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Photo from the BBC

Have you had enough of Tim on your television and radio sets yet? No? Well this will be a bit of good news for you!

If you have a fancy DAB radio (or digital TV or the Internet) you can hear Tim curating BBC Radio 7‘s Comedy Club tonight and Sunday, 10pm – midnight, with Tom Wrigglesworth. Look at the photo of them together; I think they’re having a hair-off.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Tim will be interviewed on T4 (Channel 4). This will be aired in two parts at 10:45am and 11:50am so if you don’t want to watch the Hollyoaks omnibus then you don’t have to!

Tim will also be on the radio tomorrow, on BBC Radio 4‘s Loose Ends at 6:15pm alongside John Waters, Lisa Jardine, and Carl Davis.

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Geraldine on 28th of December 2010

We came out to New Zealand in October so have missed all your UK tour dates and are flying back to the UK for a little holiday in Feb so will miss all your aussie tour dates!!
so i think you should remember NZ in the tour and make it over here maybe Jan or April??!!!

aimroj on 15th of December 2010

how old do you have to be to see him?

aaron maughan on 9th of December 2010

flying in from ireland to see you in the o2 london.i think thats worth a hand shake and an autograph? go on ill get ya a bottle of wine. I am a ginger ,and we tampons need to stick together.

emily wood on 8th of December 2010

cant wait to see you tuesday, SOO EXITED!! <3<3

emily wood on 8th of December 2010

looking forward to seeing you tuesday, cant wait!!! <3<3

sarah Dunn on 5th of December 2010

wish there was more tim minchin stuff to go round

James on 4th of December 2010

Isn’t it amazing how many people appreciate being told that they look tired?

Helen Sumner on 3rd of December 2010

Tim, you are looking really tired, but still amazing.. Don’t burn out mate, we can’t have a favorite person crashing on us. :)
When you come back to Oz, take some time out for yourself, and spend some time relaxing on our Perth’s beaches…. Counting down the days to your King’s Park gig, only 90 more sleeps to go !!! xx yay .

Angie Hibbitt on 3rd of December 2010

Try to get some good nights’ sleep Tim – you were looking tired on brekkie TV – we worry about you!

J on 3rd of December 2010

If I could give thumb’s up to comments, I would have chosen MoJo’s.

Mel on 3rd of December 2010

Tim, dont get too tired and wear yourself out before Wednesday, am so looking forward to seeing the performance – its my birthday treat x

Sarah Whtehurst on 3rd of December 2010

“robert on 3rd of December 2010

why not host Buzzcocks for an entire season?”

Hell yeah!! Can we vote or something for that?? I’d book time off work to watch it!!!

Sarah Whtehurst on 3rd of December 2010

Loved you on Buzzcocks, Tim.

Now, how much of a lottery win would it take for you to come to my birthday on 22nd March??

robert on 3rd of December 2010

why not host Buzzcocks for an entire season?

MoJo on 3rd of December 2010

If I were Tim, I’d shave a raccoon and teach it how to Samba. Just saying.

Tomas Alfonsin on 3rd of December 2010

Tim, im from Argentina, we love you here, maybe, someday. You can visit Argentina and give us a Show.
One more thing, you looks like mad scientist in this photo. Write a song about Diego Maradona please!!!

tim on 3rd of December 2010

If I were Tim, I’d be really tired from doing all this press.

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