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Below are a few bits of news that may be of interest. Bit of a gig, bit of a record, some charity stuff… that sort of thing.

I hope you’ve all had wonderful years.

Peace be with you, and also with me. etc


Rock for the Docs

I’m doing a gig at Koko in Camden on Thursday 19th December. Doors open at 7pm, action being onstage from 8pm.

All proceeds will go to Medicins Sans Frontieres; specifically their incredible, brave, and important work in Syria. You can get tickets here. They are £22 including a booking fee.

I’ll be playing non-comic originals and some not-at-all-amusing covers with my motley band of moderately talented musicians. There will be a support act of some sort, too, but we don’t know who it is yet. In fact, we don’t really know what the gig is going to be, except that it will be very good fun, and for a very good cause.

To reiterate: this is not a comedy gig. Well, not deliberately.

You should seriously consider coming.

A message from Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

MSF helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care.

Our teams have performed 368,589 medical consultations and 5,599 surgical procedures in and around Syria since the conflict began. They have also delivered 1,516 babies inside Syria. They couldn’t do this without your support – over 90 percent of their income is from small private donations.

Find out more: http://www.msf.org.uk/syria

So F**king Rock – Audio out now on iTunes and CD

Six years late, an album of songs from my first UK tour, So F**king Rock, is available on iTunes and on CD on this site for pre-order, initially in the UK but coming soon to Aus and the US. It has this stuff on it:

1. So F**king Rock
2. Inflatable You
3. Rock ‘n’ roll Nerd
4. Mitsubishi Colt
5.Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins
6. If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)
7. F Sharp
8. Canvas Bags
9. Nothing Can Stop Us Now
10. Some People Have It Worse Than I
11. If You Really Loved Me
12. Peace Anthem For Palestine
13. You Grew On Me
14. Dark Side
15. Not Perfect
16. Second Encore

Clarifier: It is simply the audio from the DVD with the stand-up bits cut out, remixed by the clever ears and fingers of Mr Pete Clements.

TV Pilot

I’m acting in a TV sitcom pilot written by Jon Brown and produced by Big Talk Productions. If the powers that Beeb like it, I guess we’ll film the series late summer next year or something like that. We’ll see what happens! More details here.

White Wine in the Sun

As always, November – January profits from the sale of my Christmas song, White Wine in the Sun, will go to the National Autistic Society. Here’s a solo version. And here’s the more recent one I recorded last year, with guitars and french horn and whatnot.

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Anita on 9th of January 2014

This makes me cry everytime i listen to it. Do you fancy Boston at all? Sure wish you were in the states, although the cold is being ungodly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky on 29th of December 2013

When will you next be doing a gig in England? Want to go for my anniversary

Flavia Rasmussesn on 18th of December 2013

Hello Tim! I’m a big fan and was just wondering when you will be doing comedy gigs again? Thanks, Flavia.

CJ Asfour on 18th of December 2013

it’s great about the cd release, it has the songs I want, it will make my 3th cd from you, but what I also need is the DVD of Rock-n-Roll nerd doco. Any idea when it will be available here in the US for purchase? Please soon………..

Rob on 18th of December 2013

I have 3 tickets for Tim’s gig at Koko tomorrow, looking for a good home! Please email if interested – notbbc [at] gmail [dot] com

(Ideally would like them to go together, to save the hassle of splitting the pdf file)

Matt on 16th of December 2013

Fiona / anyone else – I am looking for a spare 1 or 2 tickets to Camden on the 19th. Email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. fantomasbook1[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk

Fiona on 15th of December 2013

I have 2 spare tickets for the Camden gig on 19th Dec – anyone want them? Selling for £22 same price as I bought them, of course. I bought extra tickets for friends who now can’t go to the gig so I’m trying to sell their tickets.

Z on 10th of December 2013

I love how iTunes threw a couple of more asterisk on the “Fucking” just to be sure. Next time it could be “S* ******* ***k”. I would love to know what they would do with an “I want to finger your mum”.

Joana on 7th of December 2013

And how about coming to Portugal? That would be great!

Julianna on 7th of December 2013

The Camden gig is on my birthday! If only I lived in England…

leah knight on 6th of December 2013

looking forward to Jammin in Camden Whoooohoooo!

Jerry H. on 6th of December 2013

Is there a date for the U.S. release of the album?

Don Van on 6th of December 2013

Thanks for White Wine, and all your other witty lyrics. I saw you in Washington DC for an Atheist gathering. You should do a US left coast tour. I think that would be very well received. — Don from Washington state, US

Gail James on 6th of December 2013

Oh, let me be a tenth as clever as all the other commenters and a hundredth as clever as you, Tim. (I won’t but here’s my best try.) I’ll have to dream of being there at your show (‘m stuck in the colonies,) but your song WWITS should be learned by heart by everyone everywhere.

Shell on 6th of December 2013

As always the proceeds from ALL legal downloads of White Wine in the Sun, including Amazon, Play etc will go to the National Autistic Society.

Ros White on 6th of December 2013

thanks Tim for piercing our ordinariness with humour. Some years back in Melbourne you performed a song about the perineum that (as a woman & a doctor) I thought was worthy of a wider audience- would you consider resurrecting it?

Donna Sivoli Burse on 6th of December 2013

Would love to see you perform more, or even guest more, in America and on American TV. A weekly show would be most welcome even if for only 1/2 an hour. Tim! Help! Come to America and save me! I’m drowning in non-evolutionists! If anybody is walking on water here, then the pond is frozen!

Carl on 6th of December 2013

Daniel wrote: “Is there any chance of a Google Music version of WWitS? Or DRM free donation for the track? Purchasing in iTunes has no value to me, as I live in an Apple-free world.”

Same for me. I don’t use anything iTunes but would love to donate.

Didy on 6th of December 2013

Daniel – I bought WWITS from Amazon mp3 ages back. Should still be there.

Would also willingly purchase a “studio” album anytime.

Daphne Cragg on 6th of December 2013

An audio of you performing, just isn’t enough. Watching your delivery is the essential part.

Moira Martingale on 6th of December 2013

Oh no! I am so gutted – it’s the one date I can’t juggle with – family Xmas do. Very fed up because I was also away when the Hay Festival gig happened. Maybe Tim might in future be less selfish and consult ME and my diary before he ups and fixes spontaneous gigs out of the blue? Seriously, will make a donation to MSF if you send me a link connection.

Daniel on 6th of December 2013

Is there any chance of a Google Music version of WWitS? Or DRM free donation for the track? Purchasing in iTunes has no value to me, as I live in an Apple-free world.

John on 6th of December 2013

Look, just stop being an international superstar and come back and play the butterfly club like the old days. Then I have a chance of actually seeing you!

Ros on 6th of December 2013

Camden NSW? Santa was listening!

Louise Cook on 6th of December 2013

When will you be doing another comedy tour? I need to see you live again soon!

Can I add I thought you were amazing as Judus in Jesus Christ Superstar at Manchester a couple of months ago! x

superaleja on 6th of December 2013

Oh Tim, you mix of weirdness and generally good things. I hope you come back to New York sometime soon, so I won’t miss you like I have before.

Tom on 6th of December 2013

Tim Minchin appearing regularly on my TV?

This better happen. Then I will be happy

Jennifer West on 6th of December 2013

A small non comic gig in Melbourne would be superb.

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