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Tim’s second, live UK DVD, Ready For This? is available on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes from the 29th November 2010. That’s TODAY! Just in time to add it to your Christmas wish list or maybe you’re gifting it to someone you quite like, in some glittery wrapping paper. Oo shiny…

Ready For This? is now available to order or download, via various online retailers: Amazon, Play and iTunes. Angry (Feet), the official fansite, have compiled a handy list with the links for you. It can also be purchased from HMV, all major supermarkets and any half-decent high street retailer.

Many of you will already have the details below, from a previous blog, so what follows is a repeat for any new visitors today. We’ve put out the guest soap and towels too…

The DVD was filmed in front of a justifiably enthusiastic audience during a sell-out, 3-night run at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, in London.

In this spectacular show, Tim confronts the pressing issues of the day: environmentalism, rationalism, prejudice(ism) and his amour de boobs(ism). The universal human experiences of love, truth… ginger body hair and um… dancing bears?…are all there to enlighten us and make us giggle.

Ready For This? features: Prejudice, If I Didn’t Have You, Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing, Canvas Bags, Confessions, White Wine In The Sun, the acclaimed nine minute beat poem; Storm and many more.

The DVD comes with an exclusive 28-page ‘Songbook’ of, often handwritten and annotated, lyrics and with some photos from the tour. The show is also available on Blu-ray but the songbook is not available with that format.

Extras on both formats include: the animated internet sensation Pope Song, an interview and performance of 5 Poofs and 2 Pianos from Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and a music video: Google Street View, made for The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, 2009.

Here, for your delectation is a lovely clip from the show: Tim singing ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ in a in a pair of delightfully uncomfortable, yet stylish, skinny jeans and featuring a particularly fine example of the, now world famous ‘Wiggle’…oh yes.

This is a new recording for the UK DVD but it is the same show as Ready For This? recorded at the Enmore in Sydney and released in Australia already. There are brand new ‘talky bits’ and ‘If You Really Loved Me’ replaces ‘You Tube Lament’ – this is reflected in the ‘Songbook’. The Extras are…extra too. For those not based in the UK, it will be available from this site and other retailers who ship worldwide, at some point.

DVDs will also be available from venues during the UK Orchestra Tour, December 2010.
Please note that although some ticketing websites have been stating that Tim’s magnificent UK orchestra arena tour this December is sold out, that is just their allocation. Tickets are still available via the links here and if you need further information and advice regarding ticket availability please see this earlier blog.

So who will you be buying this DVD for? Yourself, your gran, the local vicar…?

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Warwickshire Shithouse on 30th of November 2010

Really enjoyed watching it last night! Delivered yesterday to my office filled with evangelical Christians and had to fight the urge to sing The Good Book all day; being the aetheist in the office they all got incredibly excited when I sang the opening lines of I Love Jesus recently. It’s a hoot, no, really it is.
Y’all should go see RSC As You Like It in London (as well as Matilda in Stratford) – it’s brilliant and I suspect Jaques is a send up of Tim! Back-combed, long that-coloured hair, heavy eye-liner, singing with a guitar…

Jenny on 30th of November 2010

Is this available on itunes to download? I can’t find it on there..is it because I’m in the U.S.? I’m soooo sooooo sooooo bummed. I was planning on watching it today. Instead I’ll have to go ice skating or something. Alone. I’m pathetic.

Tracey/rm on 30th of November 2010

Watched it and loved it. Such a lovely DVD, a fantastic memory of an incredible tour.

Saw many people I know from Angry Feet which was lovely, and saw myself at the end which I wasn’t expecting. Might fashion a “Tracey from Glasgow” arrow a la Shell.


PS You’re coming in 9th in the pre-ordered dvd chart, and 1st in the pre-ordered tv dvd chart. Pretty cool, eh?

Tracey/rm on 30th of November 2010

Just opened dvd after a stressful morning. The picture made me smile.

And the song book, awesome. Particularly Lolly Polly’s part, just brilliant and very, very cool.


Paula Valentine on 30th of November 2010

How can we get it in Canada?

Helena on 29th of November 2010

I’m watching it right now, it came through my letterbox.
completely ignored my homework for tomorrow, tim is mucho better!
Can’t wait to see him live in Manchester! <3

Jessica H on 29th of November 2010

I’ve pre-ordered from them before and they took, like, 4 days to get it to me :(
I shall have to survive for another few TERRRRRIBLE days without my Tim DVD…
I’ll just live on the other 2 I have I SUPPOSE!

cazz on 29th of November 2010

ITS BRILLIANT!!!!! love it!!!! xx

Tracey/rm on 29th of November 2010

Got it, arrived today :) Not managed to take it out of the wrap yet (kid is off school today) but had a look at the box, very tight and shiny on the back, unless I’m mistaken ;)

I’m am ready for this, assuming there’s nothing worth watching on TV (sorry, that was awful).


Katie Donohue on 29th of November 2010


Sam on 29th of November 2010

I preordered AAAGES ago, it better have arrived when I get home!! :)

Aaron Webb on 29th of November 2010

My moms going to buy this for my birthday, I went to Tim Minchin’s Ready for this tour when he was in Birmingham,, He was amazing had be in stitches..

Donna on 29th of November 2010

When will we get DVDs for the U.S? Want. Want. Want!!!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.