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The promotional photo for Tim's upcoming tour.Adelaideans! Are you looking for an amazing gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day? Well look no further as we can confirm a second show with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra on the 14th February 2012 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre!

Of course, this isn’t just restricted to couples so feel free to bring along friends, brothers, grandmas and cats* and let them share the magic too!

Tickets go on general sale on Wednesday, however, there’s a presale starting today at 9am on Ticketek and the password you’ll need is CAGE.

*cats may not be allowed…

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Shell on 23rd of December 2011

Yes it is meant to read 2012. Duly edited. Thanks.
Odd it’s not been pointed out before. You can always check such things by looking under the Gigs tab.

alison on 23rd of December 2011

Mountains year. Not sure how that happened. Meant November this year.

alison on 23rd of December 2011

Sorry but is this for 2012. It looks as though it was posted mountains year but says February 2011.

Donna Stevens on 2nd of December 2011

Hi Linzy, will there be a second show Brisbane? Only single tickets left for Jan 28th show. Please email me if you have time to respond.
Thanks, Donna

Arjan on 29th of November 2011

Australia? But, :-| :-/ :-( that’s on the wrong side of the planet!! Don’t waiste your breath on the anglosaxon world, it is much more fun to go minchin’ Europe. For a first tour maybe opening in Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Berlin?!

Rose on 28th of November 2011

Please come to Canberra! We’ve had Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, Eddy Izzard, but We Want Tim!!

Tracey on 28th of November 2011

Brilliant Tim!!! Just curious though…. is there any chance for another show for your Amorous Brisbane peeps??!! But I guess “If I didnt have you, someone else will do” haha. Maybe a Will Anderson Gig…. yeah no, love Will however I still prefer you!

Rose on 27th of November 2011

Great, but when are you visiting NZ? Come and cheer up Chch will you!

Pleun on 27th of November 2011

Tim, please get your ass off of those islands and come to the European mainland!

Lukas on 27th of November 2011

Is there any chance of you coming to Germany? ;)

Adam on 27th of November 2011

I’d love to come! But I live in Newcastle… in England. :( Hope you announce a 2012 UK tour soon, preferably without the orchestra.

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