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Tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning, at 9am, for a second ‘Tim Minchin vs The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’ show.

They will be available exclusively for the lucky prepared, pre-registered, pre-sale people for four days and then will go on sale to the general public on Monday. Use the same link and secret password you have in your mailing list email for the first Adelaide date.

The show will be at the same venue and time on Saturday the 12th of March 2011.

If you missed out this time – join the mailing list and be pre… (nope, I got nothing) special next time.

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Trudy on 30th of July 2010

Holy macaroli….I’m confused. I bought tickets for this show five days ago…. how can there be another pre-sale for the same show on the same date at the same time?? Is this the same pre-sale?? Or is there another pre-sale??? WTF? Stop messing with my mind!! :-P

Bec Bird on 29th of July 2010

Think I may have been too late also. Have the links/passwords for Adelaide been sent already?

Toni Davis on 29th of July 2010

Hi shell, should we have already got that email, I did not get one :(

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