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Happy Australian DVD Release Day!

UK folk have been able to buy their copy of Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) for over a week now, but today is the day when it’ll be available for you Australians to buy from all good DVD retailers, so why not pop along to one, if only to see Tim’s face staring out at you from the shelves!

To celebrate the Australian coming out day for the DVD, we’ve got a funky little clip of Tim’s seven minute prog rock epic for the lactose tolerant, Cheese!

Full details are contained in this here news post, the DVD can be ordered from this here shop and more sexy videos from the DVD are also available on Tim’s YouTube channel.

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Candice on 13th of January 2012

Tim, you are my cheesus!

Lori on 15th of December 2011

“Cheese” is my new favorite Tim video!! Plus, the children can watch it with me!! What a great beat and jazzy song!

Kathryn Ferdinand on 24th of November 2011

Funky funky funky cheeeeeese!

Hayley on 23rd of November 2011

Thanks Tim – brilliant as usual. Now can’t stop eating cheese.

Supermongie on 23rd of November 2011

C H E E S E !

Parker on 23rd of November 2011

Hopefully the Blu-Ray is waiting for me at home. Can’t wait!

Sly on 23rd of November 2011

I am so blown away by Tims musical abilities. He is such an amazing musician I would see him in concert even without the comedy. What a freakin genius.

ori on 23rd of November 2011

Aviad, the UK DVD works here. Get it from Amazon.

yesiamginger! on 22nd of November 2011

Mega talented, continuously hilarious and awesomely gorgeous with a ginger topping as an added bonus… perfection of the highest order… I bow to thee

Meg McGowan on 22nd of November 2011

Well that’s Christmas sorted. Tim DVDs all round!

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 22nd of November 2011

Ah! I love watching these videos, remind me of when I went! Only Tim could get away with a 6 minute song about cheese. He looks so lovely too, what a fashion icon! Already have my copy! :D

Rachel on 22nd of November 2011

oh, love is when u write a song for someone isn’t it? sexy man. love you tim.

aviad a varsano on 22nd of November 2011

What about Israel? We do not deserve tim? cds or dvds At least

Jackie on 22nd of November 2011

Bloody brilliant, as usual;)

Lisa on 22nd of November 2011

Yum cheese, yum Tim

Felicia Garber on 22nd of November 2011

Love it!!!

Igor Medeiros on 22nd of November 2011

Talented in the extreme

F*ck You, Tim!

jack on 22nd of November 2011

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