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Tim’s back on TV this weekend in the UK, showing off his beautiful Australian face to all who happen to tune in, and he’s certainly being interviewed by some interesting characters (no, it’s not The Muppets, unfortunately).

Tomorrow, 2nd December, he’ll be dropping into The Wright Stuff once again, to discuss the latest happenings in the news and debate other important issues, alongside Dominic Holland and Natalie Pinkham. You can catch this on Channel 5 (and Channel 5 HD) at 9:15am.

Then, at the weekend, Tim will be popping into T4 on Channel 4 (and Channel 4 HD) to do segments in between gripping programmes like the Hollyoaks omnibus and Professor Green Unseen. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when Tim will be on, but if we find out, we’ll be sure to update this post for you. UPDATE: Tim will be on, on the 3rd December, just before Made In Chelsea, at approximately 9:30am

Also, we are pleased to confirm that Tim will be appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show Christmas special, performing a brand new, especially written song. Wonder who it’ll be about this time…

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Lucy Whitten on 2nd of December 2011

I fall in love with Tim over and over. I don’t think I’l ever stop admiring this beautiful creature. I AGREE with swampfoot above!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE torrent them. that’s at least 2 people clicking download :)

Anna on 2nd of December 2011

Yes please to Tim being on Qi! that’d be fantastic. Are these shows going to be available after (I am in the UK) as I wont be able to watch them on tv

Emily on 2nd of December 2011

Omg!! So what show will he be on,on T4?? Xxx I absolutely love tim although iv only just reached the age to buy his DVDs lol !

Stine on 2nd of December 2011

I can’t wait to see it :D

Please come to Norway! You have lots of fans waiting for you. Especially me.

Claire on 1st of December 2011

Come to Belfast soon please!

hayley on 1st of December 2011

OMG!!! what a legend, i saw your show for the first time last month on tv and i was absolutely amazed by your humour.. i was in stitches.. and it hurt.. ha ha. what a guy!!! you ROCK!!! x

Janina on 1st of December 2011

Oh, only television this time… :-(
Not that I don’t like looking at Tim, but radio is easier to get outside the UK!

And yes, I want to see Tim on QI, too! He’d be marvellous – please make it happen!!

Amy Laura on 1st of December 2011

When is Tim going to be on QI? Please say he will be!

Lauraxx on 1st of December 2011

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy :D :D :D can’t wait!! :D defo will be tuning in :D <3<3 when is the Jonathan Ross Apperance?

Mickey Traister on 1st of December 2011

O Tim please come to S Florida… Our venues are as beautiful as our weather. I promise you will love it here.

carol on 1st of December 2011

yaaayyy – definitely worth taking time off work for.

Michelle on 1st of December 2011

Yes yes yes yes ….. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lily on 1st of December 2011


Swampfoot on 1st of December 2011

Will somebody please torrent these shows!! I am stuck in Canada and have no way to view them.

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