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The Irish Late, Late Show

by Linzy 13th Oct 2011 | 19 comments

Hey, Irelandians! Tim will be flying off (literally – he’ll be wearing a Superman costume and everything*) from his gig in Dublin tomorrow to make an appearance on RTÉ’s Late, Late Show!

The topical show will kick off tomorrow on RTÉ One at 9:35pm, with Tim expected to make an appearance shortly after 11pm. Let’s hope he remembers to put his underwear back on the inside beforehand!

*may not be true

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Debs on 17th of October 2011

for china, for china, for china….

Saw Tim on thursday. Absolutely fantastic!!! Can’t wait to see him again.

I hope the sound guy didn’t get fisted too ferociously.

Emmy on 15th of October 2011

You never really know someone until you see them under pressure… On lots of levels and for so many reasons Storm on Thursday at Vicar St was amazing, as wasTim’s whole show. We travelled from Leeds UK – SO worth it, funny, funny, funny! Thanks for playing White Wine In The Sun; my favourite song. Wish had stayed to say Hi at the end….

Colin on 14th of October 2011

They bring Tim onto the late late and don’t interview him? What the fuck? Great song but total let down. Come back soon Tim.

Ralf on 14th of October 2011

Saw Tim last night in Dublin after flighing in from Berlin in the afternoon just to see him for the first time live. The guy who was heckling Tim at the start of the show sat just next to me. To his credit I must say that he is a mega-fan, has seen Tim several times, knows all the lyrics by heart and flew in from England that day, just to see the show. It´s just too easy to become obsessed with Tim…
I enjoyed the show a lot and after all the smiles and laughs endet up close to tears when Tim finished with “White wine in the sun”. My own little blue eyed boy is 3 yrs. old. Tim, you got to do shows in Berlin! Love, Ralf

Ali on 14th of October 2011

Awh awesome!!
Saw Tim at Vicar St. last night too! Such an amazing show!
And met him after! The guy is SOOOO nice and patient!!
Love him! =D

Cathy on 14th of October 2011

Saw Tim in Vicar Street last night – My first time “live” Wonderful performance, loved every minute of the show. Thank You Tim.

Adrian on 14th of October 2011

Just saw him last night in Vicar St. The ad lib after he forgot Storm twice was brilliant. And whoever was doing the solid ten minutes of heckling at the start should have f**ked off. I didn’t pay money to hear THEM. Well done to Tim for staying cool about it.

Martin on 14th of October 2011

Tim’s Dublin gig last night was the most pissing myself laughing night I’ve ever had. Lost his train of thought midway through Storm and had sound problems but it made it even better because we got ten minutes of Tim’s ad lib and banter.
Should have continued without the music anyway.

Orla on 14th of October 2011

Just saw tim in Dublin. Soo worth it! Your amazing tim !!!!

Best version of storm >.<


kelly on 13th of October 2011

gutted wanted too see him afterwards i always miss him :(

Ryan on 13th of October 2011

I wish I could go to that too. I love Ireland. I just saw him at the boulder theater in Boulder Colorado!!

Helena on 13th of October 2011

I wished Tim played 3 days or more in a row here, I would definetely attend all shows, lucky you Barbara, enjoy!

Barbara on 13th of October 2011

Just getting ready to go to the show tonight, also going Friday and Saturday. Am I obsessed? Can’t wait!

Colin on 13th of October 2011

Yay – something not shite on the late late

Justine on 13th of October 2011

excellent thank you paul!!!

MK on 13th of October 2011

Heading to see him in Vicar St Saturday night, tomorrow will be a lovely appetiser ;-)

Amanda on 13th of October 2011

Yaaaayyy!!!! I’m going to see him on the 31st but seeing him on the late late show will be so cool ><

Paul on 13th of October 2011

You can’t see it live but you should be able to view it from Saturday morning on http://www.rte.ie/player

Justine on 13th of October 2011

Any chance of seeing this on English tv??? or on sky???

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