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Canadians! Remember how Tim was in your country last year for the Just For Laughs festivals? Well HBO Canada decided to record some of the acts from that festival for posterity (or, perhaps to air on TV at a later date).

I tell you this because one of the acts recorded was our Tim, and he is set to have his performance aired on ‘Funny As Hell‘ on HBO Canada on the 15th April at 9:25pm (ET / MT)!

If you’re out, it’ll be repeated on 16th April at 12:30am (ET / MT), 19th April at 11:00pm (ET / MT), 20th April at 8:25pm (ET / MT) and 21st April at 5:25am (ET / MT), so you’ve got no excuses (other than not receiving HBO Canada).

You’ll all tune in and come back to tell us how awesome it was, won’t you?

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Alysson on 18th of April 2011

I don’t get HBO :( This makes me very sad…. Tim come back to Canada!

Sarah T on 15th of April 2011

I’m totally willing to have Tim Minchin inside of me

Sarah Smith, Brit Ex Pat in Canada. on 15th of April 2011

Ooooooo fab. Although I have already converted my Canadian friends, no one gets to drink wine in my house lately without Mr Minchin on the TV.

Lucas on 14th of April 2011

Once it gets on Just For Laughs, it’ll be ingrained into the cultural consciousness. CANADA: TIM MINCHIN WILL BE INSIDE YOU.

-a former Canadian & current Australian

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