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You can’t say Tim doesn’t listen. After lots of you were requesting Tim stop over at Tasmania on his last two Australian tours, we can finally reveal that he will be doing just that in March!

On the 21st March, Tim will be playing at Wrest Point Entertainment Centre in Hobart with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra! So not only do you get to see Tim, but you don’t get to miss out on the utterly unique orchestra tour. I bet you’re pleased about that.

Tickets go on general sale from the TSO website on 25th October, which, incidentally is also the same day that tickets for the second Perth show, which we wrote about previously, go on general sale too, from Ticketmaster.

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Mel on 21st of October 2010


Danny on 15th of October 2010

Requesting USA tour date. Please listen! Much <3

AdD1S0N on 14th of October 2010

If I nag for you to play Canberra again will you do that?! I’ll try extra hard!!!

Tash on 13th of October 2010

My uncanny nagging ability’s have finally payed off then , got our tickets and will be there with metaphoric bells on , real ones would ruin the sound, Thanking you muchly Tim/organising people/other nagging people :)

Sherry Thomas on 13th of October 2010

If Tim ever makes it to the States and visits Seattle, he can stay at my house.

sve on 13th of October 2010

this is awesome! thanks for great news!

R. Callaway on 13th of October 2010

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!

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