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So my efforts to accumulate a workable level of fitness with which to attack the Royal Parks Half Marathon next Sunday have been undermined, predictably, by an unpleasant and uninvited autumnal cold. I’ve not been for so much as a jog for a fortnight. ‘Snot a problem. Coughing equally so.

However, I’ve said I’ll run the bloody thing, and (pending pneumonia or the unscheduled amputation of one of my primary limbs) run the bloody thing I shall.

I have to admit that the possibility of beating the time of my dear friend and nemesis, Mark Watson is now under an even gloomier cloud of doubt, but I’ve certainly not given up on the idea. Whatever the result, having a cold may be twisted to my advantage: if I beat his time, I’ll be an heroic stoic; if I don’t, I’ll have an excuse.

Either way, this will be my last proper plea for sponsorship. The whole point of this nonsense (aside from my masochistic tendencies) is to raise money for The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. More info and the chance to donate can be found here.

And thank you so very much for your generous donations so far. I aimed to raise £2k+, and it’s looking good.

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suzie on 5th of October 2010

Tim Minchin running in the RPF Half???!!!! OMG! I won’t be able to run for trying to spot him! Best of luck mate!!

Amelia B on 4th of October 2010

Good luck Tim!! You’ll be briliiant:) Happy Birthday for the 7th as well xx

Helen Sumner on 2nd of October 2010

Hope you get better soon. xo

Laura on 1st of October 2010

i will be there supporting you. :P hehe

Sue on 30th of September 2010

Fly like the wind and leave your germs behind

Sue on 30th of September 2010

Fly like the wind and let the germs be left behind on your competitors

Ruth on 30th of September 2010

Good Luck :)

Ruth on 30th of September 2010

Good luck :) x

Sandra on 30th of September 2010

Go, Tim! If you do well with a cold we can say you flu through the course! *groan*

Heather on 30th of September 2010

no point in running when your lungs are shot, rest and be ready for the ½. if you are still feeling oogey come the race, mentholated cough drops do wonders to help you breathe on a run.

Michal on 30th of September 2010

Looking forward to a yet unscheduled and unannounced Tim and Eddie I. run. Not much singing with Eddie, but run you certainly can ;)

SwindonSal on 30th of September 2010

Nevr mind Vick on the soles of your feet, put it all round your throat chest n nose! All the best!

kathrine on 30th of September 2010

Good luck with race! We all know how much worse ‘man flu’ is than a normal flu! Lol!
Best of luck!!! :)

kathrine on 30th of September 2010

Will definitely be donating. And on another note can’t wait till the 8th
December to see you live! Yippeeee! I got tickets to see you for my birthday which was 23rd of this month and this is the
Longest I have ever waited for a birthday gift. I am sure it will be worth it.
I have never been a groupie in my entire 34years but I am now. Its not an obsession :) on no! Its just a ‘healthy fascination’ with your work. I can think of many ways of saying
What I think of your work but I will keep it short and sweet ‘ u r a breath of fresh air – thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us’

Kate W on 30th of September 2010

With Gift Aid, you’re now comfortably over £2K. Please try not to break yourself – I’ve invested in you being in working order over the next few months.
I’ll double my slightly meagre sponsorship if you beat slender nemesis Watson’s time – if that’s snot incentive, I don’t know what is….

kim on 30th of September 2010

vicks on the soles of your feet and bed socks. #drmum.
get well soon : )

Ryan on 30th of September 2010

Good Luck Tim. Best Wishes mate.

Elaine on 30th of September 2010

Glad you haven’t been over-exerting yourself with a virus in your system – very wise, I think. You’ve got loads of time to recover. You’ll be fine. Just give it your best shot. #cantstopthinkinglikeamum

Renee Powell on 30th of September 2010

you poor thing, good on you Tim your doing such a great thing :) luv Renee ( Melbourne, Australia.)

Caroline Hines on 30th of September 2010

Take care and happy running! mas ;)

Catherine on 30th of September 2010

Good luck!! :)

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