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North American Merchandise!

by Linzy 21st Jun 2011 | 50 comments

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally confirm that Tim has some swanky, new merchandise for you North Americans!


If you’re catching him on tour this month or next, there’s this rather lovely shirt that you can pick up at shows (tacks not included).

There’s no information about whether it’ll be made available online but if it is, rest assured there’ll be an announcement about it!


‘Ready for This?’ is going to get a proper CD release, in shops and stuff, soon and will also be available at Tim’s gigs from later this week. If you’ve been missing it on iTunes, then good news on that front as that’s coming back shortly too!


You’ve been waiting for this one! ‘Ready For This?’ as recorded at Hammersmith Apollo in 2009, is planned to be released in September. This is all that’s known at this point but, again, once we have any more information on this, we’ll let you know.

Full details of Tim’s North American shows, where you can pick up some of this swag, can be found on the gigs page, and, if you noticed the back of the shirt, it might be worth keeping an eye on it too…

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Julie on 3rd of August 2011

Unfortunately there was nothing to purchase in Montreal…I was willing to spend money on Tim things. Just wondering if this DVD was available somehow and if it plays in our DVD and Blu-Ray players here?? Thanks.

Julie on 3rd of August 2011

Unfortunately there was nothing to purchase in Montreal…I was willing to spend money on Tim things. Just wondering if the DVD was avaiable somehow and if it plays in our DVD and Blu-Ray players here?? Thanks.

Stephanie Vick on 2nd of August 2011

I’d love to see this with the cities/dates on the back. Saw two of the shows so I’d like to show it off!

Mel on 30th of July 2011

Any more Northern California shows in the future? Please say yes.

Stephanie Vick on 26th of July 2011

@Mike- Illegally downloaded? Seriously? He is an up-and-coming starving artist. Pay for his efforts. He wouldn’t be available for us to adore if nobody paid to support him. He has a wife and kids for fuck’s sake. How would you like it if you didn’t get paid to work? Or are you living off my tax dollars?

Stephanie Vick on 26th of July 2011

The NY show had NO merchandise and the Atlanta show sold out of shirts before the show. PLEASE make the shirts available online!

Randy Snyder on 23rd of July 2011

I drove 4 hours to see you in St. Louis but well worth the effort. Got my black t-shirt for me and the wife but if I missed a meet and greet in St Louis, I’ll never forgive myself!!!!!

Cathy on 16th of July 2011

They ran out in Atlanta last night. Can they be mail ordered for the US tour?

Lori on 15th of July 2011

When he makes plans for gigs in 2012, please consider Michigan as a venue for his awesome comedy!!! We have quite the array of arenas to choose from. Plus, we have lots of avid Tim fans!!!

padre on 15th of July 2011

I’m still waiting for your show in Poland!

Linzy on 14th of July 2011

Tabitha, the orchestra show will be released on DVD by the end of the year. Limited details are here: http://www.timminchin.com/2011/05/24/tim-minchin-and-the-heritage-orchestra-dvd/

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 14th of July 2011


I am a huge fan, and I recently saw Tim live in the Royal Albert Hall (it was the best night of my life, haha.) I wondered, that when the DVD of that comes out, will it be from the night I attended, or from another occaision of the same tour. After reading that the ‘Ready for This?’ version from the Apollo is going to be released, will I have to wait a little longer to get the DVD of the version I saw?

Thanks very much…. I love you Tim!

chicago dave on 2nd of July 2011

oh man! no swag to be found at the Chicago gigs… you lucky other northamese! Maybe when Tim swings back this way later (maybe? maybe??)

Lori on 2nd of July 2011

Yippee!! Finally…

ScottA on 1st of July 2011

Are those huge tacks or is it a tiny shirt?

Nai on 29th of June 2011

Oh, and yes, please make the tour merchandise available online, as well.

Nai on 29th of June 2011

Only the shirt was available when Tim played in Seattle on the 25th. PLEASE, Mr. Minchin, come back to Seattle in September for the Bumbershoot festival.

And this time, if possible, offer more than just shirts to your adoring public.

PS. Tim was, of course, amazing.

Katie on 29th of June 2011

Will the c-d and stuff be released in America as well?

Julie Nicol on 27th of June 2011

Will the Rock n Roll Nerd documentary be available soon as well??

Johnny on 27th of June 2011

Tacks cost tax.

John Polson on 27th of June 2011

Please USA Region BluRays as well. I want to see Tim in High-Definition. His comical expressions are priceless.

John Polson on 27th of June 2011

Tim NA Tour 2011-2012. I saw and met him in Boston already. He signed my husband’s arm. He sang “Drowned”. The night was perfect. I will see you again and again if you come back!

George on 27th of June 2011

Bloody Canvas Bags, mate! ta!

Lori on 26th of June 2011

Thanks for finally selling CD’s in North America!! I wish they had been available for his Chicago shows We did buy 3 awesome shirts, though.

Marjorie and JR Holland on 24th of June 2011

Tim–we are from Vancouver, WA., just across the Columbia River north of Portland and drove ALL THAT WAY! (28 minutes) just to see you, our new best friend. Need all your merch (as Kathy Griffin says) and both hated and marveled at your fan next to us who muttered under his breath every first and last word of “Storm”. Hope you enjoyed us as much as we all did you. Please go to http://www.markandbrian.com. They’ve got a morning show on KLOS, Los Angeles, and you would enjoy being a guest. We, too, married our junior high school sweetheart. Congrats on being so brilliant!

Mystra on 24th of June 2011

They had bags, too. I bought one when I saw him earlier this week.

diss3nt3r on 23rd of June 2011

how much for the tshirt??…i gotta sell some bodily fluids to get cash for the merch….not sure how much i gotta sell. please respond quickly as the show is tonight.

Rebecca on 23rd of June 2011

I got a tote bag yesterday. It’s not canvas though. :)

DetroitRockCity on 22nd of June 2011

Loved your show and the meet and greet afterwards….quite lovely! Thanks for taking the time to sign my shirt. First time for me. XX

Mike on 22nd of June 2011

In all honesty the only merch I’ve purchased are some of your dvd’s as gifts for buddies of mine. I have already illegally downloaded your entire catalog online. I do however spread the gospel Tim, and me and my buddies have bought tickets to your shows here in Portland, and up in Seattle. My brother should also be attending in SoCal. I’m pretty picky about my T-shirts though, and I dunno about the black Tim head… I typically go for fun social statements like “2+2=5” or “Irish I had a beer.”

LJR on 22nd of June 2011

You mean I am going to be asked to pay EXTRA for the tacks tomorrow? Hmph! Extortionist bastard… ; >

Jason on 22nd of June 2011

Weird… there used to be a couple of comments (including my own) that said it would be nice to have DVDs of the Sydney Orchestra shows too, but those sentences have been deleted. Why?

Kazzer on 22nd of June 2011

Hope he carries on till 2012, need a holiday and can’t think of any where better than the Us and tickets to see Tim solo.

Jenny on 22nd of June 2011

This is good news on all fronts!!! Yay!!!

Laura Winn Kane on 22nd of June 2011

Yes! Online for the NY show people PLEEEEASE? Thanks.

klausk on 22nd of June 2011

Also at the NYC show which I loved, but sad there was no merch. Please go online with it! Would also encourage Tim to get into Skeptic events like NECCS and TAM.

Bryan on 22nd of June 2011

I saw Tim in NY and was also disappointed at the lack of merch. I wanted a canvas bag and a T-shirt. How dare Tim not capture my consumer surplus? Tsk tsk.

Jason on 22nd of June 2011

Sell online, please! I was at the NYC show and was disappointed not to see any merch. (Was also hoping for my favorite song – Canvas Bags – but ah well, maybe next time?)

And yes, THANK YOU for Region 1 DVDs. :-)

Bill on 22nd of June 2011

Need it online! I already saw Tim in New York and there was no merchandise to buy!

Jessica'N'Tim on 22nd of June 2011

no merchandise available opening night in chicago (that we saw either)…would love some official north america tour stuff…(from those of us who missed out on the materialistic merchandise, but managed to receive [at ticket price] some of our happiest memories in a long time!!!) cheers tim!

Judy Lupchansky on 22nd of June 2011

A region 1 dvd? It’s about freakin’ time! (and YAY!) :D

Jason on 22nd of June 2011

No merch in Toronto either. I had always imagined having Tim’s face stretched across my moobs wouldn’t be in cotton form anyway, so I’ll get over it. Great to hear the DVD is coming out.

Mysticl on 22nd of June 2011

Heading to Seattle on Saturday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary by seeing Tim (who my husband and I feel, is a kindred spirit, except one with talent) and I can’t think of a better way to do so. We are really really looking forward to it, and will be singing right along with him, except for maybe on the *I love Jesus* song … I can’t bring myself to do that even though I am in on the joke ;)

Might even get a T shirt, though as a middle aged woman it really isn’t my style … but hey! Anything to support Tim, right? Brat son might like it :)

Jon on 21st of June 2011

They sold out of them in Chicago. Not sure if they carry enough to sell in each city or if they are all gone until further release.

Nicole on 21st of June 2011

Thank you! Hopefully everything else will eventually be available too! :)

Jenny, Jenny on 21st of June 2011

I’ll be saving my pennies to buy one in D.C. It will be there, right?

golddustmommy on 21st of June 2011

Boston had no Merch :( It should be made available online for those of us who couldnt get one :D

Jon on 21st of June 2011

Same as Danielle, I have had the same thing done. However, I can’t bring myself to wear it since the signature is so special. I need to get another shirt whenever it goes for sale hehe You are amazing, Tim. Thanks for coming to Chicago. We had a blast. Sure hope your stay was a pleasant one :) Cheers! <3

Rika on 21st of June 2011


Danielle on 21st of June 2011

Got my shirt in Chicago, then got Tim to sign his own noggin. :)

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