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Last week Tim recorded an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage a radio programme which takes a “witty and irreverent look at the world according to science”.

Episode 3: ‘Randomness’ airs on Monday, 16:30 on BBC Radio 4

Robin and Tim: Intense debate

Robin and Tim: Intense debate

Alex and Brian

Alex and Brian

The BBC blurb says:

“Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince are joined by the Australian comedian and musician Tim Minchin and mathematician Alex Bellos to discuss randomness, probability and chance. They look at whether coincidences are far more common than one might think and how a mathematical approach can make even the most unpredictable situations… well, predictable.”

Tim and Sasha Feachem, Producer of The Infinite Monkey Cage

Tim and Sasha Feachem, Producer of The Infinite Monkey Cage

Previous episodes of the programme are available as podcasts here.

Monday’s show will also become available as a podcast and on iPlayer here, once it airs, should you miss it.

The photos were taken, at the recording, at the Drill Hall, London by Vincent Connare. (http://twitter.com/VincentConnare) I only wish there was one of Tim putting a friendly headlock on Brian when they had a ‘difference of opinion’… A friendly hug for Sasha will have to suffice.

and there’s more:

Tim will be on The Chris Moyles ShowBBC Radio 1, Monday 29th November. The show is 06.30 – 10.00.  Click here for the photo of Chris and Tim taken when Tim was last on the show in October 2009.


Richard Bacon , BBC Radio 5 Live, Tuesday 30th November. This show is 14:00 – 16:00.

Both will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after they air.

Look out for more radio interviews coming up soon.

Who’ll be listening then?

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james leavett on 30th of November 2010

i don’t believe moyles is a homophobic mysogonist he just acts that way to appeal to the idiots that listen to his show. I disagree with H it is just as possible for “openly gay” people to be homophobic as it is for women to be mysoginistic. None of it is overt or intentional it merely perpetuates the acceptability of using the gay word as an insult. Oh good show by the way.

PhilC on 29th of November 2010

Presumably next after Moyles on Tim’s “Improving Assclowns’ PR” tour is Glenn Beck?

Me? on 28th of November 2010

Moyles and Minchin together, or Radio 1? A match made in heaven? Possibly the best bit of radio ever? This will force me out of bed bright and early!

Piskey on 28th of November 2010

I have to agree with Boo on this one I can’t stand Chris moyles.
Must confess to being uber jealous of sasha though Tim looks gorgeous!!

H on 28th of November 2010

Moyles is in no way homophobic. He has been misquoted by the newspapers a number of times and the producer of his show is openly gay. Obviously he wouldn’t choose to work with Moyles if he believed he was homophobic.

Tim was awesome on the show last time and I look forward to hearing him again tomorrow :)

Boo on 28th of November 2010

even tim couldn’t entice me to listen to Moyles, the misogynist, homophobic, overpaid twonk!

RaeHub on 28th of November 2010

Gosh, two of my favourite chaps on the Infinite Monkey cage at once. How delightful!

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