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An Edinburgh Treat

by Linzy 5th Aug 2010 | 4 comments

You know how a while ago, a cuddly, ginger-haired antipodean wrote this?

“There is a 99% chance there will be a show in Edinburgh in April 2011, we just haven’t managed to lock in the date.”

Well people of Edinburgh, you may now rejoice as the date has been locked in place to the 17th April 2011, to take place at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster or on the phone at: 0844 847 1660

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Egle on 10th of September 2010

Yes! Tickets bought.
But please, do come to Dublin too. I promise, I’ll go to both shows :)

Maggie D on 6th of August 2010

People of Glasgow like this too.

Ian Ski on 5th of August 2010

Fringe = The Boy with Tape on his Face

Linzy on 5th of August 2010

If you’ve come here hoping for Fringe news, I’m sorry. I would like to recommend you see H Anthony Hildebrand though, if you like puns and diagrams; he’s ace.

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