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Were you in America or Australia last night and did you manage to catch Tim on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, given the late notices on Twitter and Facebook? Either way, it doesn’t matter as cbs have uploaded Tim’s section of the show to YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

You know that statistically correct love song he does? Well it’s that one, but arranged in a way that you’ve probably never heard before! It’s worth a peek for that alone and he does look rather suave as well, it has to be said.

Of course, this is all to promote the gigs that Tim’s got coming up over in the USA and Canada in the next few months. You can find the full details of all the confirmed ones over on the gigs page and there are more still to be announced, so keep checking back or keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook!

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Tonya on 17th of May 2011

Another wonderful performance!! Me and husband are lucky enough to be going to Chicago in order to see you in June and we are so excited! Continue the awesome work Tim.

Cazz on 17th of May 2011

great, just how does he do it, he must have stamina to die for, i’d be knacked after one gig lol but Tim just keeps on going like a clockwork toy.

mark youtzy on 17th of May 2011

Imagine the unalloyed joy of seeing this artist for the first time! Sensational!

katie ross on 16th of May 2011

I WATCH CRAIG ALL THE TIME!! AND I MISSED THIS!!….the only one i miss and timmy is on it :(….

Elaine (elainepixie) on 16th of May 2011

Thanks for this. Just fab!

Danielle on 15th of May 2011

Not happy that you are skipping San Francisco. Would have loved to see you live.

pdx-cat on 14th of May 2011

Dammit…no ‘Timmy Shimmy’…

Bring Back the Shimmy! Save the Shimmy!

Fepe on 14th of May 2011

Like Claire said, I love hearing how he keeps reinventing his old songs. It’s awesome.

Well, Tim is awesome.

Samantha Luh on 14th of May 2011

my friend amy and i tried to stay up the other night to watch you! but we both fell asleep! :( haha, we love you, tim! <3

mary on 14th of May 2011

Love it, as always. The piano is awesome but I miss the dancing- and it seemed rushed.
But, I’m so glad he’s touring the US. I’ve already caught one show, can’t wait for more!!

Georgia on 14th of May 2011

i was wondering why it sounded weird… then i realised hes playing at the piano…
i liked his dance though.

Emily on 14th of May 2011

rocking as ever! loving that america is loving ya, but missing you in Blighty! good luck tim xxxxx

Madhatter on 14th of May 2011

Blimey O’Reilly – that’s some eyeshadow! Thanks to the webfairies for uploading this x

samantha mitchell on 13th of May 2011

brilliant AGAIN Tim!!. an yes he does look rather suave!!. lol,…(sigh :) ).x

Cathy Rachide on 13th of May 2011


Paula Valentine on 13th of May 2011

Can’t wait to see you in Toronto on the 3rd.

Steve Vanden-Eykel on 13th of May 2011

If while in Canada someone offers you some Timbits, SAY YES.

Turner on 13th of May 2011

But where’s the wiggle dance? I’m not listening to his lyrics, I just want to see him dance!

Mike O. on 13th of May 2011

Really looking forward to seeing you in Portland!

Stevie-Red. Manchester, UK. on 13th of May 2011

Where’s the wiggle… but superb all that same – absolute legend… it really is about time you gig’d in Manchester, but nevertheless we hope to see you at the Royal Albert Hall later in the year, and hopefully with the Orchestra again – still buzzin from the Liverpool gig of a couple of days ago… frickin genius!!

claggers on 13th of May 2011

He’s not miming – it’s a NTSC to PAL time delay! Check out Tim’s interview youtube.com/bstbu

DD on 13th of May 2011

what no inflatable you??
missed it last night good to see it today
as always your a funny funny man Tim

Anthony on 13th of May 2011

Was this an intentional change in arraignment or a clever last minute adjustment?

Will on 13th of May 2011

Good on ya Timbo. Conquer the bastard USA and good luck in converting the religious masses!

michelle Yaney on 13th of May 2011

love your blue aura…..oh no….there are no such things as auras!

Izzi on 13th of May 2011

Oh my! So suave ;D

Gorgeous arrangement, it has to be said.

Beth on 13th of May 2011

Loved it. Even without the wiggle! Got to watch it at work with the rest of the crew. Now they all know what I was talking about.

KJ on 13th of May 2011

I could watch this a million times and the chance of absolutely liking this is still 1.

Janine on 13th of May 2011

Looking good Tim! Please come back to the UK soon! This is an interesting, different arrangement of one of my favourite Tim songs.

Linzy on 13th of May 2011

Yep, the audio is out of sync. Not a lot we can do about it though, unfortunately…

Gary Worthington on 13th of May 2011

He is either miming (surely not!) or the audio is out of sync!

claire on 13th of May 2011

This is an amazing arrangment! Love hear the old songs being reinvented all the time. Brilliant work. So glad you are getting exposure in America, you really deserve it. I recently purchased your documentary, Rock n Roll Nerd. you are an inspiration.
Love Claire :) xoxoxo

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