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Well you asked for it and we didn’t want any ire in Ireland so Tim’s going to be heading to Dublin, for the first time since 2009, to do a couple of solo shows this October!

Tim Minchin Live
Vicar St, Dublin
Thursday 13th & Friday 14th October 2011
Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster on Tuesday 31st May at 9am.

As well as his grand piano and apparel befitting a style guru, Tim will be joined onstage by his iconic dance moves, wildly teased hair, gently calmed eyebrows, natural aplomb and his enormous… sense of occasion.

Get ready Ireland!

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Jazz on 12th of March 2012

Come visit Norway. Now! :I

Tom Schakman on 21st of November 2011

Damn Tim, you should really come and visit Norway, Stavanger, your humor is well known amongst us :)

Nicola on 4th of October 2011

Coming all the way from Copenhagen and can’t WAIT!

Ali on 24th of June 2011

Thank you Tim!!

Isabella on 21st of June 2011

Flying in from the Netherlands to see this, as it seems Tim is still to discover Mainland Europe ;) Gig & plane tix done! Yippee \o/

sinn7 on 6th of June 2011

Fourth row! Cannot wait!

I’ll be the one who dies of excitement when you come onstage

Ciaran on 4th of June 2011

woohoo cant wait to see you again!

Becca on 31st of May 2011

Made. My. Life. Is there an age limit, I must go!

Mark on 29th of May 2011

OK, so it’s two days since this was announced, and two days til tickets go on sale… still no listing on Ticketmaster.ie…?!

Kevin on 29th of May 2011


Debs on 28th of May 2011

Booking my tickets now. Extremely excited. :)

Jack Stevens on 28th of May 2011

Is there plans for a Belfast show as well? It would be much easier to travel to that way.

Scorpionuk99 on 28th of May 2011

After Dublin could you please come up to Londonderry in Northern Ireland?

jillybean on 27th of May 2011

:O Jeaaalous!

How about wales now? please!!


Nikki on 27th of May 2011

Will there be a pre-sale???

Magnus Myrvang on 27th of May 2011

So… Tour of Norway, anyone? Your type of humor would be well received there :)

Dean on 27th of May 2011

To people wondering, I don’t think anyone who would go to see Tim would be stupid enough to get offended by the Pope song! ;)

Can’t wait for this!

Annmarie on 27th of May 2011

This news has made my whole year!!! I cannot wait, been begging you to come back since you’re last Vicar St tour! YAAAAAAY!!xxx

Tom on 27th of May 2011

I’d imagine the pope song will be sung along to loudly hahah… Queenie, Barack and now Tim??

redkmkz on 27th of May 2011

Deadly! =]

TheMunchkinBear on 27th of May 2011

Think I’ll try and make this one too! Nice long weekend in Ireland :)

redkmkz on 27th of May 2011


Daniel on 27th of May 2011

Is this going to be the orchestra tour or just a load of random songs?

Chris Reina on 27th of May 2011

Many thanks Tim – you’ve just saved me enormous amounts of money having to fly elsewhere to see you! Be aware – we appreciate you coming to our small nation!

Tommie on 27th of May 2011


Kat on 27th of May 2011

Woo hoo! We’ve been waiting for you Tim! :D

Tom on 27th of May 2011

I wonder how the pope song will go down….

Ska on 27th of May 2011

Just thank You!
And thank You again!
Aaaand Thanks!
It made my day :)

Dav on 27th of May 2011


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