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If you’re in Australia, here’s a little something special for you! For the first time ever, anywhere in the world, some of Tim’s CDs are being properly released so that you can buy them in actual shops!

That’s right, you’ll be able to walk down to your local Sanity, JB HiFi or other record store of your choice and buy a Tim CD from them! Or, you could, you know, buy it from their websites instead.

The two albums being made available initially are 2009’s ‘Ready For This?’ and this year’s ‘Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra’. Both of these have been released on Navel Records and being distributed by Inertia Music.

If you’re elsewhere and wanting a copy of the orchestra album, we’ll hopefully have some news for you on that shortly but in the meantime, here’s a nice medley of clips from it to whet your appetite.

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Libby on 7th of April 2011

Wooooohoooooooo!!!! Excellent!

gwen schofield on 7th of April 2011

Wonderful news. I’ll be able to listen to Tim in my car Can’t wait to get to the store to buy it. Thanks Tim.

Roger Anderson on 6th of April 2011

…and NZ?

trikkywoo on 6th of April 2011

re: cardboard cutouts.
Is there anywhere in my house I could put a cardboard cut-out of Tim where my boyfriend wouldn’t feel, you know, intimidated…?

intimidated…*hnarf*…inTIMidated…s’funny that…

GAZ on 6th of April 2011

still waiting for a uk release :(

Stateside Groupie on 6th of April 2011

JB Hi Fi ships internationally (whoo hoo), and has pretty good sale prices right now on ‘Ready For This’ and ‘So Live’.

Remember: DVDs will need to be played on a region-free player if you are in the US.

Peter B. on 6th of April 2011

Fully agree with Tereen Hough – when can we buy the DVD of the TM vs SSO show???

Emily on 6th of April 2011

If I may, I would just like to punch the air and run around like a mad person screaming “BEST TIMING EVER” for several minutes. I sense an epic Minchin-loaded birthday hamper coming up.

Helen Sumner on 6th of April 2011

Shit hot. ! About time Tim had a spot in the stores… xx :)

Libby on 6th of April 2011

Thanks so much, and if there is a cardboard cut out… I’m gunna get a photo standing next to it… ;-)

Kaleah on 6th of April 2011

I second the SSO comment. I would do anything for a copy!

Tereen Hough on 6th of April 2011

Excellent! Don’t have to reply on youtube.
Now I need a DVD of the Sydney Symphony concert.

Minchkin on 6th of April 2011

Please let there be cardboard cutouts! Imagine having your very own Minchin-kin…

emeraldtardis on 6th of April 2011

CD stores?! We still have those?! Wow… :D

Elisha on 6th of April 2011

I hope abc 2 didn’t do the sound dubbing for them :-)

Lauren on 6th of April 2011

Awesomesauce. So glad it’s now possible to purchase these albums in JB HiFi :)

Ori on 6th of April 2011

thank you for the medley… considering moving to Australia now

Sarah M on 6th of April 2011

That’s amazing, Tim!!! Will there be a cardboard cut out of you to promote it?

Ash on 6th of April 2011

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

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