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Tonight, Saturday October 29th, at 10pm ET/PT, Tim will be on The Comedy Network’s ‘Just for Laughs: AMP’D’. An exclusive programme mixing unique musical styles and outstanding comedy. It was filmed at this year’s Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

“Weird Al” Yankovic, legendary pop satirist, is hosting the one-hour special which has an amazing line up featuring: Tim, Bo Burnham, Reggie Watts, Tom Green and comedy-folk duo Garfunkel & Oates.

You can find out a little more information on the show and the line up here and if it is to be made available here’s The Comedy Network’s website and video player. However, there is no indication as yet that it will find its way on there, so either try to catch the show or perhaps record it in order not to miss it.

Unfortunately for those of us outside Canada there doesn’t seem to be a way to view this programme internationally.

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Brian L. on 3rd of November 2011

Here’s another request for you to come to Victoria. It must be something in the water here. Also saw you in Seattle and wished we had gone both nights.

Ariane on 1st of November 2011

Come to Vancouver!!

Ben on 1st of November 2011

I’m an Aussie living in Victoria. Come visit us!

theducks on 31st of October 2011

I’m an Aussie living in Canada.. just got around to watching it on PVR.. its only got a performance of Prejudice on it. Didn’t miss much.

Sammy on 30th of October 2011

Thank you for the info!!! PVR is set to go!
Victoria would be fantastic!!!

Melissa on 29th of October 2011

We can’t wait to see your show! We hope that you can come to Victoria one day! Happppppy Halloween!

Seth on 29th of October 2011

a show in vancouver would be amazing

Suzannada on 29th of October 2011

Sharing the good (broadcast) news… as well, I second the request for a show in Victoria!

Gabe L on 29th of October 2011

I was at that show and it was fantastic! Weird Al grinded on my mom…

Mysticl on 29th of October 2011

Sooo happy to hear this news. I’ll definitely be watching. Can never get ENOUGH of Tim … by the way … did I mention we want you here in Victoria? I think I might have but it bears repeating .. saw you in Seattle but my daughter could not come and she wants to see you live too!

dswfg on 29th of October 2011

Can someone in canada plz record this and post it on youtube,

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