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Guess you rubbed your lamps properly in Portland, as Tim will be appearing at the Aladdin Theatre, Portland, Oregon on Thursday 23rd June 2011 at 8pm. Under 21s are permitted if accompanied by a parent or their legal guardian.

Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster, to the General Public on Friday 15th April 2011 at 10am PDT.

However, there is a pre-sale Wednesday 13th April 2011 at 10am PDT, until Thursday 14th April 2011 at 10pm PDT, with the password ‘BAND’, via the same link.

Tim will also be performing at this year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, Tennessee. He’ll be in the Comedy tent on the Thursday, 9th June and Friday 10th June. Tickets and further information are available from the festival site here.

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Blaire Lockett on 20th of September 2012

Oh, wish I could have seen it. :)

Music Festival

Mia Baker on 19th of August 2011

Oh my gosh! I missed Tim Minchin!! I am so sad right now.

Beth on 27th of April 2011

This may be a stupid question, but it’s just the way my mind works. In May and June, when you are popping in and out of different cities, countries and time zones; how in the world will you keep your head straight?

Obie Williams on 14th of April 2011

My wife just bought me Portland tickets for my college graduation present! Tim, my bachelor’s degree and I can’t wait to see you!

Brandon D. on 14th of April 2011


gurn blanston on 14th of April 2011

turn around and head south after portland and seattle… san francisco NEEDS you.

Mary Anne on 14th of April 2011

PLEASE come to Toronto, Ontario, Canada! I know a bunch of people who would LOVE to see you!

BrianM on 13th of April 2011

I’m going to the Portland show! I can’t wait! But I’ll have to, because that’s how time works.

Moira in PDX on 13th of April 2011

Ah, there is a god. :P

PDX-Cat on 13th of April 2011

Whoo hoo!

Thank you, sir! You totally rock(and your crew too)

Nicole on 12th of April 2011

I’m in Tennessee also, but bought Chicago tix because I kinda miss it there! Wish I could go to Bonnaroo but it’s not likely. Come to Nashville, Tim!

Jessica on 12th of April 2011

YES! Portland! Thank you so much!

Amy on 12th of April 2011

Guess I’ll be seeing you in both NW cities… Need a ride from Portland to Seattle?

Melanie on 12th of April 2011

Bonnaroo @ $250/ticket plus the fee’s??!! -.- At least you are making it down south…keep coming and see us in Atlanta. I’m still holding out, but at least Chicago is a decently affordable place to go if that is my only alternative.

Marina Stern on 12th of April 2011

Paulo: you and me both.

Sebastiaanvs on 12th of April 2011

Under 21’s? Is that even serious? America -_-

Danielle on 12th of April 2011

WHAT? Tim in Tennessee? I’m heading to Chicago to see him, since I thought we’d have to wait a lot longer to see him south of the Mason-Dixon line. Wow. Maybe he’ll swing by my Texas this year, after all.

Laura on 12th of April 2011

:( Come to Dublin , please??? :(

Paulo on 12th of April 2011

Not after I got Seattle tickets, you son of a…!!!

Sleepless in Portland
(and pondering whether to go to both shows or not)

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