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If you live in or near Seattle, WA, USA, here’s the heads-up that Tim will be splashing down in person, possibly in a smart waistcoat and certainly with a piano and hair teased into utter confusion, at The Neptune Theatre on 24th June 2011.

Tickets go on general sale on Friday 8th April, 8PM PDT and you’ll find further information and ticket purchase opportunities here.

OR there’s a presale, on right now if you go here and use the password/promo code ‘band’.

Hey, this show will be so rock, there might even be an Eddie Vedder impression that gets really deep…

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Innsomniac on 29th of October 2011

Well, I cannot believe I missed this. By a whole year too, and me just living across the sound. v.v

Connor on 14th of April 2011

WHY is this going on when I’m out of town? This show is like 10 minutes away from my house, and i have to MISS IT?!?!?!? or i could try to stay in town… dilemma…

Jason on 10th of April 2011

THANK YOU!! Driving up from Portland. I am SO excited!

Kara on 10th of April 2011

just got my tickets! driving down from canada, and i cant frickin wait!!! even if i am stuck on the crummy balcony!

Daen on 9th of April 2011

Is there the slightest chance that Tim might veer slightly (OK, considerably) south to San Francisco?

cheryl on 8th of April 2011

Will there be any more shows on the West coast of the US? Like, say San Francisco or Lake Tahoe :) areas? Hope so…

The Frog Queen on 7th of April 2011

Got my tickets!!! So looking forward to the show!


PDX-Cat on 7th of April 2011

See…look at all the Portland folks making a run for Seattle.

Please grace us with your presence… KINK.fm would likely sponsor your appearance.

Carissa on 7th of April 2011

just bought my tickets. I can’t wait till june!

Jenny on 7th of April 2011

Well, I can’t go, but a good friend of mine lives there and she’s going in my place! I’ll have to live vicariously through her.

Martin on 7th of April 2011

All we have to say is thanks for coming to Seattle. Already got tickets!

See you in June,

Three geeks from Seattle.

RunsWithForks on 6th of April 2011


Antikidz on 6th of April 2011

Thanks Tim, we are very much looking forward to you being here!

Alex on 6th of April 2011

Super excited :-) Got the tix and can’t wait for the show!

Sophia on 6th of April 2011

Is this the closest you will get to SLC this year?? If so, we’re buying! ROADTRIP!!

Mike on 6th of April 2011

I’m going!!! Just bought tickets… Traveling from Portland… I couldn’t make the Gorge cause of work, but I can make this one.!. Fuck yeah.

Amy on 6th of April 2011

Got tickets! Traveling from Portland and SO excited!! Thank you, thank you!!

Melanie on 6th of April 2011

Come down to Atlanta!!!

Tammy on 6th of April 2011

I live in Seattle, and some of my Seattle friends just traveled to Brisbane to see you in concert; they’re gonna be pissed! heh heh

Bought my tickets.

Bridget on 6th of April 2011

My tickets are bought and I think my heart rate is back to almost normal. I can’t wait!

Hermann on 6th of April 2011

Any chance you could come to Kettering in the Uk?????

Janice on 6th of April 2011

Do you think you’ll be coming to Vancouver, BC?

Keith Melton on 6th of April 2011

tickets bought! Cant WAIT!

Mike on 6th of April 2011

Driving up from Portland, w00t!

Denise on 6th of April 2011

No Fair! I’m camping that weekend in Oregon. Please tell me there will be another Seattle show sometime!!!

ContainsCaffeine on 6th of April 2011

Hell yeah! Tickets bought!

ren on 6th of April 2011

oh. TIMless. my bad, can’t read X[

ren on 6th of April 2011

“timeless” in seattle? is that what they called the overseas export of that film?
thanks for the presale information, i’ve got two tickets and a big stupid grin that won’t come off :D

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