Justine Fresher on 16th of September 2011

Coming to the UK from PERTH, W.Australia checked out video of your stage play and it looks fantastic! My sons are very excited as have read all the Roald Dahl books and particularly both love Matilda and the movie! (infact they call me Mrs trungball) Nice I know. Only in uk short time 1st to 23rd Oct. Tried to get tickets from 18th to 22nd (seems all booked out)! Is there anyway I can get tickets for any of the above dates or is it still running at any other theatres! Please help!!

Jim Stuks on 19th of August 2011

Really quite excited about this in the West End, definitely has potential to be a long runner.

Tim Minchin · Matilda transfers to the London West End | Whats Hot on 15th of May 2011

[…] Tim Minchin · Matilda transfers to the London West End […]

Helen Elcock on 7th of May 2011

Is audition still active for this musical?

Alistair Clark on 14th of April 2011

We are glad to see RSC doing work other than only Shakespeare and feel you should take more productions on tour to Manchester !

Rob on 7th of April 2011

great news – can I audition for Miss Trunchbull?

Lotti B on 2nd of April 2011

Wonderful news! Was lucky enough to be at the first preview night las November, and had a fabulous time – can’t wait to see the show again and I urge everyone to do the same!

Lou on 31st of March 2011

Yay for this!!! I’ve had my fingers crossed for this since I saw the show in January – bit worried about the circulation actually, but the news of a west end transfer more than makes up for the loss of a couple of digits.

granmagrace on 31st of March 2011

Great, 3 generations of us loved this in stratford in the snow.
First class reminding this granma of the pleasure seeing Joseph and the Technecolour Dreamcoat many years ago with family.

Katie B on 31st of March 2011

Fantastic and so well deserved. Worked the show for the RSC and can’t wait to see it as a theatre patron. Thanks for a wonderful production all.

janet hardy on 31st of March 2011

Saw it twice at Stratford, both superb evenings! Will be booking for London

Jo Dean on 31st of March 2011

We saw it twice! Loved it so much during the previews, we had to travel ‘oop north’ to see it again. And we paid full price the second time. It is a genius of a musical. Desperate for the CD! When is it coming?? Well done Tim. All the best to you

Chris on 31st of March 2011

Fantastic. We saw Matilda between Christmas & New Year, and it is the best experience at the theatre I think I’ve ever had, or ever will have. Brilliantly staged, wonderful music, amazing performances, terrific script & songs. It deserves to run and run and run…

I wrote a review on my blog in case anyone needs any more convincing… http://wp.me/pwAYF-kg

Rosie Shields on 31st of March 2011

just seen this on twitter.
i am so excited seeing the show 3 times and buying friends tickets just so i could watch it again was worth it. i cant wait for it to come to the west end. i hope the origonal set is used as much as possible =D. so happy for you WELL DONE . xxxxxx

Elaine (elainepixie) on 30th of March 2011

Fantastic news! Seeing it four times was never going to be enough… ;-)

Jill Thwaites on 30th of March 2011

So well deserved. It was superb in Stratford; a fantastic show -Tim, you’re a genius!

Hannah on 30th of March 2011

Great news!! Such a brilliant show- I can see it again!!

Tomas Wolstenholme on 30th of March 2011

Fantastic!! I really wanted to see this but never got a chance!

I have high hopes for what I’ve heard to be an incredible show.


Archie & Coco on 30th of March 2011

Congratulations – does that mean that a cd will be out soon? We often still sing My Dad says I’m a da da da da or When I get old…….but we want to hear the songs in full again….soon…..

Katie on 30th of March 2011

And I saw it for a fiver!! Thrilled for you, Tim :)

melanie (still cracked windscreen) preston on 30th of March 2011

No idea why I feel so proud to read this news, but there it is, I do. Many congrats Tim, your talent deserves this.

Em on 30th of March 2011

We saw it in Stratford and both my daughter and I loved every minute. I can’t recommend it enough- GO!

Jenny on 30th of March 2011

wowowowowow fantastic!! I will go again to see it down there!!!!

Lee on 30th of March 2011


Suse on 30th of March 2011

Fantastic news.
West End here I come!

David on 30th of March 2011

AWESOME NEWS!!! If only I lived on the other side of the Atlantic… perhaps it’s time to take a vacation.

Pip on 30th of March 2011

Congratulations to all concerned. Can’t wait to go and see it. -x-

hayles77 on 30th of March 2011

WoooHoooooo!! Very very pleased for everyone involved. Can’t wait to see it again! :)

Sarah on 30th of March 2011

Yay! This is very well deserved, I saw the show in Stratford and ’twas fantastic! Well done!

Lingy on 30th of March 2011

AAAHHHH OMG!!! Amazing news. Cannot wait to see it again! xxxxxxxxx

Lynne on 30th of March 2011

Saw it in Stratford and will be trying for tickets in London too – fantastic show

Kate W on 30th of March 2011

That’s great news – I can’t wait to see it again! And vicariously pleased for all the people who couldn’t make it to Stratford.

Hannah on 30th of March 2011

Actually made me scream at my computer screen! I was so annoyed to miss it in Stratford

Alex callaghan on 30th of March 2011

Your music deserves to be shown in one of the greatest areas of the musical theatre world. You’re literally the best composer and inspiring lyricist ever. Congrats! You’re so [email protected] rock!

Cathy (traineeflorist) on 30th of March 2011


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