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We’ve heard a lot of people saying how they’ve “missed out” on tickets to see Tim on his magnificent UK orchestra arena tour this year. Well we’ve got some good news for you: you haven’t!

If you’ve been seeing “Sold out” or “Tickets unavailable” on ticketing websites that’s simply because that particular company doesn’t have any of their ticket allocation left, but there are plenty out there that still do! In fact, we’ve put together a nice list of links from where you can still buy tickets, to make your purchasing a lot less painful!

Birmingham – 8th Dec 2010

Newcastle – 11th Dec 2010

Brighton – 13th Dec 2010

London – 14th Dec 2010

Cardiff – 16th Dec 2010

Manchester – 17th Dec 2010

Nottingham – 18th Dec 2010

Edinburgh – 17th April 2011

Glasgow – 18th April 2011

Aberdeen – 19th April 2011

And, of course, there are various otherĀ ticket agencies still with tickets left including:

HMV Tickets

And if none of these links are providing you with the tickets you seek, ring the venue’s box office (phone numbers are on the gigs page) and they should be able to point you in the direction of some!

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Lisa on 2nd of April 2013

You are fanfuckingtastic! I would love to see your show, any chance of you hopping the pond to give us yanks a crank?

Ska on 8th of December 2010

Another plea for Ireland! :)

yvonne on 2nd of December 2010

are you coming to ireland any time soon?

Tim Minchin · UK Ready For This? DVD Out Today! on 29th of November 2010

[…] DVDs will also be available from venues during theĀ UK Orchestra Tour, December 2010. Please note that although some ticketing websites have been stating that Tim’s magnificent UK orchestra arena tour this December is sold out, that is just their allocation. Tickets are still available via the links here and if you need further information and advice regarding ticket availability please see this earlier blog. […]

Jesse on 23rd of November 2010

I’m sure the people in Amsterdam would just love your show!! Good luck on the orchestra tour!

David on 21st of November 2010

Will Tim be touring The Netherlands / Germany or vicinity anytime soon? I want to see him live!

soph on 20th of November 2010

more dates needed!!! gutted =( if not a private performance in my living room will do the trick =)

Pookakie on 20th of November 2010

Another plea to come to Ireland. We need you Tim. Save us!!!

Nicki on 20th of November 2010

PLEASE come to Ireland Tim!!! Me and all my friends really want to see you live but I’m The only one that’s able to go to a gig in the UK, they’re all missing out and I feel really bad! Ireland needs you! :P XxXxX

Ben on 17th of November 2010

as above…. Please tag on a show or two in Ireland!

Mark on 17th of November 2010

Ireland! Have you not been reading the papers? We need you!

Maeve on 16th of November 2010

I agree with the above – Ireland! xm

Nikki on 16th of November 2010

come to IRELAND! look, 3 people have demanded now! out of like 5 comments!

Conleth on 16th of November 2010

You have to come back to Ireland Tim. For Feck Sake !! You will, you will, you will !!!
Drink, Girls and great audience’s (Don’t remeber Father Jack saying that)

Teapoy on 16th of November 2010

Pooy plop pants: though I’m coming to the UK I leave on 6th so no hope of traveling to a gig. Come to Calgary!!

Petra on 16th of November 2010

Come to Holland please…

lorrie on 16th of November 2010

come to ireland PPLLLEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!

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