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Lucky people of Seattle, WA, USA, Tim’s added a second date at The Neptune Theatre on 25th June 2011.

This is your second chance to see a snazzily, if ironically clad Australian male achieve wondrous things with words, music, hair, a piano and that grin…

Tickets are available now from here.

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Ann on 22nd of May 2011

I was so bummed that the Friday Seattle show was sold out. I can’t wait to see you on Saturday instead! xoxo

Sarah on 12th of May 2011

Brilliant show in Liverpool last night guys! Excellent way to end the tour. DVD in November is a must and CD please! X

Nai on 9th of May 2011


Ticket fees are ridiculously high. I (happily) paid $66 for a pair of $24 tickets to see Tim.

Anthony from Seattle on 5th of May 2011

Wish I was home to see this! But why is it so cheap? Amazing deal! $24 to see Tim Minchin! I just wish I had the $1000 for a ticket home to see him!

Helen (timmyfanz) on 27th of April 2011

I think iim fucking weird!, I had a feeling it would be on my 16th birthday whilst this page was loading ;D – and that Grin…

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