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Did you miss out on tickets to see Tim play in an intimate, purple upside-down cow when they first went on sale? It’s not surprising if you answered, ‘yes,’ as the initial allocation was sold out before we got a chance to announce the show! Fortunately, a second allocation of tickets are now available, however, to make things fair, there’s a bit of a twist.

There are 150 tickets available for the show on the 8th July at the Udderbelly at the Southbank Centre in London, but, to ensure that they’re bought by fans, and not touts that’ll sell them on for extortionate prices, the folk at Udderbelly Festival have decided to run a “ballot” system for them.

Between now and 5pm on the 8th February, you can apply for either one or two tickets to the show (only your first entry will be accepted so don’t you go trying to cheat…) and you’ll be notified as to whether you’ve been successful or not shortly after the ballot closes.

There are various other terms and conditions, like you need to pick the tickets up on the day with the card with which you paid for them, and it’s only open to UK residents, and the age restriction for the show is 16+. You can and should read all the small print here on their Terms and Conditions page.

Now then, with that all out of the way (you are still with us, right?) here’s the link to the page where you can apply!

Good luck!

UPDATE: the Underbelly site is temporarily down from too many eager fans! Don’t forget, there’s no rush to get your application in as the ballot is open until Wednesday 8th February.

UPDATE: To address the queries about ticket prices if you win the ballot:
This gig has unreserved seating for the standard ticket price. Sirloin priority seating allows a very limited number of customers per performance to sit near the front. No one is under any obligation to choose a sirloin seat upgrade. The ballot is for the standard £30 ticket. If a customer wishes to upgrade this ticket to a sirloin seat, should they be available, then they have that option.

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Lindsey on 10th of February 2012

When and how do we find out if we have been successful getting the ballot tickets?

Shell on 3rd of February 2012

Hi Patrick
The tickets prices paid before this ballot were: FULL PRICE (£30.00) and for SIRLOIN SEATS (£40.00).
I would imagine that the Sirloin Seats are all gone but cannot be sure, so best to be prepared to pay £30-£40 for your seat if you want to enter the ballot right now. However, you have until 5pm on the 8th February to enter the ballot so if you’d like to hold fire while we try to find out for you we’ll update the post once we get an answer.

Patrick on 3rd of February 2012

So as I understand it, if I win, I can buy the tickets? At what price? The site doesn’t seem to specify, so it’d be kind of annoying to enter, only to find that I can’t afford them anyway. Am I missing something?

Alan Dapré on 3rd of February 2012

Please come to Scotland one day soon – the weather is terrible but the people are great. Glasgow has a fab atmosphere and would inspire you! :)

Abbie on 1st of February 2012

It worked for me now if anyone is interested!

Kristy on 1st of February 2012

Personally I think you should automatically be rejected as a possibility if you ask a question where the answer is already contained in the initial body of text. ;)

Pwum on 1st of February 2012

8th Nov .. isn’t a Wednesday! :D

Hels on 1st of February 2012

Aggh!!! Plleeeeeeese get it fixed (and then only notify me!)

rachel goulbourne on 1st of February 2012

im going to keep trying until i turn blue!! i want 2 tickets ok !!!!! :) im going slightly blue now site is down,, why is it never me!!!

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 1st of February 2012

Oh my god! This is the most exciting thing! I ireally hope I get tickets. It’d be a dream come true! What an opportunity! Is there an age restriction?

Suzie on 1st of February 2012

Who do I send the (non-bribery-related) fairy cakes to?

lynne martin on 1st of February 2012

Sorry…! Did we break it….? I cant even get through on the terms and conditions link….. and statistically no one will be trying to get onto that one…..!

Linzy on 1st of February 2012

The links are fine but the Underbelly website is temporarily down from too many eager fans trying to access it! You’ve got until next Wednesday to get your application in so there’s no hurry.

Lynne Martin on 1st of February 2012

Bugger…. I can’t get through either…… What to Do……?

Mags Arnold on 1st of February 2012

The link does not work, please give us the URL.

Nikki on 1st of February 2012

The Link is an epic fail :(

Susan Devlin on 1st of February 2012

Super! Nice to see that someone appreciates that a lot of true fans don’t have pockets deep enough for the touts!

Matt on 1st of February 2012

Link not working !

Tammy on 1st of February 2012

I’m too excited to not keep trying!! Failing for me too :(

Aaron on 1st of February 2012

Not working for me either, and there’s problems trying to access it through the southbank web page too :(

Jilly on 1st of February 2012

The link isn’t working for me but I’ll keep trying.

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