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Tim will return to Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide on 20th February 2010, for extra giggles.

Tickets go on sale on Monday October 26th here.

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Liz on 20th of December 2009

I was bummed because I missed the last show in Adelaide when I was on holiday, however lucky for my brother and I we met him at Sydney ariport on the way home! I’m soo excited for February now!

helen on 26th of October 2009

hows about just come to middlesbrough? haha, i know its officially a dump but honest it aint that bad!

Cy on 24th of October 2009

Come back to Ireland! D’:
I’m so annoyed I missed both the Dublin and Belfast shows :c

moira on 24th of October 2009

yeah i reckon u should come bk 2 Aberdeen, on ur next tour. ur brilliant.

Eleanor on 22nd of October 2009

You should come back to Bournemouth :D:D

I would go again, I’m that cool. Me and my friends went and looked up the Apollo tickets after we heard there still were some on Radio 1 with Moyles (<3 brilliant) but they had sold out (gutted lol).

We're dedicated fans x ohyeah

rm on 22nd of October 2009

Finish the tour already! ;) xx

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