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Tim’s going to Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday 4th June 2011. He’ll be performing at the Wilbur Theatre at 7pm for your pleasure.

Tickets go Onsale to the General Public on Friday, 11th February 2011 at 12 noon EST and are available from Ticketmaster.

Pst! read on…

If you want to take direct action: there’s a PRESALE on right now, via the same link and the password is: WT9.
(Oh and Angry Feeters knew about this even earlier…just saying)

The show will be an exciting blend of brand new songs with a few well loved classics. Tim will be joined on stage by his grand piano, iconic dance moves, wildly teased hair, gently calmed eyebrows, infeasibly skinny jeans, natural aplomb and his enormous…sense of occasion.

How can you resist?

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Jen on 28th of February 2011

Tim, I am so glad you are starting to make waves here in the US! It’s only a matter of time before everyone here will know of you and how extraordinary and truly one of a kind you are. See you in NYC in May :)

Bernita Jenkins on 15th of February 2011

As surely as the Sun rises….

Katie on 11th of February 2011


Joanne on 10th of February 2011

YAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am SO fetching excited! Just got my tickets!!!! (would have had them last night but my account was $4 short!) I am spreading the word so that ALL my friends will go!

Becca on 10th of February 2011

Belfast Tim! Come to Belfast, we have…uhh leprechuans :/ and the luck of the Irish! Please!

Oh and ideally no age restrictions, cursed fourteen years.

Boston is so lucky

James Auburn on 10th of February 2011

I am so there.

Lina on 10th of February 2011

cannot resist

Laura Thorpe on 10th of February 2011

Pleasepleaseplease come to Michigan! Oh why can’t I win the lottery? :(
Oh well….there’s bound to be video, right?

Kara on 10th of February 2011

and then after you hit toronto you can come to western canada! its beautiful here, much nicer than crazy toronto anyway. and u have a huge fan base over here! including me, my brother and my friend dustin! (plus way more ppl i dont know I’m sure!!) dont make me get angry (feet) !!!!

John on 9th of February 2011


gordon shumway on 9th of February 2011

Ya know Tim, if you’re gonna be in Boston, you’ve practically got one angry foot in Canada already…so…why not do a gig in Toronto since you’ll be in the neighbourhood? Please? Don’t make me beg.

Alison on 9th of February 2011


AJ on 9th of February 2011

Huzzah! Can’t wait!

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