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Heads up! Tim’s returning to the US next month and you can still grab tickets to these gigs:

New York
Friday 4th of November 2011
Venue: Town Hall

Saturday 5th of November 2011
Venue: Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

Thursday 10th of November 2011
Venue: The Vic Theatre

So if you’ve yet to see the rock ‘n’ roll nerd uniquely tackle rationalism, love and taboos or you have a hankering for another chance to see Tim’s lyrical and musical gymnastics (he can no longer get insurance for actual gymnastics as his pants are being chosen for their ever tighter fit…*) hit those links and prepare for fall fun!

* some of the words in parenthesis might not be true.

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Sir Chadwick Weiler on 19th of October 2011

TIM!!!!!! Weeeee need you more towards the west coast! PLEASE!!! my best friend and i love your comedies!

Portlandia - reality is better than the TV show.... so come back!! on 17th of October 2011

Portland again, plllleeeeaaaassse!!?!

Vexed on 16th of October 2011

I leave Chicago on the 10th :(

Brian Engler on 16th of October 2011

Any chance of another Seattle show?

Melanie on 16th of October 2011

Just moved from Boston To Florida… Now I am bummed, wish to see you down in Fort Myers here please…..

Robin Rinzler on 16th of October 2011

Come back to Los Angeles .. that show was sold out too quickly!!!!

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