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Tim will be appearing on Blue Peter, 4.30pm BBC One this coming Monday, 14th November 2011. He and presenter Barney Harwood will be teaming up to write a comedy song about some of the people and programmes on CBBC. Quite a challenge!

EDIT: Unfortunately Tim’s appearance on Blue Peter appears to have been re-scheduled at the last minute. It now looks like Tim will be on tomorrow’s Blue Peter, 15th November, according to the BBC and it is listed as such here.

Three radio shows on Monday 14th November:

Lauren Laverne
BBC Radio 6 Music: 10am-1pm
ATT* 11.20am

Richard Bacon Show
BBC Radio 5Live: 2pm-4pm Tim’ll be talking to Phil Williams, who’s sitting in for Richard.
ATT* 2pm

Scott Mills
BBC Radio 1: 4pm-7pm
ATT* 5pm

After such a busy Monday he’ll just be on the one radio show on Tuesday 15th November:

Steve Wright in the Afternoon
BBC Radio 2: 2pm-5pm Tim’s talking to Patrick Kielty who is sitting in for Steve Wright.
Sorry no ATT* available for this one.

*Please note these ATTs (approximate Timmy times) are subject to change and are just a guide.

If you miss any of these shows you’ll be able to catch up later using the BBC iPlayer.

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Jilly on 16th of November 2011

Wow Shell, Tim got my tweet about the cover of ‘Drowned’ on Youtube and he replied! One happy redhead here! -X-

oliver on 15th of November 2011

he was on blue peter just now,absoulutly awesome.

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 14th of November 2011

Tim wasn’t on Blue Peter! I recorded it, and even on the information it said he would be, but there was no sign of that beautiful, ginger inspiration that is Tim…

Shell on 14th of November 2011

Not usually I’m afraid Jilly and he is ultra busy at the moment in particular.

Jilly on 14th of November 2011

Thanks Shell! Phew, I’m not napping in the afternoon and not realising it!

Also Shell, I put a link on Facebook to a cover version of Tim’s song ‘Drowned’. Do you know if he has the time to see the messages personally? -X-

Claire on 14th of November 2011

oh just saw the note above.

Claire on 14th of November 2011

Just watched Blue Peter, did I miss Tim on it? Didn’t see him or hear any mention.

Shell on 14th of November 2011

Hi Jilly,
No marbles lost: The BP website still has him appearing today but clearly there was a last minute edit. As I say above we are looking into it.
Shell x

Jilly on 14th of November 2011

I’ve just watched Blue Peter, first time in 35 years, but didn’t see Tim! Am I losing my marbles due to old age? I sky+’d it so I’ll rewind in case I blinked too long!

Michael Johnson on 13th of November 2011

Awesome! I’ll definitely be hooked in, and spreading the word

Alex Olivia Trent on 12th of November 2011

I shall be recording Blue Peter. :)

Daisy on 11th of November 2011

Never has working from home seemed so good!

Qwerty on 11th of November 2011

Hehe i never thought I’d see Tim on kids tv! Can’t wait x

Shady on 11th of November 2011

Thank god for iPlayer!

Lee Holt on 11th of November 2011

I honestly can’t wait, Tim’s the best

Amy Rothwell on 11th of November 2011

Hehe ATTs…

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