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The tour’s starting soon (tickets are still available). For those wondering the best place to discuss it excitedly with others, may I suggest the excellent fan site, Angry (Feet)?

It’s another website all about Tim, except it’s a place to revel in the company of other Tim fans! What better place could there be to talk about the tour, post your reviews and share your memories? I can’t think of any, that’s for sure.

Obviously, there are other benefits to joining up – though why you need them, I don’t know – such as the obligatory free virtual food upon your introduction and oh, the exclusive mp3s and on top of that, if you contribute enough you’ll have access to exclusive Tim news before anyone else (recent examples include pre-sale info for ‘A Conversation With’ and the two Cambridge warm up dates)!

What, you’re still here? Head on over there now and sign up!


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1 Comment

anya on 18th of December 2010

when will the cd get here? ~excited.

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