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Marvellous Sketches for a Marvellous Charity

On Wednesday night there was a Gala evening at the Matilda The Musical performance, hosted by Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity . Tim was one of many special guests, all there to raise money for this truly marvellous charity which believes that “every child has the right to a good quality of life, no matter how ill they are…” and works hard to provide nurses, carers, toys and equipment to improve the lives of seriously ill and disabled children in the UK.

At the event Tim; Quentin Blake, the illustrator who brought to life so many of Roald Dahl’s characters; Tony Ross, writer and illustrator of the Little Princess series and illustrator for the later publication of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and author/illustrator Louise Yates, who wrote the award winning tale ‘Dog loves books’ all drew sketches to be auctioned on eBay for the charity. Tim drew Quentin Blake!

There will be six items up for auction, all sketches and charcoals and you can find more details and how to bid for them here.

EDIT: Once the auction closed on Sunday 27th November, @RoaldDahlFund, the official Twitter account of Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity tweeted: “Huge thanks to the splendid people who bid in our illustration auction – over £6k raised to help many families of seriously ill children”.


White Wine In The Sun

This year, once again, all the proceeds from Tim’s beautiful, seasonally sentimental Christmas song ‘White Wine in the Sun’ will go to The National Autistic Society (NAS) which provides support, information and services for people with autism and their families and campaigns for “a better world for people with autism”.

It‘s available to download from various online sources including iTunes (as ever) but this applies to all legitimate downloads of the single from November 1st 2011 to February 1st 2012.

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Steve G on 15th of December 2011

This guy is amazing! The stories, music, voice and just him….makes you laugh, cry, think and just feel…..a staggering treasure…
he will (and should) be a household name…..thank you !

Erik Harris on 7th of December 2011

I just purchased the full album from Amazon in the United States. Don’t know if that counts towards your donation, but Amazon doesn’t have a separate single version, and I’ve been meaning to buy the album anyhow. :)

B. Schaefer on 4th of December 2011

Not currently available on iTunes in Canada. Please make it and other work available.

dereck on 25th of November 2011

I was just going to say that,you said it better

Stephanie on 25th of November 2011

I know Tim has been donating proceeds for this lovely song to this autism charity annually and I wonder, does he have a special interest in autism? After the show in NY in May he was speaking to someone on the subject but I missed the gist of the conversation. After becoming aware that one of my children has Asperger’s, it became obvious that I too have it. In the US it is very difficult to get help with autism. Getting a diagnosis is a very lengthy expensive process. I am curious why he chose to support this particular cause.

cb on 22nd of November 2011

purchased, liked, facebooked and tweeted. when will you give the ABC licence to publish the SSO dvd? i want that one!

kerry Evans on 22nd of November 2011

Tim I saw you perform this song at Hull in October. Both my sons have severe autism so it was a treat to be able to see you perform this song with my daughter Chloe as they can’t be around people. I personally am not a big fan of the NAS as they have mis advised me on several occasions and seem very content with promoting their own products. All they seemed to send me was lists of books I could buy from them and none of their schemes ever ran in any area I lived in. Remember the smaller charities and the more severe kids. But I applaud you doing anything to raise awareness of autism. I am writing 2 books which will be available on Kindle soon about our experiences of living with autism and being filmed by the BBC finding a safe house and provision for our sons. Marooned and Escape to Puffin Island. If you type Kerry Evans autism you will see lists of some articles I published including one in The Scotsman newspaper.Hope White Wine in the Sun is number 1 for xmas. It always brings a tear to my eye when I hear it as I have had to fight hard to provide a home and family contact for the boys.

Mark on 21st of November 2011

Any chance of making White Wine available in other iTunes countries? I’d like to buy it but it’s unavailable in Canada.

Lynn Maher on 19th of November 2011

Thanks Tim – in common with many above I too am mum to a son with Apergers. Although high functioning it has and does cause difficulties – it truly is invisible which makes it even harder. I would like to encorage people to read a great article ‘Different Minds’ in New Scientist (7th November). The author encourages us all to think of Aspergers (and other neurological conditons) as ‘differences’ rather than disorders or problems and proposes that it may have evolutionary advantages. The more we can do to understand how autism in its many forms affects the individual the better – and the more we can get the message out there the better too! Let’s get this viral – it worked for ‘Rage Against the Machine’ last Christmas – so why not Tim and this message. By the way Tim – my son (and the rest of my family) are great fans and your songs are the soundtrack to our weekly trips into Glasgow. Good on ye mate!

Lisa on 19th of November 2011

Just downloaded the whole album. Hope that counts.

Julie W on 19th of November 2011

Great of you to do this Tim. Can I ask everyone to pass on the download request to all their friends, family, colleagues etc then ask them to pass it on. As good cause that needs support from as many people as possible.

Rosie on 18th of November 2011

As a teacher of teens with ASD, a huge thank you for recognising and supporting these amazing kids xxx

Donna Falconer on 18th of November 2011

Love it.:)

Dr. Hazel Drury on 18th of November 2011

Marvellous. :-)

Marianna on 18th of November 2011

Wow. I’ve been a fan of Tim for a couple years now (saw him twice in Los Angeles), and just found out a couple days ago that my daughter has Aspergers (and very likely, myself as well). Thank you Tim for doing this. I love you so much and now even more!

dottylotty on 18th of November 2011

thankyou tim minchin !
As a parent to a son with ASD this makes me very happy,i will be urging people to download it :)

Elaine Webb on 18th of November 2011

As a huge Tim fan and a mum to a teen boy with ASD, I am delighted that once again Tim has chosen to support the NAS.The work they do in improving the lives of those affected by autism is outstanding.
If there were a physical CD of this amazing song , everyone I know would be getting a copy from me for Christmas!
I will instead spread the word amongst family and friends to download it ,as I have (again!)
Love and thanks to you Tim x

Jessa on 18th of November 2011

‘White Wine In The Sun’ for Christmas number 1!!

Sarah McIntyre on 18th of November 2011

I type this comment whilst sitting in the waiting room while my Aspergers daughter goes through yet another gruelling 2 hour psych tests. Life with an asd child can be hard at times but at others so special. I am already a massive fan of Tim and even more so now I know he supports this amazing charity.

Sarah McIntyre on 18th of November 2011

I type this comment whilst sitting in the waiting room while my Aspergers daughter goes through yet another gruelling 2 hour psych tests. Life with an asd child can be hard at times but at others so special. I am already a massive fan of Tim and even more so now I know he supports this amazing charity. I already have this track but I’ll be urging all my mates to download it!! :-D xx

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