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There have been a fair few questions asking whether there’ll be a DVD of Tim’s orchestra show, and now we can confirm that, yes, there will be!

Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London in April 2011 with the Heritage Orchestra, this DVD will be available to buy from both the UK and Australia.

Currently, no other information has been confirmed, despite what you might have seen elsewhere, but as soon as there’s any more news on it, we’ll be sure to let you know, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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Mary Anne on 14th of October 2011

I agree with Bryan. We want to be able to get it in Canada, where we LOVE Tim, by the way. Make it so!

Dawsiemoore on 2nd of October 2011

Available now for pre-order on Amazon!!

Amy Dewhurst on 18th of June 2011

We had a fab trip up to Edinburgh to see the show from North Wales, can’t wait for the dvd!! The album is keeping us very entertained on the ipod!

Joe on 26th of May 2011

Ah, so no drunken passionate lady on this DVD? Still worth the buy, excellent show in Manchester!

Bryan on 26th of May 2011

Um, helloo ,Tim, we here in Canada would certainly like to buy the dvd’s . Any chance of all of your DVD’ s the new one included , being available here anytime soon?

Nator on 25th of May 2011

I’m in the US and recently decided to buy a region-free player mainly to watch Tim’s DVD’s.

I can’t afford to travel internationally to see this show, but I can afford a DVD player! Very excited.

Nikki on 25th of May 2011

YAY we went to that gig…fingers crossed we’re in it. Unfortunately, didn’t get to meet Tim that night (would have been my first time) as we had to get the train home…so it would make it all better if we were on the DVD :)

Becca on 25th of May 2011

My music tutor borrowed So F**king Rock last Christmas and I haven’t seen it since, maybe this will help fill the hole it left </3

On a less dramatic note, can't wait for this!

SammySatine on 25th of May 2011


At last a DVD that is for both UK and Australia. Can’t wait till November!



Abby Ruston on 25th of May 2011

I’ve seen this on dvd pre-order for sale on both amazon/play for nov 14th release I’m sure. Or did I dream it?

Rachael Lyon on 24th of May 2011

Woooooo, cant wait for this! Went watching the show twice, same brilliant songs but seemed like a completely new amazingly funny show. Totally love that man :D

helen on 24th of May 2011

i was there the night of filming and cant wait to buy the dvd to relive a wonderful night x

Emma Woodhead on 24th of May 2011

Yippee :) saw the show in Sheffield and it was amazing :) you are brilliant Tim xx

Douglas Coplen on 24th of May 2011

For fans in the US, you can buy a DVD player that plays all regions. I got one from Amazon.com. They don’t cost any more the regular ones.
Flying to LA from Albuquerque to catch Tim on June 7th!! Yippee!

Alice Ho on 24th of May 2011

I saw the show in Birmingham and Liverpool and wish I could have been to them all! This DVD is going to be amazing. Wah!

Keith Melton on 24th of May 2011

To those in the USA, the last disc Tim released that was only available in the UK I was able to purchase through Amazon and have it shipped to me in the US. More than likely this will be available the same way. Linzy, could we get official confirmation on this?

JCZ on 24th of May 2011

Hope we get some fanciful extras :D
Wonder if anyone had a camera on the go for some of the last nights hijinx… Hmm

TheMunchkinBear on 24th of May 2011

I went to the Sheffield show and loved it. Can’t wait for this DVD :)

Cheryll on 24th of May 2011

I was there it was fabulous, hoping I may even catch myself on the DVD! Went for a second time cos Brighton was so good!!

Rika on 24th of May 2011

ugh “available to buy from both the UK and Australia”

make the world happy and make it available via i-Tunes

Daryl Williams on 24th of May 2011

I was meant to see the show in Brighton, but could not be in the UK as planned so was totally gutted not to see you live. Look forward to see what I missed on DVD.

Louise on 24th of May 2011

I was at both shows in Edinburgh. Absolutely fantastic! I imagine this will be my Birthday or Xmas present sorted!

nick on 24th of May 2011

This news is good for my eyes ;) good times

kelly allum on 24th of May 2011

was having a pretty shit day and the thought of seeing the gorgeous Tim and his amazing show has cheered me up :)

Stephanie on 24th of May 2011

Hi! Could we please get something we can watch in America? Love you, but feeling a bit left out of the loop.

Jeffrey Goldberg on 24th of May 2011

Any news about a release available for us ‘merkins? And did you find out how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall? I’ve always wondered.

Susan Woodhead on 24th of May 2011

We went to the show in Sheffield and can honestly say it was brilliant

Tomas on 24th of May 2011

Please tim you’ve to come tu Argentina. All that you sing accord with argentinian reality. You might think that we are ignorants or we will couldn’t undestand you. maybe you’re right! but, seriously talking. We need your ambivalence.

I hope you read this!

Abrazo (hug) from Argentina!

Dawn Parkin on 24th of May 2011

Wow! Can’t wait :-) yipeee x

MrMoney on 24th of May 2011

Saw the show at Royal Albert Hall, they said Nov 2011 release date for DVD before recording began… Great stuff though should make a good addition to any collection…

Nikki on 24th of May 2011

I couldn’t afford the Albert Hall, so eager for this!:-)

Marcus on 24th of May 2011

Please let us know if it’s out on Blu Ray!

Lynz on 24th of May 2011

Hooray, even more Tim! This makes me extremely happy.

AndyH48 on 24th of May 2011

I saw the show in Liverpool and laughed my ass off. Can’t wait to get the DVD!

Tom Brandon on 24th of May 2011

Can’t wait to watch, :D

silentbazz on 24th of May 2011

Awesome news!
Couldn’t get to the Orchestra shows, so really pleased about this!

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