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Tim is going to be gracing the airwaves twice this Monday, 5th December, with his soothing Aussie lilt!

The Infinite Monkey Cage

First up, he’ll be appearing on The Infinite Monkey Cage to talk about The Origins of Life with guests Adam Rutherford and Dr Nick Lane and hosts Robin Ince and Brian Cox. This will be aired on Radio 4 at 4:30pm, with a repeat at 11pm on the 6th December.

The Infinite Monkey Cage Panel - (l-r) Dr Nick Lane, Adam Rutherford, Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Tim Minchin

The show is listenable to outside of the UK and will be on iPlayer for seven days. A podcast will also be made available, which you’ll be able to grab here.

Radio 1’s Stories – The Story of Tim Minchin

Then, excitingly, at 9pm on Radio 1, Tim is going to be the subject of an hour-long documentaryThe Story of Tim Minchin! The doco will feature in-depth conversations with Tim as well as interviews with celebrities such as Derren Brown and Sheridan Smith, charting his rise to fame in the UK, and discussing how this past year has been something of a turning point for him.

The Radio 1’s Stories website also has some exclusive photos from backstage and the soundcheck at the gigs at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year – you can check those lovely things out here.

Like The Infinite Monkey Cage, this will be also available to listen to outside the UK both live and on iPlayer for a week afterwards. It’ll also be available as podcast for a week here, however, this will, unfortunately, only be available for those in the UK. UPDATE: the podcast will now be available worldwide.

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Mao on 1st of January 2012

1/1/2012: The podcast is still aviable in only from UK.
I’m trying to access this podcast from Poland and unforunatelly I’m getting redirected to the site “UK Only” ;-(

Daniel Hawes on 16th of December 2011

It’s saying it is only Uk :( not worldwide.

Steve Durgin on 9th of December 2011

Oh, thanks Badboy. You provided the handshake!

Steve Durgin on 9th of December 2011

Bummer. Still can’t download the podcast here in California. Do I need a secret handshake?

Sam on 8th of December 2011

Badboy, you’re great. Thanks so much for providing those of us in the Antipodes with the means to access the podcast. Fantastic!

Badboy on 8th of December 2011

Nee (and the others from outside the UK who would like the podcast):
Go to:
and enter the link for downloading the podcast:
Close the popup window that appears :)
You’ll be able to, then, right click on the “Download 28MB (right click…” and save the file.


Nee on 8th of December 2011

It didnt work for me (outside UK). Do I need something other than iTunes and an iPod?

MJ on 6th of December 2011

Can’t get the podcast outside of the UK but I am listening to it on TuneIn radio on my iPhone (just search for Tim)

claire on 6th of December 2011

Tim minchin story was fantastic!

Please come to belfast soon and don’t stop doing comedy!

Sara on 6th of December 2011

Loved listening to Stories! Sadly the podcast still says it is not available outside the UK. Any news on that? Ta!

Beth on 5th of December 2011

Tim minchin story was adorable and so moving.

Jane Malick -Nugent on 5th of December 2011

Thank you for making this available in the U.S. Yippee !!!!

Sarah Edwards on 4th of December 2011


Sarah B. on 4th of December 2011

My son first introduced me to Tim Minchin when he gave me his first dvd for my Christmas. What a lovely man Tim is, humourous, clever, a brilliant performer. I wish I lived nearer to London, I’d love to see ‘Matilda’.

Marina Stern on 4th of December 2011

Huzzah for making the shows available in the US!

Nicola on 4th of December 2011

Cannot wait!! x

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