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It’s been a while since there was a bit of new Tim footage on UK TV, but Comedy Central will be putting an end to that this week!

On Saturday 29th March, at 10pm, Comedy Central will be showing the best bits from the Just for Laughs festival from recent years, including one of Tim’s performances from 2011!

The show will also feature some wonderful appearances from Rich Hall, Russell Kane, Mark Watson, and Kristen Schall, as if the fuzzy-haired one isn’t reason enough alone for you to tune in.

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Barbara Kirk on 27th of March 2014

I will set the Sky box for this!

Ros Blyth on 27th of March 2014

PS In wilds of SW France and have had no wifi for days so pleased now in civilisation to have logged on to this. Back to UK tomorrow, just in time.

Ros Blyth on 27th of March 2014

Can’t wait to see this – have certainly missed Tim in UK – but how do you tune into Comedy Central?

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