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Happy UK DVD Release Day!

That’s right, if you’re in the UK, you should be able to pop down to your local DVD retailer of choice and see Tim’s face, resplendent with big hair and thick eye makeup, staring out at you from the shelves because Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) goes on sale today!

To celebrate this, we’ve got an exclusive, new clip just for you from the aforementioned DVD to whet your appetite for it.

Australians, you’ll be able to pick yourselves up a copy from the 23rd November.

Full details are contained in this here news post, and the DVD can be ordered from this here shop.

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Florence on 13th of December 2011

The voice of ratoianlity! Good to hear from you.

Rob on 23rd of November 2011

I went to Tim’s fantastic show in NYC a few weeks ago…… We DESPERATELY want this DVD in the US!!!!

Jenny Jenny on 18th of November 2011

Yes, please make it available in the US. Pleased please please?

Stephanie Vick on 15th of November 2011

@Helena- yes they do play on computers. Newer DVD players should work too.

Babs on 14th of November 2011

Order dispatched :)
Just wonder if anybody ever left this show after hearing this song? ;)

Kazzer on 14th of November 2011

Yay bought it today, watched it today and even saw myself in the audience, what a result and one gr8 evening.

Ste on 14th of November 2011

The Special Edition version on Amazon… Is it only available in DVD format? I wanted a special edition BluRay… :(

Any plans on releasing the Special Edition BluRay?

Helena Guerrero on 14th of November 2011

Tim does look “resplendent” indeed…Congrats on what it seems to be an excellent show, so I’m begging for the…illion time: please, US release of ALL your DVD’s….I mean ALL….meanwhile, will UK and Australian Dvd’s play on US computers?

Jenn on 14th of November 2011

Pre-ordered my special edition from amazon.co.uk–ah, the perks of owning a region free DVD player! Would still grab a US release, so please do consider….!

Steve on 14th of November 2011

Please release a region1 US version!

Vicky Thomson on 14th of November 2011

just ordered my special addition from amazon, can’t wait for it to arrive.

Kristy on 14th of November 2011

Fuck yeah!!!

Andy on 14th of November 2011

This really is a MUST BUY! Fantastic show, well-produced/edited and excellent sound quality. And there’re a few very nice extras*: two short behind-the-scenes documentaries and the Storm animation.

*Nice to actually hear Jules talk: he’s not as posh as I’d imagined! ;-)

Dawn Parkin on 14th of November 2011

<3 eeek pre-ordered!! Xx

Judy Lupchansky on 14th of November 2011

And here, in the lonely realms of Region 1, we wait…

Dan Carter on 14th of November 2011

Its my birthday on friday so this could not have been timed more perfectly! =D

Aaron on 14th of November 2011

When will this be available in America?

Debbie Morgan on 14th of November 2011

Pre Ordered my copy hope it comes today

fallingonabruise on 14th of November 2011

I shall be sitting by my letterbox waiting for my special edition to arrive…

Michelle on 14th of November 2011

Yeahhh happy Minchin Day!!!

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