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So last Sunday’s live broadcast of Tim Minchin vs the SSO was marred by gremlins in the speakers (no, not Gizmo; he wouldn’t hurt a fly and besides, he’s a mogwai) – a more technical explanation of which can be found here along with an apology from the ABC for the problems.

Well, the good news is that it will be broadcast again this Sunday; same time and same place as last time (8:30pm, ABC2). This time, though, they’ve rounded up the Stripe and his gang and are holding them in cages so that this showing will go out glitch-free!

The call for inviting your elderly relatives over to watch this still stands. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it more now that they’ll be able to hear Tim!

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Veeki Hope Zormax on 25th of April 2011

Oh my god, I love him! The stuffed transmission was so grrr! I had been looking forward to watching it for weeks! Then it got screwed… And then they replayed it and I was sooo happy! Tim… Beauty, Not Perfect, White wine in the sun… You make me cry! So Incredible! And thanks for the Pope song!!! I was like, OH MY GOD!!!! THAT’S HOW I FEEL!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Danielle on 6th of April 2011

So glad I got to see this – was afraid we poor, Minchinally-challenged Americans would have to wait years. I am baffled by Australian television censorship, though… He could say “f*ck” (or “f**k,” har har), but not “c*nt”?

Yvonne on 5th of April 2011

Wonderfully subversive. I want more. Please, please put on DVD.

Yvonne Torn-Broers on 5th of April 2011

Wonderfully subversive. I want more. Please, please put on a DVD.

D Lumsden on 4th of April 2011

Devastated we weren’t able to see this as it sounds fantastic. I’ve been a massive fan of Tim’s work for years, but not everyone is able to have digital TV.

Don’t understand why it was relegated to ABC2 instead of ABC1 anyway. Phoned the ABC to ask if it would be repeated on ABC1 or at least uploaded to iView, but nobody there was able to definitively answer.

frank on 4th of April 2011

When will Tim release a best of album. (what goes on it is controversial no doubt)
White wine in the sun
Not perfect
Thank you God-Sam’s Mum
The Good Book
Happy Little Africuns
Fuch the poor
If I didn’t have you
You grew on me
and other gems………………………

margaret moate on 4th of April 2011

Brilliant x too many times. Who else is able to make you laugh, cry and think all at once. Tim is a much deeper thinker that he would like us to believe. Could keep saying nice things but I’ll just stop with, “please keep the good times coming”.

ScottyA on 4th of April 2011

Saw the concert live at the Opera House and again last night and I will never be able to listen to Not Perfect again…….unless it has full symphony with it!! Fantastic!

Sean McKellar on 4th of April 2011

Stuff a DVD – I want this on Blu-ray!

Sue Norman, Claremont WA on 4th of April 2011

Thankyou for the broadcast Tim, the energy, vitality and compassion in the verse was a real eye opener, to someone who has not attended one of your concerts, or does not own any of your music. Having a daughter who is a percussionist, and who has performed with many orchestra situations, but who is now freelance and teaches, it was a pleasure to observe the brilliant percussive footage during the footage with the SSO. Go percussion, I say! Thanks again, for a “free” concert, in my loungeroom. I admire your ‘mind’, and braveness of honesty! Music binds it all together, as only music can.

Sarah on 4th of April 2011

I went to the Opera House show last week and loved it so much I watched it all over again on TV last night. Such a brilliant blend of humour and humanity. And rage insightfully aimed exactly where it should be. Bravo Tim Minchin, bravo.

julesz on 4th of April 2011

am now a massive fan, along with hubby dearest…..
loved the first live sso show on abc 2 (except the audio)
hung around to watch it delayed then the rise and rise of tim
then watched the replay last night
and still laughed and laughed

Faye on 3rd of April 2011

whilst being caught up in being a mum of three and trapped in the realm of wiggles barbie and clone wars i actually found something on the box that had me glued to the seat thank you Tim for an experience i will remember for a long time and for reminding me that there are normal people out there in that big world of ours.

JayVee on 3rd of April 2011

What a brilliant show that was – with our without bugs…
Please release it on DVD so we can relive that phenomenal experience….

Dwayne Bakewell on 3rd of April 2011

BTW, a DVD release would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to own this

Dwayne Bakewell on 3rd of April 2011

The show was fucking awesome. I’m only a new fan of Tim but I enjoyed it very much. Very talented and very witty. I LOVE that he played the Pope Song too, definately my favourite!!

Jo on 3rd of April 2011

PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE can you screen this on IVIEW. There are so many people I would like to tell to watch it again and again. Brilliant.

Jo on 3rd of April 2011

Damn – missed last week. I watched tonight and Tim’s show was absolutely brilliant. I especially loved his first encore – nice to know no-one’s perfect…. And SSO percussionist was fantastic!!!

Andrea on 3rd of April 2011

What a sensational night … Thanks Tim for tonight’s replay. Missed last week so more than alittle (immensely) happy to see your show tonight. Come back soon so that i can get a look at you ‘live’ next time.

Seano on 3rd of April 2011

Tim first time ive seen your show it was freakin awesome cant wait till you come to melbourne ill be there!!

Gary McDonald on 3rd of April 2011

Saw the first live version and was put off by the audio.. Caught the replay tonight… An amazing show by an an extreamly tallented man… Congrats. Loved it.

louise on 3rd of April 2011

Excellent, thanks Tim! MSO show was awesome, glad tonights replay was gremlin free. Now we know the ‘word’ abc asked u to omit; ‘murderous creeps’! Love ur work, come home again soon xx

OpulentDingo on 3rd of April 2011

Just watched Tim vs SSO on ABC2… kind of by accident… ‘Who is this guy?’ I was thinking… ‘Bare feet and mascara and threatening to send your kid back to the slum orphanage…?’ …sorry – that’s probably some kind of heresy on the guys own website… anyhow – I watched the rest of the show, and yeah well, Mr Minchin turns out to be a bit of a comic genius… as a new dad ‘Lullaby’ had me grinning and squirming at the same time. Brilliant – wish I’d seen the show live. Maybe next time…

louise on 3rd of April 2011

Excellent, thanks Tim! MSO show was awesome, glad tonights replay was gremlin free. Now we know the ‘word’ abc asked u to omit; ‘murderous creeps’! Love ur work always, come home again soon xx

Shevaun Pavlides on 3rd of April 2011

absolutely fantastic – I have to see him in concert!!!!

Linzy on 3rd of April 2011

Yep, should be out by the end of the year. The CD’s available now in Australia, from all good record stores.

Michael on 3rd of April 2011

Any talk of this going to DVD?

Sandra Thompson on 3rd of April 2011

I just have to have the DVD (for the elderly relatives) well done!

David on 3rd of April 2011

He is the spirit of life – brought me right out of my depression : )

Jasmine on 3rd of April 2011

I haven’t laughed so hard at comedy songs since Monty Python. Definately puts Tripod in the shade in terms of hilarity factor.

Zoe on 3rd of April 2011

Grr, I can’t watch it because I don’t have a set top box =(

jade on 2nd of April 2011

is it possible to put it on a channel that people without a set top box can watch ?

Hutcho on 1st of April 2011

They did play the Pope Song…so they should. Church would love to hide that stuff, but good ole Tim won’t let them. Thanks for getting sorted out so soon with ABC. Like Bob I saw Brisbane show and as can’t find anything on youtube yet, was begging for more so devastated when audio probs kicked in. Anyway, can’t wait for Sunday :)

maxx on 1st of April 2011

I was in the audience on sunday night. Tim was amazing! It’s a shame that the telecast was screwed up so badly. everyone should have the chance to see it. and maybe even me haha.

Rick on 31st of March 2011

I wish I could migrate to Austrailia for the weekend. If this was up for download here I’d probably buy it. If people don’t want spoilers, then surely they could just avoid the link.

Haidee on 31st of March 2011

Did they really play The Pope Song on Australian TV?

Uh-Oh on 31st of March 2011

Was that a deliberate ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during “Cheese”…??

robert on 31st of March 2011

I took my partner and my two sisters to the concert for my sisters 50th birthday,the best concert i have been to in years would pay to go to see tim live again we were up the back behind the SSO it was the most amazing thing to watch,and will relive this most fantastic performance again from the other side. I just hope you put it on dvd.

Jenny on 31st of March 2011

Please, please, please, make the DVD available in the states! Even if it’s just a download. I am fucking begging you.

Bob W on 31st of March 2011

It was appalling, a real shame. I saw the Brisbane show and wanted more but gave up in disgust after about 10 minutes of the TV show,.

Jade on 31st of March 2011

Thank you baby Jesus. :D

James on 31st of March 2011

Not even included on the ABC’s online program guide. Are we talking about a repeat on 3rd April?

Jess mossyrock on 31st of March 2011

I’m glad it’ll be replayed. I was so looking forward to seeing it again. Now I get to look forward to it again.

Tim will most probably be bringing out a DVD of this show. He’d be mad not to. The CD of it is brilliant and from what I saw, selling quite well. A DVD would only be more popular. However, this is mere speculation.

James on 31st of March 2011

Not mentioned in today’s Green Guide, foxtel EPG or tv EPG. I do hope it will be on.

Stephanie Clark on 31st of March 2011

A dvd that can be played in the US would be wonderful. Hopefully the show will be played on the internet soon so we can see it, too. It’s tough to get viewings in Missouri.

Fiona on 31st of March 2011

Just went to set this up to record on IQ and it’s not on there! Want to pull your finger out soon ABC2? Grrrrr!

Stiks on 31st of March 2011

shame it hasn’t also appeared on iView where ABC also puts other ABC2programming for us non-TV owners!
love ya work Tim – eva since brisbane powerhouse how many years ago!

kayleigh on 31st of March 2011

YayYayYayYayYay!!!!! I can’t wait :)

mickwah on 31st of March 2011

Fantastic news guys! I was lucky enough to catch the show in Melbs after a mate flicked me a link to ‘Storm’ a couple of months earlier. If Tim had a large tax exempt institution I’d get out of bed on Sunday to have an ear filled…. Words can’t describe how effortlessly he untangles religion. Well impressed with the honesty of your work Tim, well impressed.

Lesley on 31st of March 2011

Great news that ABC2 will screen Tim Minchin vs SSO this Sunday. Saw the Melbourne concert and loved it. Have downloaded songs from iTunes and listening loudly in the car.

Kerry on 31st of March 2011

but my TV is fucked because i through stuff at it last sunday nigth at approx 8.45 pm……abc mofos

Kae on 31st of March 2011

Great news looking forward to it!

Jess on 31st of March 2011

F*** the [email protected]*$rs at ABC I say! Very happy to hear that they’ve made an apology and are re-airing the show :)

Mike on 31st of March 2011

any plans to show anything over here in England any time soon? they keep repeating the ‘so rock’ gig but thats it! on a seperate note i am so gay for you tim which is perplexing as im a straight guy?

Kathy on 31st of March 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy :) You f*cking ripper! Luv ya work you beautiful, beautiful man xo

Paula on 31st of March 2011

Will the docco be replayed too…???

Sarah on 31st of March 2011

We went to the T v ASO and told all our friends to watch v SSO, only to have most of them turn off 15mins in.
I shall now start hassling them again!

Disappointing ABC2!!

nathan on 31st of March 2011

Missed the first showing and was soo soo sad, glad to see i get a 2nd chance to see it :)

Just cant wait for a dvd of this one too :)

Michelle on 31st of March 2011

These things happen… Glad it’s being re-aired.

Loved seeing it live in Perth but it’ll be great to see a different orchestra!

*Thumbs up*

David Walker on 31st of March 2011

Awesome, that’s great news. I saw the show in Adelaide and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to see it again without the gremlins.

Shaun on 31st of March 2011


Eloise on 31st of March 2011

I’m glad to see that ABC is pulling its socks up – I would have hated to miss such a spectacular show (despite the fact I’ve already seen it live in Melbourne, it’s that good). It was such a pity to see my elderly (and religious) relatives scoot off back to ol’New Zealand before hearing ‘The Pope Song’, although I think I probably missed out on a lot of awkward silences amidst Tim’s obscene language.

Adrian Bennett on 31st of March 2011

Thank you and the entire team (and ABC2) for organising this. I’m really looking forward to re-visiting the concert and enjoying The Pope once more!

Ash on 31st of March 2011

Very much looking forward to it. Again. Again.

Peta on 31st of March 2011

Excellent! I hoped to get a chance to see the first half :)

kerrie foster on 31st of March 2011

i will soo be tuning in to watch it. i was anticipating this show, so am a huge fan, have the dvds yet to see live, sorry to tim that this was out of his control, what i heard i enjoyed and i felt a tad sorry for tim that the fans in tv land couldnt hear a lot of this. bring on the dvd mr minchin i have it on my to buy list.
btw white wine in the sun is my favourite lol

Alanna :-)) on 31st of March 2011

yayyyy! i was so disappointed last Sunday!! can’t get enough of Tim lately!!

zornna on 31st of March 2011

please please please please please is there any chance this will be shown in the uk or online?

paul on 31st of March 2011

any way we could watch it in the UK?

Panda on 31st of March 2011

Yes agreed .. would love to have the show in DVD :) !!

Antonio on 31st of March 2011

Yay – was trying to watch it to wind down last sunday, and the audio just ended up making me more irritated – I’m so looking forward to seeing the proper verson

AJ on 31st of March 2011

Thank you so much i missed the first half now i can watch it fully :)

leonie on 31st of March 2011

Now those of us who were in attendance at the show will have the chance to re-live that fantastic night again. Haha.

It should also definitely be brought out on dvd :).

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